Contouring Holy Grail – Sleek Contour Kit



After a long-ass time of wanting it, I finally decided to treat myself to the Sleek Contour Kit in Fair (because I’m pale af). I know I’m ridiculously late to the party but I’m just excited, ok? It’s £6.99 and even though it killed my budget-crazed student mind a little bit when I bought it, I actually think it was so worth it! 



As you can see, the packaging is classic black super-Sleek packaging (I would say see what I did there, but it is probably a highly unoriginal joke). I really like how small and lightweight it is; I always think that Sleek packaging look super professional. The palette also has a nice closure method so it won’t come open in your bag by accident.


When I swatched the shades I was actually super impressed by the pigmentation. The highlight looked super plain in the pan and didn’t really do much for me, but when I swatched it I loved it. It’s a very natural colour that you can really build to the intensity of your blinding dreams.

As for the contour shade, just look at that pigment. It’s not too orange, which is always good as using bronzer for contour is a huge no-no and I’d rather not commit such a makeup crime. This shade gives you natural definition, whilst still providing a little warmth to your face. I apply it with my Real Techniques crease brush as it’s too big for my cheeks but I actually find it amazing for carving those cheek bones!

17101924_812049335609689_2059910289_n - Edited.jpg

I’m no expert at contouring and this was my first proper attempt but I don’t think it’s bad at all really! It’s super pigmented, easy to blend, and it goes on top of my foundation really nicely. I think the highlight also looks really pretty, and both of them compliment each other really well!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this contour kit. Both the contour kit and highlight are really pretty and easy to apply, and if you compare the large pan size to the price I just think you can’t go wrong!




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