Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice – Sweet Peach Dupe?


We’re all guilty of lusting after the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette every so often (or if you’re like me, all the time). But it comes with a hefty price tag, so  I decided to try out its alleged Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup dupe: their Chocolate Vice Palette. The colour selection looked absolutely unreal, and when I looked at the tester in the store it looked too good to pass up. I don’t own the Too Faced palette and I love this palette anyway; but I just wanted to put it to the dupe test!

Dupe or No Dupe? Keep reading to find out…

The Packaging

I absolutely adore the packaging of all of the Chocolate Bar palettes as I think it’s soso cute and it’s such good quality! It feels really strong and it closes really well. The mirror is massive and it covers the whole lid of the palette, which is amazing for the price.

Now onto: The Pan



The shades in the palette looked stunning when I first opened up the tester, and I definitely noticed some similarities to Sweet Peach. I especially liked the look of the two pink shades, the orange and the shimmers as I decided they’d be great for Autumn-inspired looks. The similarities I noticed were:

  • summer yum / maleficence
  • candied peach / must
  • bellini / require
  • white peach / appeal
  • nectar / satisfy
  • talk derby to me / lust
  • peach pit / crave
  • peaches ‘n cream / sway
  • tempting / lust

I noticed that the browns aren’t really that similar as they’re mattes not shimmers, although treat, consent and need are quite similar to delectable; I thought they were really nice colours nonetheless. What I also figured was that the highlight shades were included to take up the room that concrete dupes for shades like delectable don’t fill.

I could not wait to get home and swatch what looked like a stunning palette…






And I wasn’t disappointed! Here are the shades that I think are pretty damn comparable to the Sweet Peach ones:

  • white peach / appeal
  • nectar / vice
  • peaches ‘n cream / sway
  • candied peach / must
  • tempting, talk derby to me / lust

And now I’m gonna quickly talk through some of my favourites!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LIVE for the two pink shades and the copper and gold shimmers. They’re absolutely stunning; the picture doesn’t do them justice at all, they’re so incredibly pigmented. The top left highlight looks great above the browbone, but it actually looks stunning as a face highlight as it’s a gorgeous colour and the shimmer isn’t too chunky. I love the formula and the consistency of these eyeshadows in general: they’re creamy and soft and they blend really well. They go on perfectly and I have nothing bad to say about them as they’re incredibly wearable and versatile.

The only shades that aren’t initially very pigmented and are quite patchy are treat and need, but they’re buildable and I really love them as colours nonetheless. There’s also a bit of fallout from a few of the colours, for example the shimmers, but it’s really manageable and I can’t bring myself to be negative about eyeshadows with such amazing pigment!

The Verdict

I’ve created so many beautiful looks with this palette (the pink shades look amazing with the shimmers), and there are so many more to try out. This palette isn’t a perfect dupe for Sweet Peach, and to be honest I think I prefer it! The colour selection is gorgeous; it has stunning colours that the Too Faced one doesn’t have. The pigmentation is amazing, and it has a great highlighter too! For £7.99 I’d say definitely go out and grab this as it’s become my current favourite!



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