Spilling the Tea on Year Abroad | ep2 -Meryl-

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Hey everyone, so if you saw the first episode of this series you know the score – I started this series to interview people on year abroad and give a bit of background to anyone it might interest/benefit; this week, we have the one and only Meryl, who comes up a lot on my weekly wrap ups, or on my cooking posts. So without further ado, let’s get into her very own tea about year abroad! Continue reading

Spilling the Tea on Year Abroad | ep1 -Carla-


Hey everyone, so I’m coming at you this week with something a little different to what I’d usually post, but I had this idea to do interviews of people on their yeard abroad and just decided to go for it, as I wanna really get into developing my blog content. This is something I’m passionate about because it’s something I think would have benefitted me to hear when I was worried about going. I’m gonna be bringing you the real-life perspectives of people on their years abroad that aren’t doing a talk for the uni or affiliated with them or anything like that, using questions I thought of or that were submitted. Without further ado, let’s get into the tea with our first interviewee, yours truly! Continue reading