Weekly Wrap Up: 3-9th February 2020 – Emily Visiting, Home for Rory’s Birthday & Lots of Shopping and Food! | ep72


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with another weekly wrap up! This week was really busy but in a fun way for me and it was really great to have a bit of time to chill out, to see Rory and hang out with him and my friends, and to discover new shops and bits of Edinburgh even now in fourth year, (I also enjoyed eating a ridiculous amount of food, because who doesn’t love that?) From Emily spontaneously visiting to meals out and a weekend at home for Rory’s birthday, keep reading to find out what I got up to!

Monday 3rd February

Today I got up and headed off to my morning tutorial and then did some work in the break inbetween before heading off to a lecture. When I got there I realised it was cancelled, which was perfect timing because Emily had just got into Edinburgh to visit for the week, so I headed to Elephant and Bagel to wait for her there. When she got there we ordered our bagels and had a catch up whilst eating them before heading off to mine for a bit of a chill.

We stayed at mine until later on and then we headed out to the retail park to pick up some bits from sainsbos etc, even finding some super exciting new monster flavours, which I’m really glad we tried because they were so good. After shopping, we headed back and caught up some more before I cooked us up some classic sweet potato and black bean enchiladas which were super tasty, if I do say so myself. After tea we headed upstairs to play some animal crossing and chill before going to bed because Emily was knackered.

Tuesday 4th February

Today I sadly had to get up super early because I had a 9am presentation in contemporary sci-fi, which actually went alright so I was feeling pretty good about it. After class, I met Emily in my break and we went on a cheeky charity shop crawl, because how can you not, to be honest? We kicked things off with the Barnardo’s Book Shop, where I got Feed, a zombie book I’d been wanting to read for ages, as well as the third book in the Raven’s Gate series; now I can proudly say I’ve found every book in that series in the charity shop! After that, we went to Salvation Army and then the 99p shop, in which I found a cute t-shirt from like a football hooligan brand, which added another funny layer to it so I had to buy it.

We then went to Bethany’s, where I got a book by an author we read in contemp sci-fi called The Bridge, and a pair of really cute iridescent earrings before we headed back to the main street. We went in a couple of shops there but nothing really took our fancy and we were getting pretty hungry, so we called it a day and headed off to Paradise Palms, a veggie and vegan restaurant, for lunch. We both had the same burger with seitan and cheese etc and shared some dill salt chips and it was so good like both me and Emily agreed it was without a doubt the best veggie burger we’d ever had (it means more coming from her because she’s an actual veggie, haha). We were so full that we couldn’t even finish the chips so we got the bill and then I dropped Emily in the uni cafe while me and Meryl had our least favourite class of the week.

After class I went to go get Emily and we decided to go in the little incense shop near uni that I’d always wanted to go into but never had, and it’s safe to say we picked up a few, as you can see (I’m definitely an incense fiend and didn’t need anymore, but hey-ho). After that we headed off to Superdrug because she needed a couple of bits, and I picked up this really interesting shimmery body spray because I thought it looked cool and smelled great. We then bought some mixer for later on and headed back to mine to laze about for a bit comparing hauls and chatting before settling down for a quick nap (in which neither of us actually slept, haha).

After our nap, we did our makeup and then whacked some pizza in the oven before eating it and cracking on with a bit of preing. We chatted and played Mario Kart etc before heading out to the club for some alt bangers. It was a little quiet to begin with, as always, but they did play good songs and it actually ended up being a really good night as there was barely a song we didn’t know, and we love belting out emo bangers.

Wednesday 5th February

Today my body clock woke me up at like 9, what’s new, so I cracked on with a bunch of uni work for next week so I could get ahead. I worked until past lunchtime and then Emily woke up at around 3 and said that her throat hurt, and she checked to find some tonsillitis (not at all great), so she wasn’t feeling the best. We chatted and lazed around playing animal crossing for a bit before I decided to have a quick nap and then head off to my committee meeting.

After the meeting we had some uber eats deliberation and settled on ordering from Verona, where I got the bangin pizza when my mum came up. I got a Siciliana, which had mozzarella, chorizo and potato with friarelli(?), ricotta and chilli, along with some camembert bites and some cheesy chips and it was all so good. After food we played some more animal crossing and chatted for a while before heading to bed, full of pizza with some leftover (always the best).

Thursday 6th February

Today I got up and left Emily in bed while I headed off to translation class (Meryl followed shortly after as per, hahaha). After a very chaotic class in which it seemed the tutor was very stressed, I chatted to Meryl for a bit before Emily came to meet me and then we went off in search of this cute little shop Ana had mentioned that had like a witchy corner and looked “right up my street”; she was in fact right, of course! I ended up picking up those two gorgeous scrunchies you see in the last photo, three witchy/ cool laptop stickers and a really cute and useful book about tarot, and Emily got the same book, some stickers, some patches and a stunning burgundy corduroy shirt. After doing all that s h o p p i n g, we decided to go to the nearby pizza hut for the lunch buffet and oooof were we full after that (I threw in the towel after a heroic three drinks, a salad and nine slices of pizza, and fun fact: apparently the record is 32 slices of pizza according to the student room – you’re welcome).

After pizza hut we wandered back along the royal mile to see if there were any shops that took our fancy, before stopping in neon sheep because we’re both flying tiger fans and it’s basically the same but a bit different. I ended up picking up this adorable neon light with my first initial for just £3 in the sale, and also this really cute pastel notebook because I was drawn to it; Emily picked up a few notebooks, along with a pastel pink corduroy backpack (a theme).

