Deciem/ The Ordinary Masterclass Haul

Deciem The Ordinary Haul

Deciem The Ordinary Haul Bottles

Hey everyone, so I’m coming at you with a really exciting little haul for this week’s makeup post! We hosted a makeup soc masterclass with Deciem on Wednesday to learn a little bit more about the brands and products they have on offer (I’ll go into a bit more detail about the event itself in Monday’s wrap up, of course). I picked up the foundation for myself, which I’d been dying to try forever; we also got to take home this amazing goodie bag with three full-sized products in it, (we’re so grateful!) – keep reading to get the lowdown on what they are!

Deciem The Ordinary Natural Moisturising factors + HA Box

Deciem The Ordinary Natural Moisturising factors + HA Tube

So I’ll start off with the products I got from The Ordinary; the first thing we got in the goodie bag was their Natural Moisturising Factors + HA Surface Hydration Formula, which normally goes for £4.90. I was really happy to get this in the goodie bag as I was already very tempted to buy it to try out, what with it being such an affordable price. It says on their website that Natural Moisturising Factors refer to elements that protect the outer layer of your skin and keep it hydrated, which we love. I also really like that they only use ingredients that are already there on your skin, so it’s just like enhancing what you already have. It also says that it’s non-greasy and offers immediate hydration with “lasting results”, so I’m really excited to try it!

Deciem The Ordinary Hylauronic AcidDeciem The Ordinary Hylauronic Acid Bottle

So next we have their Hylauronic Acid 2% + B5, which normally costs £5.90 for 30ml. I’ve never tried an acid out, and they say on the website that Hylauronic acid and Vitamin B5 work together to enhance the hydration of your face and visibly plump it. I’m very keen to try this as I love a naturally radiant look, as we all know! (Sidenote: the dropper makes me feel like some kind of skincare scientist and I am 100% here for it)!

Deciem the Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation Box

Deciem the Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation Bottle

The last product from The Ordinary is one I actually picked up myself; it’s their Coverage Foundation in 1.0p, which cost me £5.90. I’d wanted to try this foundation for the longest time; since it’s so affordable, and I had all the colours to choose from, I got colour matched and decided to pick one up. I was the lightest shade they had (of course) and I thought the colour looked great, so I’m buzzing to give this a wear test over the next couple of weeks. It claims to give you full-coverage without the heaviness it can bring, with the texture of a “lightweight, non-oily cream” (which we like) and a semi-matte finish, so if it performs I think it’ll become a staple for that price!

Deciem Hylamide SubQ Mist Toning Treatment

Deciem Hylamide SubQ Mist Toning Treatment Bottle

And then finally, the last product in the goodie bag was from one of their other brands called Hylamide, and it was their SubQ Mist Multi-Depth Toning Treatment for Water Density, which is normally £13! It claims to retain water for immediate and lasting hydration that’s oil-free, as well as soothing the skin and reducing redness (which all sounds right up my red-faced alley). I thought this sounded really exciting and promising and I cannot wait to try and include this in my skincare routine (and hopefully fix my skin)!

So that was my haul from the Deciem Masterclass event we did with makeup soc! I hope you enjoyed reading this; if you did, make sure you’re following me on here and on my social media to stay up to date with when I post. I might also post some mini-updates along my new skincare journey on my stories as I start phasing everything in, so look out for that! The goodie bag was so generous and cool after such a fun evening and after wanting to try this brand for so long, I’m so excited to actually have the chance to do it (they’re also cruelty free as well, so what more could you want?)!


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