Weekly Wrap Up: 17-23rd February 2020 – Night Out with Chen, Night Out & Wings with Hannah & Thai Food Date with Rory! | ep74


Hey everyone, I’m coming at you with another weekly wrap up! This week was pretty uneventful during the day due to people being at work, but it gave me the chance to have a bit of a chill whilst getting some work done. I did manage to meet up with people and catch up and stuff in the evenings though, so keep reading to find out what I got up to, from both planned and spontaneous nights out (who am I?) to date nights and shopping!

Monday 17th February

Today I got up super early to go to a dentist appointment, which lasted all of about 30 seconds (as usual). After that fun experience I headed to Morrison’s because I’d forgotten my shampoo, like an idiot. I then decided to go to the local charity shop to see what they had on offer and, boy, I was not disappointed! I found a really cute lime green top for £2, a super unique pink velvet Stradivarius top for £2, a suedey brown coat with some nice embroidery on it for £1 in the sale, a scarf for 50p and a trendy-looking handbag for £1, so I left feeling super successful. The other charity shop we have didn’t have anything so I headed home after that to get a bit of work done before meeting Chen later.

After finishing my work for the day I chilled watching some animal crossing twitch for a bit and then got started on the family tea for the night – my Shepherd’s pie (the dish was too small, allow it), which was so so tasty if I do say so myself. After tea I did my makeup, packed my bag and then headed over to Chen’s where we sat and had a right good catch up over some gins that were, let’s just say, ‘generously poured’ by Chen. After a bit Aspen came back with Wes and one of their friends and we played some smash and mario kart for a bit (which may have been quite hilarious from me and Chen’s perspective) and then me and Chen headed out to the club.

We checked our coats and got our free drinks before we headed to revs and grabbed a pitcher so we could sit and chill for a bit while we waited for the club to fill up. When we got back there were a fair few people there and it was an LGBT night so it was very wholesome vibes. The music wasn’t great as it’s always hit and miss on a Monday, but we danced nonetheless before eventually going home after an unsuccesful raffle (but we got nuggets, so who are the real winners, eh?) but a really fun night and it was great to go out just me and Chen.

Tuesday 18th February

Today I got up at a reasonable time after not enough sleep and me and Chen headed off to spoons for a classic full english and a bit of a debrief whilst having a bit of a laugh at the spoons newspaper. After that we went to cafevs to pick up coffees to go before Chen headed off for her train and I went to the bus station to get the bus back home. When I got home Shadow clung to me like a limpet all day (see stalker photo for evidence), and I grabbed myself a brew and some jaffa cakes and cracked on with some work/ watched some twitch and played animal crossing. I had a little nap and then my mum came home and we cooked up some homemade curry for tea and then watched some tv until my dad came home and we all sat down to eat together. After tea we tried to decide what to watch before settling on some comedy and then we watched a bunch of that before heading to bed.

Wednesday 19th February

Today I got up early after a decent night’s sleep and got my morning work done before settling down to play some switch and just chill out for a bit with some twitch on in the background. After a while it was time for me to get ready to head out on a thai food date with Rory so I donned some cute pink makeup and headed out to meet him in town. Laughing about his football-related injuries, we headed off to the restaurant and after much deliberation, we settled on our food choices and got to chatting.

For starters I had prawn toast and then for main I had massaman curry and it was all so tasty; it was just so nice to be on a date with Rory and to spend some time laughing and chatting together. After the meal I headed home and settled into my pyjamas with a glass of wine and some sweets on the sofa with my parents and we watched some tv before I headed off to bed pretty early, because I was bizarrely knackered.

Thursday 20th February

Today I got up at a reasonable time to get some work done before settling in to watch some twitch and play some AC. After chilling for a while I got creative with makeup and ended up uploading a tiktok on this look to my account, which I had a lot of fun making. After doing my makeup I went into town a little early to stock up on some false nails to take back with me and I had a bit of spare time, so I popped into Kirkwood Hospice and found a really cute cord shirt from Zara for £3.99 that I had to have, before going to cafevs to pick up a coffee to go. Coffee in hand, I went to the train station to get the train to go visit Hannah and after a brief delay, I settled into my seat on the busy train to enjoy my reread of The Hunger Games.

Before I knew it, I was in Manchester and I headed off to get a seat in the pub she told me to meet her at and waited for her to come along. When she arrived, we got the pints in and caught up for ages before getting in the second round. A guy told us to watch his bags while he went to the toilet and we were like “sure” and then he bought us a pint to say thanks because he couldn’t reach the card minimum, which was bizarrely nice of him. After finishing those, we headed off to go grab some wings at this place where you pay by the wing and then sat down with some beers while we were waiting.

