Weekly Wrap Up: 17-23rd June 2019 – Saying Goodbye to Loz, Chloz & Izy, Last Ever Casino & Lots of Tapas & Pizza | ep50


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with another weekly wrap up (I know it’s late but bear with me once again, there’s a lot going on)! Despite being in revision hell I had such a jam-packed, amazing and fun (but also sad) week saying goodbye to more of  my friends and hanging out with the ones that were still here. Keep reading to find out what I got up to! (Also before we get into it, can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I’ve done 50 of these now – that’s mad! I love writing them and I hope you love reading them, but if not I just think they’re so good for my own personal memories and I love to share them anyway!) Continue reading


Weekly Wrap Up: 18-24th March 2019 – Visiting Edinburgh, Home for the Weekend & Lots of Food | ep37


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with a (super late, I’m sorry) weekly wrap up! I had a fantastic week last week and I really hope you enjoy reading about what I got up to (and what I ate, of which there was a lot) in Edinburgh and at home during my totally not needed but also completely necessary week off! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 29-4th October/November 2018 – Hiking, Halloween Party & 4 Day Weekend | ep20


Hi everyone, it’s the end of another week and as I’m writing this I’ve been here for exactly 2 months, what the heck! I had a great week and, thanks to a national holiday, an even better four day weekend. Keep reading to find out about a tumultuous hike, our halloween party and my thoughts on the burger king nightmare burger (haha)!  Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 15-21st October 2018 – New Hair, Autumnal Activities & Home for the weekend | ep18


So this week was really nice for me, it started off with me being a bit ill (I ate a lot of soup), but I ended up going on an impromptu trip home for the weekend and it was just so nice to see everyone. I also (as per) had a lot of really tasty food, briefly existed in a place where autumn is actually physically happening, and made a lot of memories. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 5-10th June 2018 – First Shift, Friends & Star Wars | ep11


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week! This week was pretty busy for me, but I like that because it puts me into a routine and helps a lot with my mental health because I have stuff to do and people to see. It features my first day at my new job (which I mentioned last week, but in case you didn’t see that, it’s the same job as I had in Edinburgh working on makeup counters, but around here), a lot of food (as per), hanging out with the squad, and a trip to the cinema. Keep reading to see what I got up to!

Continue reading