Real Techniques Changed My Makeup Game


Okay, so you have no idea how long I’d been wanting to get my hands on these brushes before they were half price at Boots, (which was basically buy one get one free in my eyes). It’d been so long that I knew I just had to have these in my life.

Before these brushes, I was using some brushes that were about three years old that  I’d had before I knew much about makeup, but 100s of tutorials later I finally decided to up my game. Keep reading to find out what a game changer these brushes have been!

Okay, so let’s start with the Base Core Collection:


This set comes with four handy brushes: a contour brush, a pointed foundation brush, a detailer brush, and a buffing brush. It also comes with a panoramic case with an adjustable stand (so useful), as well as being a super convenient way to carry them around without damaging them. The colour and design of the brushes is so sleek and the bristles feel so soft and high-quality.

  1. Contour Brush

I only just started contouring recently, but this brush makes it so easy! It’s so soft, it blends your contour amazingly and it’s the perfect size for the job. It’s so versatile in that it’s also good for applying blush, and it makes your highlight glide on so smoothly. Overall, not a bad thing to say about this brush!

2. Pointed Foundation Brush

Like the contouring brush, this is super soft and it applies and blends product really nicely, however it’s far too small to use as a foundation brush, as it takes ages to use it on the entire face. Don’t worry – you can still put it to good use! It works really well for concealer alongside the detailer brush as it’s perfect for blending concealer across wider areas.

3. Detailer Brush

This brush is so good for blending the concealer under your eyes and around your nose etc., however I feel like its true calling is as a lip brush! The precision of my lipstick has improved so much since using this and it helps to reduce my frantic removal of liquid lipstick that’s strayed too far from my lips (oops). So if you’re like me and struggle applying liquid listick, this is the brush for you!

4. Buffing Brush

This brush, this brush. It’s the holy grail of the set, like seriously. I use it to buff in my liquid foundation and it gives me the best, most even coverage I’ve ever seen out of my foundation. It also works perfectly for applying powders, and even blush sometimes. It’s a great all-rounder. And, like the other brushes, it’s ridiculously soft.

And now… the Eye Starter Set:

This set comes with 5 core brushes to really enhance your eye looks: the deluxe crease brush, the base shadow brush, the accent brush, the fine liner brush, and the brow brush. It also has the same stylish, portable panoramic case. The brushes feel high-quality just like the ones from the core collection, and they’re amazingly soft with the exception of the brow brush.

  1. Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is absolutely perfect for blending and it’s a great size for packing colour into your crease. However it’s a little big so there’s chance for mess if you’re in a rush – sometimes I find it easier to use the base shadow brush in my crease and then use the deluxe crease brush to blend it all out. Overall it works really well for both blending and applying eyeshadow and I’m really happy with it!

2. Base Shadow Brush

If you thought the other brushes were soft – you’re gonna have a field day with this one. It feels soso nice to use and it keeps eyeshadows’ pigments alive; it also works really well in the crease. It’s super fun to use and I have nothing bad to say about it!

3. Accent Brush

It may be small, but this brush is a dream in disguise! It’s perfect for those little extra details like glitter on your lids, glitter on your inner corner (basically glitter everywhere). It’s super precise and soft but also sturdy so it works really well for lining your lower lashline.

4. Fine Liner Brush

I’m probably the worst when it comes to applying eyeliner – to the point that I don’t actually own one. But I thought I’d give it a go using this and my Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick, and it helped me make an actual wing. The application of this is so precise and it’s perfect for beginners.

5. Brow Brush

I don’t actually own any brow products (I’m looking into it, I promise), but I tried this using eyeshadow on my brows just to get a feel of how it applies. It feels a little rough but I can imagine that’s perfect for precision and it seems like the perfect shape to form the perfect brow. Will definitely be using this when I get my brow act together!

The Verdict: 

I’m absolutely in love with these brushes and I would recommend them to anyone – whether you’re a beginner or not. They’re super soft, easy to use and they help you achieve a flawless finish; they’ve definitely changed my makeup game!



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