After a while they came and we polished off a fair amount of original wings, sesame wings and mexican wings, along with onion rings and jalapeño poppers, before calling it a day. We chilled for a bit longer in there before heading off to this sort of underground style pub, a different pub and then the irish pub near her flat. After that, I dropped my bag off at hers, said a brief and awestruck hi to Brunel the kitten (and stopped his gallant escape attempt), before heading off to Satan’s Hollow, a club Hannah had told me about before that has a really cool vibe and plays alt bangers. Even though it was a bit quiet at first, the bangers were certainly there and we had a great time just dancing in all the open space until we headed back so Hannah could get some sleep before work after a really fun night.

Friday 21st February

Today I was awake since about 6:30am because Brunel decided I was a playground, which was completely fine by me. After briefly seeing Hannah before she went to work, I played with Brunel/ he slept on me for a while before I got ready and headed out to spoons to grab some breakfast. I went for the American breakfast but I really fancied haggis, which they didn’t have so I settled for black pudding instead. After being absolutely belly-busted, I headed off for a wander round the Arndale for a bit, picking up a blush and eyeshadow from tkmaxx before heading off to Affleck’s because it’s just such a cool place, and I always like to visit it whenever I’m in Manchester.

While I was there I ended up picking up a couple of really cute scrunchies and then I headed to the crystal shop, where after being completely spoilt for choice I settled on a lucky dip, a crystal and an abalone shell, which I’d been looking for for ages. After that I picked up a couple of drinks for the road (I was just very thirsty, it’s only like a 40 minute train, haha) and then hopped on the train and played some AC. After that I got the bus home and then had a little nap before playing some more AC and watching twitch (I also bothered Nath a bit because was briefly playing lego star wars). Then my parents came home later and we all got ready to head out to our favourite curry place of all time for a meal.

We had some poppadoms and I ordered a tandoori mixed platter for starters and a duck curry for main and it was all super delicious and it was just really nice to go out for a meal and spend some time as a family. After absolutely stuffing ourselves with curry, we ran through the rain to the car (and through a fair few puddles, sadly) and then popped our pjs on when we got home to rewatch four lions as we’d been on about wanting to watch it at the meal, so that’s what we did. After a lot of laughter and with our stomachs full of curry, we headed to bed.

Saturday 22nd February

Today I got up at a reasonable time to have a bacon butty and then do a couple of errands with my parents before my dad dropped me off at the train station. After a delay (as always) we were off and I literally spent the whole journey just playing animal crossing and trying not to fall asleep, as I was super tired. After a half an hour or so delay, I eventually arrived back in Edinburgh and dragged my bags back to the house. After dumping them upstairs I chatted to Ana for a bit before watching some twitch, and then making a ready meal lasagna I took from home. I then headed to Tesco for a couple of snacks and sat down to watch some Netflix and horror game youtube before Ana got back and we chatted for a while with a brief pop in from Meryl before we went to bed.

Sunday 23rd February


Today I woke up pretty late for me and then got up to head out and grab some food because I had nothing in; I also love a bit of shopping to be fair, so it was a good boost for me to get started on some work when I got back. I actually had a solidly productive day after that as well, which was great. After getting all my work done I spent the afternoon doing a bit of youtube catch up whilst popping some new nails on for the week and doing a bit of general self-care. Ana got back home from placement after a while and we headed to sainsbos for her to do a shop and to get some snacks for the love island final. We then headed back home to pop the camembert in the oven and whack out the prawn crackers and chilli sauce for LI; after watching it we both headed to bed because we were knackered between us to be honest.

Favs of the week:

Eyeshadow of the week: Urban Decay Full Spectrum

Song of the week: SWMRS x FIDLAR People

Youtube video of the week: John Wolfe’s playthrough of Sally Face episode 5

Highlight of the week: I can’t really pick one as it was just so great to see everyone

So that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got up to; if you did, make sure you’re following me on here and on social media to stay up to date with when I post. I had a really great week at home; although the daytime was generally a bit boring due to me doing uni work and everyone I know being at work, it was more than made up for by the time I spent with everyone. I loved going out with Hannah and Chen as I don’t get to see them either separately or together very often, and it was so nice to go for thai food with Rory. Overall I right enjoyed myself at home but I’m glad to be back in a bit of a routine (albeit not really due to strikes) and to be back in edi for a bit longer.


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