Weekly Wrap Up: 10-16th February 2020 – Huda Masterclass, Valentine’s Tapas Date & Galentine’s Night Out! | ep73


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you with another weekly wrap up! This week was a super fun one as it started off productive and full of makeup with the makeup soc Huda masterclass, and then Rory came to visit so we went out to eat, had some chill nights in and even a night out with Meryl and Ana. Keep reading to find out what I got up to and, as always, what I ate (haha)! (Also I will be coming back in with the beauty/ main content posts on Friday, there were just two weeks where I had people visiting so the timing was a little off for those, but I’ve kept the wrap ups going so you could be kept in the loop).

Monday 10th February


So today I got up bright and early (and when I say early, I literally mean 4am) to head off to get my 5:30am train. After a bit of a delay, I finally headed off and smashed out some blogging and some uni work on the train before eventually arriving into Edinburgh on a (thankfully) direct train. On my way out of the train station it was hailing, so I powered up the Scotsman steps and popped into sainsbos for a pastry and an energy drink before class. (Everyone was shook that I even turned up to my 10am Spanish oral after all that, but what can I say – I’m dedicated).

When class was over I headed into the resource room to smash out some work and then went to my lecture before heading home to catch up with Ana. After a while her aunt came to visit so I had a much-needed nap and then chatted to Meryl whilst eating tea. I then settled down and had a little nail painting night for myself ft my neon light I showed off in last week’s wrap up. I spent the evening just chilling and watching Love Island before doing some reading and then heading to bed.

Tuesday 11th February

Tuesday 1

Today I woke up for my 9am feeling ready to start the day (until I was super disappointed with the Leeds Fest lineup, and a migraine appeared for which I am holding Liam Gallagher personally responsible). After class I attempted to get some work done in the resource room but the wifi was so bad in there today that I went to join Ana in the library for a bit. She eventually had to leave to go grab lunch with her aunt, so I got on with the rest of my work and then had my lunch before everyone’s favourite Tuesday afternoon class with Meryl.

After a predictably boring class ft some salty digs about the strike, I headed home to chill in the living room with Ana and then we had our tea and watched the Shane conspiracy video and some other creepy content (so creepy I shed shiver-tears over it) before our first time watching Love Island together for a while, which was really nice; when it finished, we both headed to bed.

Wednesday 12th February

Today I got up at a reasonable time in an effort to be productive; I actually did succeed to be fair. Around midday I had a nap and then I did some makeup before chilling and chatting to Ana, and then I set off walking to the Caffe Nero where we were having the makeup soc meeting today. I sat down with a white chocolate mocha (what I got last time we had a meeting in Caffe Nero) and we bashed out the meeting items with plenty of time to spare before the Huda Beauty event (the last one was so good so I was really looking forwards to it), so I got a super delicious sausage roll in the meantime. We all chatted for a while before heading off to Harvey Nichols together to welcome everyone in before the event kicked off; it was really nice to see Fiona again who I used to work with in second year.

After everyone was settled and buzzing about their goodie bags (me and Annabelle bought tickets as well so we didn’t miss out on the full-sized lipstick hype), they kicked off the tutorial, using the mercury retrograde palette and their liner for an awesome editorial eye look (that kohl end of the double-sided liner though, damnnn, like I swatched it on my hand and it did not come off for literal ages). After the full face look, they also did a quick tutorial on how to use the liquid matte/ metallic eyeshadows they have for a fast and easy look and I completely fell in love with them.

When the tutorial was done, we headed over to the counter to shop; I used my £10 redeemable voucher for some presents (I don’t wanna say what, though, for obvious reasons) and a liquid eyeshadow for myself to get to the spend required to get a free eyeshadow palette(!!!) and I cannot wait to show you what I got in my Huda haul post on Friday (minus the gifts of course)! After the masterclass I raced home to make it back in time to watch Love Island in bed with Ana whilst we both browsed Etsy and tik tok and then went to bed.

Thursday 13th February

Today I got up and coerced Meryl into coming to class with me even though she hadn’t done the translation and we headed off to that before I went home and she stayed behind to do some work in the break between her classes. When I got home I smashed out some work and tidied my room for a bit until Ana came home from her day drinks after her last class of uni ever before she starts placement. I chilled in bed with her for a bit before we both took a nap and then the three of us chatted and had some tea before getting dressed to head out to the makeup soc Galentine’s get ready with me/ Makeup is the Only Man I Need social.

