My Favourite Mascara + Where have I been?

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I’m gonna start this off by saying that I’m super sorry I haven’t written over the past week or so, but I’ve been in so much chaos, which I’ll get to at the end (don’t you worry). Anywayy for now I’m finally gonna get around to sharing my favourite mascara of all time with you: the L’Oréal Miss Manga Lashes mascara, which I picked up in my Mini Haul – keep reading to find out why I love it! Continue reading


My Best Friend’s Exorcism Review |Books & Tea ep1


So I’ve become quite into booktube lately and I’ve really got back into reading, which is a good job considering that Literature is half of my degree lmao. I blame Jade The Libra‘s book club and my friend/flatmate Phoenix from Phereads (both of whom you should defo check out), because they both read/choose really good books and review them in a no bullshit style, which I like. Anyway Carla…where are you going with this? Basically I wanted to stretch my blog in further directions and as I’d been loving my Basic Bitch Triesseries, I thought why not throw myself in the deep end; thus Books & Tea was born! It’s basically a series in which I review and recommend (etc etc) books that I’ve read (and my teapot will probably be lurking in the background full of tea about the book in question, but not in a menacing way, in more of an apologetic British way). But yeah, so let’s get into my first ever book review: My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix! Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award

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I’m coming at you today with something quite exciting (or at least I think so, haha) – I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I always love doing these, and I’d like to thank the lovely Lily from lilyxoxoh for the nomination (be sure to check her out).

Before I properly start the post, I’d like to say a quick sorry for being weirdly absent since last Wednesday as I’ve been moving back to uni and into my new flat, but I’m back now. Another thing is that because I’m going into my second year, I feel like 3 posts a week might be too much for me to handle, so I’m gonna drop down to 2 a week and see how that feels (don’t worry, they’ll still be as good, just not as often 😦 ).

So anyway, let’s get on with it! Continue reading

ABH Subculture – My Final Thoughts

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So I jumped straight on the hype train with this palette and I ordered it straight away which is something I never ever do (or have the money for lmao). I put up my first impressions and swatches post on the very day I got it because I was that excited, and now I’m back again about a month later with my final thoughts on this year’s most controversial palette – keep reading to find out what I ended up thinking of it!

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£1.50 Primark Makeup Remover Cloth

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So today I’m here with something a little strange…a makeup remover cloth that claims it only needs water. I was in Primark wondering around the makeup section but my local Primark isn’t updated that well and I didn’t think I was gonna pick anything up until I saw this little cloth jump out at me. For £1.50 I just thought why not give it a try, and at the very least it might be a nice flannel to use!

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Mini Haul: Revlon, Collection and L’Oréal

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My Mabelline Fit Me Foundation ran out, as well as my concealer and mascara so I was forced to go out and look for replacements (the horror ;)). Tbh it was fine, as I needed a new foundation anyway bc I wanted one that was more full coverage as I’m super spotty lately. There was a 3 for 2 in Superdrug which I took advantage of with my mum, and then I went to a budget beauty store near me to pick up a new foundation. It was actually pretty cool in there, like they had a bunch of stuff by W7 and Technic etc so I’d definitely recommend checking out The Look if you have one near you. Anyway…let’s get into the haul! Continue reading

Makeup Revolution Blush Melts Cream Blush Palette

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Today we’re delving into the world of cream blushes! I was initially looking for powder blushes, but then my friend Hannah got this in a Tam Beauty mystery bag and asked if I wanted it as it wasn’t her cup of tea. Of course I said yes bc I love to try new things and I’ve hopped onto the cream contour trend – so why not blush? The colours looked super vibrant and I was really excited to test out some new blush colours, as I’d only really had the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette to use before. Continue reading

Basic Bitch Tries…Gold Double Cut Crease | Ep2

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Today I’m super excited to be back with the second episode of my new series: Basic Bitch Tries You can find out a bit more about it in Episode 1, but basically it’s a series where I test out Insta/MUA makeiup tutorials to see if your average individual can do them. Today I was a bit ambitious as my friend Emily suggested that I attempt this gold double cut crease look by Amy’s Makeup Box, and I was more than a bit apprehensive for this one as I’d never attempted a double cut crease before. I’m always eager to give new things a try, but prewarning: this one does not turn out as acceptable as the first one, but that’s ok as this series is about seeing the positive in my attempts and reminding myself that I’m not a professional and that’s alright. I included my mistakes just so you could see that it’s okay to make them as well, and also that I’m able to laugh at and learn from them. So yeah, let’s get into it; I hope you enjoy seeing me try and conquer my nemesis (eyeliner of any kind)!  Continue reading

August Glossybox – The Final Showdown


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So you might be wondering why I’ve given this post such a dramatic title, and that’s because this is the final month of my three month Glossybox subscription. As you saw in my June and July posts, I’ve actually really enjoyed it this time around. This one looks like the most impressive by far, but what do I think of the Girls Just Wanna Have Sun box; is it as cute as its pastel blue packaging? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading

Shuffle The Music Tag (Emo af)


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I was tagged by the wonderful Nia from Wonderlands Angels to do the Shuffle The Music Tag. I’ve never done anything like this on my blog before, but I thought it would be a great opportunity for you to see what sort of music I listen to! So basically how it works is I hit shuffle on my library and for the first 15 songs that come up, I list them and tell you a bit about them. So, let’s get into it…*prepares to be exposed as an emo nerd*

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