Basic Bitch Base Routine for Naturally Flawless, Glowy Skin

pic 1Hey everyone! So today I thought I’d share my super simple everyday go-to base makeup routine because I’ve been really loving it and I feel like it’s perfectly glowy for spring/summer. I’ve been super confident in my skin lately so I’m reaching towards a more natural base with barely any foundation and whatever eye makeup I feel like. Keep reading to find out what i use to make my skin look dewy and flawless whilst still letting my natural skin shine through! Continue reading

Battle of the Mattes: James Charles x Morphe VS Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes

james charles and revolution brights

Hey everyone, so I know this has been a long time coming because I mentioned wanting to do it in my review, but I’m finally bringing you a swatch comparison of the Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes palette and the sought after James Charles x Morphe Artistry palette (in terms of their mattes, because as is obvious from its name, the Revolution palette doesn’t have shimmers). Keep reading to find out if there are any dupes/ similar shades. (and I’m also sorry in advance for the condition of my broken and well loved Rev Pro palette)! Continue reading

Books and Tea: Reading Challenge 2019 – February Reads | ep3


So I’ve been getting back into reading again recently because of the fabulous kindle I got from Rory for Christmas, so I wanted to bring this element of my blog back. Seeing as though my goodreads reading challenge goal is 30 books (follow me on goodreads here to keep up to date) and I’m trying hard to get there, I figured it’d be easier to do more concise book reviews of all the books I read each month; so here we are. Keep reading to find out what I read in the month of February, and what I thought of them!

Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 11-17th March 2019 – Movie Nights, Yoga Picnic & Quiche Quest | ep36


Hey everyone, so after three weeks of not having a phone as of Thursday this week, we’re back in business with the weekly wrap ups! I’m really glad to be back and I can’t wait to get back into playiing around with my new phone camera and taking pictures again. Keep reading to find out what I got up to this week, from epic quests for quiche to yoga and lots of food in the park! Continue reading

Maybelline Snapscara – Easy on, Easy off Mascara??


So you’ll know if you’ve been following me for a while that my absolute ride or die favourite mascara that I always wander back to is the L’Oréal Miss Manga Lashes Black Angel Mascara, which a did a post on a while back. Sometimes it’s a bit much to stretch to on a student budget though, so as a budget beauty gal I like to try new things. In the airport on the way back to Seville after my trip home for Rory’s birthday, I spotted this new mascara that I hadn’t (and still haven’t) heard or seen anyone talk about: the Maybelline Snapscara with the tagline “Easy on, easy off” (using just water) and the promise of being wax-free (so not drying and clumpy) and having an intense colour. Keep reading to find out whether the mascara volumises or flops, and whether “easy on easy off “ is code for “will get all over your face throughout the day”Continue reading