Weekly Wrap Up: 13-19th May 2019 – Five Euro Pizza, Lots of Tapas & Hannah & Jacob Visit! | ep45

BeFunky-collage(3).jpgHey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with a weekly wrap up! This week was jam packed with a lot of food, the last every night out at Hoyo, some really productive morning routines and a visit from Jacob and Hannah – keep reading to find out what I got up to! Continue reading


Weekly Wrap Up: 6-12th May 2019 – Feria’s Firework Finish, Fairground Rides & a Beach Trip | ep44


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with another weekly wrap up! This week was really busy and jam-packed with feria nights, fairground rides, private casetas, a guest appearance from Remi and even a trip to the beach… keep reading to find out what I got up to! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 12-18th November 2018 – First Ever Gym Day, Rory Visit & Sightseeing| ep22


Hey everyone! Sorry this is coming at you a bit late, but I had a very busy weekend what with Rory being over and also illness, but it’s here! It’s gonna be an action-packed few weeks over here on the blog for the wrap-ups, what with Rory coming this weekend, my mum coming next weekend, and then going to Barcelona with the gals the weekend after. Keep reading to find out what I got up to this week, and make sure you’re following to stay up to date on my suddenly thriving social life (what is going on)! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 5-11th November 2018 – Tattoo Touch-Up, Taco Tuesday & Pancake Party| ep21


Hi everyone! I’ve been in ridiculously good spirits this week and I’ve eaten a lot of good food. The weather has been really weird and rainy in Seville lately, but one thing I’m loving is that things are starting to look autumnal and orange and it’s making me feel really cosy and relax. I’m finding myself wanting to get lost in a book more and more. Anyway enough about how much of a bookworm I am, keep reading to find out what I got up to this week! Continue reading

Primark Makeup Mini Haul


In my where have I been post, I mentioned that I did a little Primark haul in my last days in Edinburgh, so here it is! I wasn’t planning on picking anything up, but I saw a couple things that I’d heard about before and then I fell down a bit of a hole because of how cheap everything is in there. It’s not a massive haul or anything because #studentlife, but I thought I’d pop it in a post anyway as it has a few solid finds in it. Keep reading to see the run down of the items I bought! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 11-22nd May 2018 / Where have I been? (the highlights) | ep8


Hey guys, I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve been on here and you’ve probably forgotten about me, but you’re stuck with me once again because I’m back! In this post I’ll do my weekly wrap up as usual, but I thought it just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give you the highlights (and the lows of course, to keep it real) of the past 3 months or so and explain a bit about where I’ve been. Grab a cuppa and a snack because this is gonna be a long one!

Continue reading