When we were done in neon sheep, we wandered further down the mile to see if the witchy shop I’d always wanted to go in but had never seen look open was open, and it was in fact open, so we headed in and it was such a cute and exciting shop; I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before! I ended up picking up a couple crystals and emily did as well, and she got some more incense and we both picked up a couple of candles (which very pleasingly match my scrunchies). After being let loose in the crystal shop, we headed home to admire our hauls and chatted to Ana for a bit before she headed out for a walk and we had a small nap/ animal crossing sesh and then me, Ana and Emily got ready to head out to the makeup soc boy/ gender neutral makeup tutorial.

We set everything up and then people came along and we got our creativity on as we followed Alya’s amazing tutorial on her two volunteers and learned a lot about enhancing our natural features (ft an astronaut cat backpack appearance from Toast and a couple of revs drinks!). Everyone got super creative and had a lot of fun as it was just such a chill time; we were raising money for Stonewall in exchange for lashes, which went really well, so we were super happy! After the event we tidied up and then Ana drove us home to cook up some pasta bake for tea and watch Love Island while she waited for her food. After Love Island she headed to bed and then me and Emily went upstairs to pack before playing some animal crossing and then heading to bed to prepare us for our trains tomorrow.

Friday 7th February

Today we got up at a reasonable time and headed off to the train station in an uber; I said goodbye to Emily and then headed off to grab a coffee for a bit before my train down for Rory’s birthday. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing as my train ended up being an hour and 10 minutes late, so I was stood freezing my poor blue hands off on the train platform that whole time. Eventually I got on the train and managed to get some work done before I had to change at York. Then the York train was a delayed airport train, so of course it was ridiculously full and I was crammed into a seat for the luckily fairly short journey before I got to the train station and got an uber to Rory’s.

We chilled for a bit and caught up while he opened his presents from me before I had a much-needed nap to get me ready for the night ahead. I did some really cute makeup (and did a tik tok for the new makeup soc account in which I accidentally deleted the best bit – the eyes, oops) and then we headed out to Parish with Rory’s flatmates Sam and Todd for some food (I had chicken parmo, which was alright) and some drinks before some of Rory’s friends from magic arrived along with Ellis and I caught up with him while they played pool.

After a while, Emily arrived and we all started drinking and chatting together when my parents randomly showed up at parish, which shook me to my absolute core because I never expected them to come in my emo pub haha. We chatted with them for a bit (and my dad bought us a drink like an absolute legend), and then they left and we carried on with the night. After a bit we moved onto spoons and then Chen came from work so me, Emily, Ellis and Harry stayed and chatted to her and then we all headed to camel. There were a lot of absolute emo bangers, we got a cute group photo and it was all in all a great night; Rory if you’re reading this, I hope you had an amazing birthday because you deserve it!

Saturday 8th February

Today I woke up feeling a bit tired, hungry and slightly anxious but otherwise fine, and we lounged in bed until around 2 before getting ready to head out to Parish (yes, again because we live there haha). I really loved my outfit (it was accompanied by my red tartan skirt and Hannah said I had Sabrina the teenage witch vibes so I was buzzin). Hannah and Jacob were already there so we chatted to them and started looking at the menu before Chen, Aspen, Wes and Ambs arrived and we all ordered.

I had a peanut butter chicken burger with like a satay sauce and lemongrass mayo and it was actually really tasty. After we all ate Jenny, Harry and Emily arrived with the special guest of her new family puppy Nessie who I was absolutely obsessed with; we all spent the next hour or so fussing over her and like crying until she had to go home (noooo). Everyone else left except Jenny and Harry and me and Rory so we moved over to spoons and waited for Kayley to get in so we could say hi to her, because we hadn’t seen her in ages, before heading home because we were knackered. We chilled in bed watching youtube/tiktok for a bit before going to bed.

Sunday 9th February

Today I got up early to get ready for my train before saying bye to Rory and heading out to grab a maccies breakfast and a meal deal in the pouring rain. It was at that point that I realised that due to said rain/ storm, my train and literally every single other one was cancelled. My dad and Ellis came to get me and took me back home for the night, which I wasn’t mad at to be fair because I hadn’t had a chance to see them and the cats, obviously. I ate my meal deal and then I made brownies and my mum made the icing to go with them. To celebrate, we chilled watching tv before taking a quick power nap while they went to the shop. When they got back my dad went on the bike and we watched some more tv before putting the tea on, which was hot beef gravy sandwiches with chips (and it was both classic and bangin). After tea, we settled down to watch a couple of films ft the cats before heading to bed for my 5:30am train tomorrow (yay), and it was just so nice to get an extra day at home.

Favs of the week:

Eyeshadow of the week: Jeffree Star x Morphe palette

Song of the week: Boston Manor Everything is Ordinary

Highlight of the week: Definitely just being home and spending time with Rory on the night out and at his because we obviously don’t see each other often.

And that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading about my very busy, very wholesome week spending time with friends and family. I always love showing people round edi and it was really nice to have Emily back for a visit for the first time since first year (and just to see her as we don’t get to see each other much either), and I had such a great time celebrating Rory’s actual birthday and birthday weekend with him; I hope they both had a great time!


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