Shuffle The Music Tag (Emo af)


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I was tagged by the wonderful Nia from Wonderlands Angels to do the Shuffle The Music Tag. I’ve never done anything like this on my blog before, but I thought it would be a great opportunity for you to see what sort of music I listen to! So basically how it works is I hit shuffle on my library and for the first 15 songs that come up, I list them and tell you a bit about them. So, let’s get into it…*prepares to be exposed as an emo nerd*

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3 Makeup Products I Miss

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The idea for this post came from the fact that I’m ridiculously spotty lately – bare with me. It made me wish that my foundation was a bit more full coverage, which made me wanna switch back to my last foundation, which then gave me the idea to write about makeup products I miss: i.e. products that I wish I could repurchase right now. (They’re in no particular order btw). The reasons why I don’t have like one of these is pretty tragic/a makeup-lover’s nightmare so keep reading if you wanna laugh at my life and get a bit of a storytime haha! Continue reading

Basic Bitch Tries… Subculture Instagram Tutorial | Ep1

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So I came up with this series while I was following an insta tutorial this morning. I don’t know about you guys, but 99% of the time when I follow tutorials, they just never turn out as good…even when you use the same products as the guru that’s doing it. My makeup skills are not the worst in the world but they’re also not the best – I can pull off uncomplicated glam looks fairly well, but I’m no professional. So that’s why I decided that I’m gonna put tutorials to the test in this series, so I can find out whether your average blogger/makeup lover/basic bitch can recreate the flawless looks you see on social media every day.

We’re kicking things off with the very tutorial that gave me the idea by @kaseyrayton! (her version linked here). She looks amazing of course, but can a basic bitch like me pull it off by following everything she does step-by-step? Keep reading to find out!

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Testing Technic Cosmetics #3


I’m really excited to be working with Technic Cosmetics again this week, as I always love testing the new products they have to offer! The range of products this time around really blew me away, and I especially enjoyed the lolly they sent me haha! (I love all things strawberry flavoured, so…). They sent me their Strobe FX Cream in Sunkissed, their Primer Spray, their Cream Foundation Contouring Palette, a Lip Kit, their Skinny Liner and their Bronzing Baked Eyeshadows. I’ve been testing these over the past couple weeks to really get a sense of whether they work for me, so keep reading to find out what I thought!

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Sleek Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream


As I’ve said before, I’ve not really tried that many metallic lipsticks and I’m a bit wary of them. However I decided to give one of the Sleek ones a try as for £4.99 they seemed like an affordable way to jump on the trend. Plus the shade Volcanic, (the one I went for as part of my Mini Haul) looked really interesting in the tube and it really did give me volcanic vibes. It’s the classic Sleek packaging, so I expected classic Sleek results; I ended up falling in love with the Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette, so keep reading to find out whether I’ll fall in love with this!
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Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick

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If you read my Mini Haul post, you’ll know the weird story surrounding me buying this lipstick. I thought it must be cursed or something bc I brought it home and it didn’t turn out like the colour I swatched in store, and it’s also vanished from the Superdrug website, (always promising haha).  All spookiness aside, I’d never tried a Max Factor lipstick before and whether I like it or not is what really counts. I’d actually always wanted to own a Max Factor lipstick because of the packaging, but I wasn’t sure about spending £7.99 on a whim. However I needed a new lipstick and a third item on the 3 for 2, so I finally went for it!   Continue reading

Naked Heat Swatches + First Impressions

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Now before you say “hang on a minute Carla, thought you were dead set on not buying this palette?”, it’s not mine lmao. My friend Emily picked this up and asked if I wanted to take pictures of it and test it out on her – so of course I said yes! I was super curious as to whether this would live up to the hype as until I saw the Subculture palette I wanted it so badly (you can check out my first impressions post for that here). One of the reasons I didn’t wanna buy the palette was that a lot of the people testing it seemed to be doing the same sort of look every time, and I like a bit of variety in an expensive palette. People also had different things to say about the quality of the palette, and I was interested to give it a try myself! (I’m just gonna quickly apologise for the different photo quality, as I obviously wasn’t used to the lighting in Emily’s house and it was quite late so I did the best I could).

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Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid

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After seeing Jeffree Star test this out I was so excited for it to come into my local Superdrug. When it did, the one in store didn't swatch very well so I left it. I did eventually give in and pick it up because I mean it's me we're talking about…and here I am reviewing it as part of my mini haul (which you can find here). I'd never tried an intense strobing liquid to highlight with before so I was a bit apprehensive, but I'm always open to trying new things!

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