Books & Tea: Reading Challenge 2019 – March/ April Reads | ep4


Hey everyone, since I accidentally missed out on my March reads post and I only read two books per month in March and April, I decided to pop them together in one post! Keep reading to find out what I thought of the books I read – from sci-fi to murder mystery to the paranormal! (Also if you’re not following me on goodreads and want to keep up with my reading challenge efforts, you can do so here.) Continue reading

Books and Tea: Reading Challenge 2019 – February Reads | ep3


So I’ve been getting back into reading again recently because of the fabulous kindle I got from Rory for Christmas, so I wanted to bring this element of my blog back. Seeing as though my goodreads reading challenge goal is 30 books (follow me on goodreads here to keep up to date) and I’m trying hard to get there, I figured it’d be easier to do more concise book reviews of all the books I read each month; so here we are. Keep reading to find out what I read in the month of February, and what I thought of them!

Continue reading

Books & Tea: Red Queen Review | ep2


It’s been a while since I’ve dived into book reviewing because I haven’t really had time to read for pleasure what with exams and everything (and also doing a lit degree I obviously have to read a lot of stuff for education). What I’m getting at is that it it’s summer now and I have more time to read, so you should expect a lot more book-related content from me! But anyway, grab a cuppa and let’s get into my review of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! Continue reading

Books & Tea: My Best Friend’s Exorcism Review | ep1


So I’ve become quite into booktube lately and I’ve really got back into reading, which is a good job considering that Literature is half of my degree lmao. I blame Jade The Libra‘s book club and my friend/flatmate Phoenix from Phereads (both of whom you should defo check out), because they both read/choose really good books and review them in a no bullshit style, which I like. Anyway Carla…where are you going with this? Basically I wanted to stretch my blog in further directions and as I’d been loving my Basic Bitch Tries series, I thought why not throw myself in the deep end; thus Books & Tea was born! It’s basically a series in which I review and recommend (etc etc) books that I’ve read (and my teapot will probably be lurking in the background full of tea about the book in question, but not in a menacing way, in more of an apologetic British way). But yeah, so let’s get into my first ever book review: My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix! Continue reading