Blogoween Bitch Tries: Horror Movie Inspired Look & Movie Review – Suspiria | ep6


So I had this on my list for a while and i wasn’t sure what to expect going into it; I actually ended up doing the look before I saw the film, and it turns out the poster I was inspired by was actually from the 2018 adaptation instead of the original (oops). So to make it clear I’ll be reviewing the 1977 film, but the look is inspired by the 2018 poster… anyway, keep reading to see what I thought of the film and also to see the look I came up with.

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Blogoween Bitch Tries: Horror Movie Inspired Look & Movie Review – Silent Hill | ep5


I’m having a lot of fun doing these, and Silent Hill is one of my favourite movies that I’ve wanted to do a look inspired by for a while now, so I enjoyed writing this a lot. I’m also bringing you a post about the real-life inspiration behind Silent Hill tomorrow on my spooky blog so look out for that! (It’s super creepy). Anyway, let’s get onto the look and review!  Continue reading

Blogoween Bitch Tries: Horror Movie Inspired Look & Movie Review- Trick ‘r Treat | ep5


So I was just sat killing some time before Hannah arrived (check out this post to see what we got up to when she visited) and I decided mid-afternoon that I was gonna watch a horror movie so I popped my October movie list into a random number generator and strapped in to watch a horror comedy. I sometimes don’t like horror comedy so this was a bit risky – keep reading to find out what I thought of the film, and to see the eye look I created based on its cover!  Continue reading

Blogoween Bitch Tries: Horror Movie Inspired Look & Movie Review – I am Legend | ep4


So in case you couldn’t tell from the title – I’m bringing Basic Bitch Tries back but this time it’s got a Blogoween theme, and this basic bitch will be trying to both review and create eyeshadow looks based on the horror movies she watches this October (shoutout to Rory for this top quality idea, also I know it isn’t October yet but idc all season is spooky season thank you for coming to my TED talk xoxo). It should have interesting results I’m sure: keep reading to find out about one of my fav movies of all time, see my eye look, and make sure you’re following my more spooky blog for year round dark content as well!  Continue reading

Basic Bitch Tries…Valentine’s Heart Eye Look (Sad Clown Fail) | Ep3


I know this is going up a lil late but this is not by any means a date night tutorial haha. I wasn’t having the best of days on Tuesday and I was feeling a bit down so I thought why not give one of those super pretty Valentine’s heart eye looks that are going around on Instagram a shot (the inspo I used from above was sophdoesnails). I had the lowest expectations ever and I just wanted to do something a bit more fun than sit around feeling sorry for myself, so I revived this series and I’m very excited to come back to it. Suffice to say I am no makeup artist, and that is reflected here, so if you want a good laugh, keep on reading to see what I ended up with! (The two palettes I’ll be using in this ‘tutorial’ are the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette, and the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit also makes a feature). Continue reading

Basic Bitch Tries…Gold Double Cut Crease | Ep2

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg

Today I’m super excited to be back with the second episode of my new series: Basic Bitch Tries You can find out a bit more about it in Episode 1, but basically it’s a series where I test out Insta/MUA makeiup tutorials to see if your average individual can do them. Today I was a bit ambitious as my friend Emily suggested that I attempt this gold double cut crease look by Amy’s Makeup Box, and I was more than a bit apprehensive for this one as I’d never attempted a double cut crease before. I’m always eager to give new things a try, but prewarning: this one does not turn out as acceptable as the first one, but that’s ok as this series is about seeing the positive in my attempts and reminding myself that I’m not a professional and that’s alright. I included my mistakes just so you could see that it’s okay to make them as well, and also that I’m able to laugh at and learn from them. So yeah, let’s get into it; I hope you enjoy seeing me try and conquer my nemesis (eyeliner of any kind)!  Continue reading

Basic Bitch Tries… Subculture Instagram Tutorial | Ep1

PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg

So I came up with this series while I was following an insta tutorial this morning. I don’t know about you guys, but 99% of the time when I follow tutorials, they just never turn out as good…even when you use the same products as the guru that’s doing it. My makeup skills are not the worst in the world but they’re also not the best – I can pull off uncomplicated glam looks fairly well, but I’m no professional. So that’s why I decided that I’m gonna put tutorials to the test in this series, so I can find out whether your average blogger/makeup lover/basic bitch can recreate the flawless looks you see on social media every day.

We’re kicking things off with the very tutorial that gave me the idea by @kaseyrayton! (her version linked here). She looks amazing of course, but can a basic bitch like me pull it off by following everything she does step-by-step? Keep reading to find out!

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