Weekly Wrap Up: 18-24th March 2019 – Visiting Edinburgh, Home for the Weekend & Lots of Food | ep37


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with a (super late, I’m sorry) weekly wrap up! I had a fantastic week last week and I really hope you enjoy reading about what I got up to (and what I ate, of which there was a lot) in Edinburgh and at home during my totally not needed but also completely necessary week off! Continue reading


Weekly Wrap Up: 26th-2nd November/December 2018 – Barcelona, Brunches & Lots of Walking | ep24


Hey everyone! If you’re into reading very long blog posts about my life and travelling, then this is definitely the one for you. It features the back end of my mum’s visit, brunch with friends and my super eventful trip to Barcelona. If these things interest you, grab a cuppa and get your read on! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 29-4th October/November 2018 – Hiking, Halloween Party & 4 Day Weekend | ep20


Hi everyone, it’s the end of another week and as I’m writing this I’ve been here for exactly 2 months, what the heck! I had a great week and, thanks to a national holiday, an even better four day weekend. Keep reading to find out about a tumultuous hike, our halloween party and my thoughts on the burger king nightmare burger (haha)!  Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 15-21st October 2018 – New Hair, Autumnal Activities & Home for the weekend | ep18


So this week was really nice for me, it started off with me being a bit ill (I ate a lot of soup), but I ended up going on an impromptu trip home for the weekend and it was just so nice to see everyone. I also (as per) had a lot of really tasty food, briefly existed in a place where autumn is actually physically happening, and made a lot of memories. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up: 5-10th June 2018 – First Shift, Friends & Star Wars | ep11


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week! This week was pretty busy for me, but I like that because it puts me into a routine and helps a lot with my mental health because I have stuff to do and people to see. It features my first day at my new job (which I mentioned last week, but in case you didn’t see that, it’s the same job as I had in Edinburgh working on makeup counters, but around here), a lot of food (as per), hanging out with the squad, and a trip to the cinema. Keep reading to see what I got up to!

Continue reading