Primark Urban Decay Dupe (another one)?? – Looking for Wonderland Palette




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So if you saw my primark haul post, you’d know that this was one of the palettes I ended up picking up. I’ve tried it out for a while now so I’ve come back to update you guys on how I got on with it, as well as comparing this Primark Looking for Wonderland Magical Face and Eye Palette to the legendary Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass palette to see if there are any dupes,and whether this palette is a way of anyone who missed out on this limited edition release being able to still ‘get it’ in a sense. Keep reading to see how I got on and how the two compare! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 3-9th December 2018 – Fajita Night, Sunbathing in December & Bad Luck| ep25


Hey everyone, I’m back again for another weekly wrap up (on time this week and everything)! This week I had a few classic unlucky old me disasters, but I ended up having a lovely long weekend hanging out in the sun (yes, the sun, in December!, having some drinks and Mexican food with friends and also kicking my ass in gear (kind of). Keep reading to find out what I got up to! Continue reading

Amazing Primark ABH Norvina Palette Dupe (Violet Mist Palette)



So in my primark eyeshadow haul post, I showed off this potential ABH dupe as one of my finds. ABH is my all-time favourite eyeshadow brand and whilst I love it so much, it’s pretty pricey I’m always on the hunt for a good dupe (you know me). I also wasn’t that compelled to buy the actual palette so I decided that this 6 euro dupe would be a good halfway-meeting. Keep reading to find out what I think of this super affordable Norvina palette dupe! Continue reading

My Drugstore Daily Skincare Routine: Morning Edition


So this has been a long time coming but I’ve finally got an established, affordable day and night skincare routine sorted! I’m really happy with it and I’m loving my skin at the moment, so much so that I’m tending not to even put a base on during the day and I just do my eyes and highlight and contour. Keep reading to find out about a skincare routine that I’ve found actually works for me (disclaimer: even though this works really well for me it might not work the same for you as everyone’s skin is different, I’m just sharing because I know I love reading posts like these)! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 12-18th November 2018 – First Ever Gym Day, Rory Visit & Sightseeing| ep22


Hey everyone! Sorry this is coming at you a bit late, but I had a very busy weekend what with Rory being over and also illness, but it’s here! It’s gonna be an action-packed few weeks over here on the blog for the wrap-ups, what with Rory coming this weekend, my mum coming next weekend, and then going to Barcelona with the gals the weekend after. Keep reading to find out what I got up to this week, and make sure you’re following to stay up to date on my suddenly thriving social life (what is going on)! Continue reading

Primark Attempts An Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette?



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So as I was saying in my Primark Eyeshadow Palette Haul post, I picked this up because the packaging reminded me a little bit of the Urban Decay Vice Palette, but I am completely aware that the overall colour story and the packaging are very different, but I do seeย some similarities in colour. To find out what I think of the palette and to see whether it measures up to the Urban Decay one, keep reading!ย ย (Also to clarify once again as I did in the previous post, neither this eyeshadow palette nor the shades in it have names, so it’s gonna be tricky to describe them but I think I can do it at least some justice). Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 5-11th November 2018 – Tattoo Touch-Up, Taco Tuesday & Pancake Party| ep21


Hi everyone! I’ve been in ridiculously good spirits this week and I’ve eaten a lot of good food. The weather has been really weird and rainy in Seville lately, but one thing I’m loving is that things are starting to look autumnal and orange and it’s making me feel really cosy and relax. I’m finding myself wanting to get lost in a book more and more. Anyway enough about how much of a bookworm I am, keep reading to find out what I got up to this week! Continue reading