Essence Bloggers’ Beauty Secrets Shape & Shadows Eye Contouring Palette



I was lucky enough to win a competition to win a random limited edition Bloggers’ Beauty Secrets palette in a competition run by Essence, and it just so happened to be something I’ve needed for a while now – a brow kit. It was so crazy to win exactly what I needed and I couldn’t wait to try and up my brow game!

ye probs (2).JPG

So first of all let me just say – the packaging is so cute! The palette is called the Shape and Shadows Eye Contouring Palette, which I thought sounded like a really cool concept, and it was created by the blogger Strikeapose. It contains two eyeshadow shades and two eyebrow shades (with names inspired by Hollywood Stars which I think is awesome), a highlight, and then a prime and fix wax.


For the eyes, you have a gorgeous, simplistic matte brown for your crease called hazel grace, and a cute coppery shimmer shade called marilyn metallic. And then for your brows, it gives you two rather dark-seeming shade options: audrey highbrow and brigitte brown. The highlighter, billie vanilli, looks and sounds especially cute; I thought it would be perfect for highlighting the browbone. It also includes an adorable little double-ended brush with a brow brush on one side and a spooly on the other.


From the swatches, these shades seem super pigmented and gorgeous, however in terms of the eyeshadows, some of them don’t come across as pigmented on the eyes. Hazel grace is quite pigmented and very buildable, however I find it quite dificult to blend at times. Marilyn metallic doesn’t come across as intense on the eyes, however it blends really easily and I think both eyeshadows go together to make a stunning everyday look.

As for the brow shades, audrey highbrow is the one that I use for my eyebrows as it’s the lightest shade, although I can’t decide if it’s still too dark. It’s very pigmented (like seriously, I have to be careful with it), and it’s fairly easy to blend out if you put too much on. I don’t use the brow brush to apply it as I find it to be a little too small, but it works just fine; (I use my real techniques one instead – you can find my review of that as well as more of their brushes here). However I do use the spooly as it’s so useful for spreading product and combing through your brows to make sure they’re shaped to perfection!

The highlighter is actually really nice! It’s very pigmented and has a super cute shine that highlights your browbone really well. It also works really well above your brows to make them look more natural if you’ve gone a bit overboard, and it makes quite a cute cheekbone highlight!

As for the prime and fix wax, it works really well to shape and keep your brows in place so that they don’t move throughout the day (that makes for a strange image), although be careful when you touch them as there’s a small possibility some product might rub off. The wax also claims to be an eyeshadow primer however it doesn’t really intensify the eyeshadows or make a notable difference in keeping them in place as far as I’ve noticed when I’ve tested it on one eye and left the other eye without the primer.

Overall, I think this palette is super cute and I use it everyday when I’m at uni to give me a subtle daytime look. I feel like Essence should bring this back as it gives you simple eye essentials in a portable, compact palette. It shapes my brows really well – I’m really impressed with how it makes them look, but I’ve still got a lot to learn when it comes to brows!

I’m addicted to filling my brows in with this thing, so if you have any brow product reccommendations, let me know in the comments!



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