We all sat down to do our makeup together whilst watching Legally Blonde and chatting and then Rory arrived to visit for the weekend and we all played some games such as Jenga with a twist, never have I ever and the newlyweds game; it was altogether just a really fun social. After a while everyone started to head off so we packed up and then me, Meryl, Ana and Rory headed off to Hive and actually had a really great night dancing along to bangers together. After a hilarious walk home we put on some snacks, polished them off and then headed off to bed; I was feeling really happy because of how much fun the whole night was.

Friday 14th February

Today I woke up feeling ripe and ready for the day and me and Rory laid in bed for a bit before I had a shower and then we exchanged Valentine’s cards and presents with each other; he got me some flowers, which I was pretty stoked about (flower arranging is not my strong suit, however, so I’m sorry for the presentation). After getting ready (I felt super cute in this very thematically-appropriate outfit/ makeup) we headed out for our tapas valentine’s meal. I’d seen nothing but good reviews for this place and boy, were we not disappointed! I was greeted by the offer of Cruzcampo, so I couldn’t refuse that absolute throwback, and then we had some jamón (which we didn’t order and weren’t charged for so I guess it was complimentary), some tortilla, some pan con tomate, a steak, jamón and manchego montadito with chips and then huevos rotos and it was all absolutely amazing and soso authentic. I’m definitely keen to go back again!

After a very filling meal we headed into Mimi’s to get a couple of desserts for later on (Rory got a mars crispie bar and I got a reece’s peanut butter cup bar) and then went to Tesco for movie snacks before heading to chill for the rest of the day. We ended up playing smash in bed for a while and chilling out before going downstairs to make quesadillas together, which turned out really tasty. It was also just really nice to cook together, as we don’t get chance to do that often. After the meal we had our desserts (sooo good) and we were too full for snacks, so we headed upstairs to chill together for a bit watching some tik toks and youtube before going to bed super happy after a perfect and really fun day.

Saturday 15th February

Saturday 1

Today I attempted a lie-in and didn’t get very far, because I’m me, so I got up and played some animal crossing until Rory woke up and then we both got ready and headed out for me to sell some books back to Blackwell’s and buy some new ones at the same time. After being robbed blind by a book shop (lmao), we headed off to elephant and bagel and the bagel of the week was the pesto chicken, tomato and melted mozzarella one so me and Rory both got that; it was so tasty and so filling, as always.

After getting a bagel we headed back to get all cosy and watch the Witcher together, which Rory had already seen but I hadn’t; we did that until we got kicked off the Netflix account due to too many people watching (boo), so I packed up some stuff for going home for reading week, and then we cooked up the pizza and dough balls we’d bought and had some millionaire’s shortbread for dessert. After tea we headed upstairs with some wine (just for me because Rory doesn’t like it, rip) and we chilled in bed until it was time to sleep.

Sunday 16th February


Today we got up at a reasonable time and got ready before heading out to catch the train. After getting some snacks and waiting due to a delay (because would it be my train journey without one?), we settled in and Rory tried to nap/ listened to music whilst I jammed some animal crossing for some relaxing train vibes and then we played smash together for a bit as well. After a while we changed at York and after some stressful platform dithering and a slight delay we headed off on the second leg; I had a meal deal and shared my sweets with Rory and watched some Grace and Frankie and before we knew it, we were back in Hudds.

Rory got stranded talking to some charity workers but he did not accept my attempt at liberating him so I met my dad and we headed over to my mum’s car before heading home. When we got home they had some lunch and then we sat down to chat while they watched cricket. They asked if they could play on my switch so we spent a couple of hours playing mario kart and smash together (with varyingly hilarious results), before having burgers for tea and then attempting to watch a film before settling on some comedy tv instead and then going to bed.

Favs of the week:

Eyeshadow of the week: The Huda palette that I’ll reveal in Friday’s haul post!

Youtube video of the week: Shane’s Conspiracy video because it had me and Ana SHOOK

Podcast of the week: Kalynn’s Coffee Talk

Highlight of the week: I’ve got to say getting to spend Valentine’s day with Rory as we haven’t had the chance to actually do that in ages

So that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you also had a good week. It was so nice to get to spend some alone time with Rory as we don’t normally get to see each other as often, let alone going on awesome tapas dates and just having time to chill together. The night out was also ridiculously fun; it was really nice to just do some makeup with the gals and let my hair down. It was also really good to come home and I can’t wait to spend the week working and chilling with the company of my cats and seeing as many of my friends as I can!


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