wednesday 3

Hey, I’m Carla! I’m 22 and I’m a pop punk trash nerd with a makeup obsession. For weekly posts about makeup from the drugstore (mostly) to high end, my Basic Bitch Tries series, and my Weekly Wrap Ups – make sure to be following! (I also have a dark spooky blog over at https://friendofthedark.wordpress.com/ if you’re into that)!

Posting Schedule:

Mondays 4pm (UK time): Weekly Wrap Up – a weekly vlog in blog post format

Fridays 4pm: Main post – this could be a review, a tutorial, a commentary on a new release etc

To contact me about anything you can find my details on the “Contact Me” page – happy reading!

(P.S. Yes, my blog name is an Evanescence reference and I’ll forever be really proud of myself for coming up with it)