Weekly Wrap Up: 20-26th January 2019 – Makeup Soc Makeup Swap, Fashion Soc Charity Shop Crawl & Drinks and Bagels with Meryl and Phe | ep70


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you with another weekly wrap up! This week was  pretty busy socially, and it was just really nice to have those little breaks from working with friends; I also got my switch finally, so that was a welcome break as well. Keep reading to find out what I got up to, from bagels and drinks to charity shop crawls and some super creative makeup!

Monday 20th January


Today I got up feeling weirdly tired despite having an early night, but nonetheless I headed off to my Spanish oral class and then did some blogging in my break. After that I went to my lecture, where the lecturer was using an overhead projector in 2020 (if you know, you know), and then I headed home to crack on with reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Attwood for Contemporary Sci-fi. I did the rest of my work and then binged some sex education before watching love island with Ana and then going to bed after a super productive day.

Tuesday 21st January

Today I woke up not feeling too great but I headed out for my sweet sweet 9am lit tutorial (and forgot my laptop so I had to take written notes, but ah well, it actually turned out fine), which was super fun actually because I really loved the book. I then cracked on with some studying in my super long break before heading to the really boring LP1 class with Meryl at 2. After class I went to the gym and did my new favourite hobby of reading on the treadmill and then I did leg day, before going home to book some trains to go home for Rory’s birthday/ reading week and then chilled doing some work with Ana for a bit, before we popped on love island, chatting afterwards and then going to bed.

Wednesday 22nd January

Today I got up at a reasonable time to go to the gym before heading back home to bash out some work. Ana came back and we had lunch and studied a bit more before I attempted to sew up my pocket (with reasonable success, but I’m not too confident about it, so I decided I needed a new coat as a result). I then played some animal crossing before having leftover pasta bake and then heading over to the makeup soc committee meeting. Alya and Annabelle were running late so we chatted for a while before they arrived and then we had a super speedy, productive meeting and then I rushed home to watch Love Island with Ana. After Love Island we sat around watching tik toks for a bit, before heading off to do some reading before bed.

Thursday 23rd January

Today I woke up and headed off to my translation class, coffee in hand, and then me and Meryl headed off to the gym together afterwards, which was really nice. After a meaty arm day (leg day for Meryl), we walked back home feeling absolutely starving, going to Tesco on the way before I immediately had my lunch. I then went upstairs to set up at my desk and get some work in so I could fully enjoy the night out later, accidentally impaling my foot on a loose screw on my drawers that I thought it would be a good idea to kick, apparently (lmao). After finishing the last bit of next week’s lit book I had a shower and plucked my eyebrows before having tea and tidying the house for a bit for the makeup soc get ready with me makeup swap/ try out.

Soon everyone arrived and it was time to get some drinks and share our makeup around. I actually had a lot of fun like it was such a creative time; I love getting ready with other people. I tried out Wing’s Venus III palette and also used a bit of my James Charles x Mophe palette because, like Annabelle said, it’s one of those palettes where you start off expecting you won’t use it but then you always gravitate towards it for something or other. After sequinning myself up and highlighting for the gods, I took some pictures and then we did some more drinking and chatting before making our way to the club. It was my first time at Bourbon and I didn’t really like the music and it was a bit cramped, but it was really nice to be out with the gals and (attempt to) dance. I came home to some tacos Ana left me because she’s home for the week and they were the best post-night out snack anyone could wish for (much better than the burrito I had last week).

Friday 24th January

Friday 1

Today I woke up a bit tired as I had to get up early to get my switch from the postman, but otherwise fine. I settled down to do some work in the living room and then my switch finally came, so I set it up and restrained myself from playing on it until I’d finished my work for the day (I’m so cruel, I know). I pushed on, with some brief interludes of some people picking up their stuff from yesterday, before finally getting the chance to play some Mario Kart. I then played some animal crossing and tried (but failed) to have a nap.

After a while Meryl came in and we got ready to head out for a couple of drinks at Holyrood 9A (where I went when my mum visited), because Meryl wanted to try the Hendrick’s Summer Solstice gin (she loved it, of course). We had a really nice time having a couple of gins and chatting, before heading off to Tesco to get some wine and a few snacks to take back to the flat. Then we got our pyjamas on and camped out to drink wine and snack with blankets on the sofa whilst watching Britain’s best home cooks, before we were eventually sleepy, so we went to bed.

Saturday 25th January

Today I got up at a reasonable time and cracked on with some work before heading out in an uber (because I’m lazy) to go on the fashion soc charity shop crawl, because I met them at the activities fair and me and Alya signed up; I’m currently really into sustainable fashion. We headed to all the best ones the infamous charity shop street has to offer; there were some I didn’t know about, such as the everything’s 99p one (it was truly amazing), from which I picked up a plain black cardigan to which I added a brooch I picked up later, and a black jumper with the band on the neck and the boob cutout (if that makes sense); I also picked up a little cauldron ornament because I love cauldrons. We then headed to a few more, including the vintage shop in the mix; I also found a new coat for £7.50 which I absolutely loved so I had to have it, because it’s the coat of dreams.

After a productive couple of hours of shopping, we headed to Dog House (in which there was an actual dog this time) for a pint and I ordered a portion of sweet potato fries as a super late lunch, which turned out to be super hefty and really tasty. We chatted for a while about fashion and uni and everything inbetween and it was just so lovely talking to everyone. After a bit we all decided we needed to be productive (or something) so we all headed home; I called Rory on the way for a chat, which was great, as always. When I got home I cracked on with some more work and then got into my pjs to watch some more sex education, play some Mario Kart and then read before bed, feeling great after such a nice day hanging out with some new people.

Sunday 26th January

Today I got up early to crack on with some work and some weekly planning before getting ready to head out to meet Phe for lunch at Elephant & Bagel. We ordered our bagels (I got pesto chicken, melted mozzarella and tomato, and it was so delicious but very messy) and then sat down to have a meaty and long-overdue catch up about life and it was just so nice to see her and chat to her; we definitely need to do it again soon. She had a committee meeting soon so she headed over there, and I went to Lidl to pick up a couple of bits for the week before heading home to crack on with some more work.

After I was vaguely satisfied with my productivity, I decided it was time to chill and play some Mario Kart. I then headed downstairs to meal prep some curry for the week and chat to Meryl before eating tea. I then went upstairs to sort out my cv and cover letter for a grad job I’m excited about to send to my dad to look at. After a while I decided to facetime my family; we chatted for a bit and caught up on what we’d all been up to before they left to watch some Netflix and I finished sex education completely before moving onto Sabrina, doing some reading and then heading to bed after another really nice day.

Favs of the week:

Eyeshadow of the week: Jeffree Star x Morphe, as I’ve been really loving using it at the moment

Song of the week: Vampires by Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Highlight of the week: It’s so hard to choose, I don’t think I can, it was such a great, packed week spending time with everyone!

So that was my week wrapped up! Despite being tired frequently (what’s new?), I was on top of my work and inbetween all that I managed to balance my social life, and I had a really exciting week meeting and talking to friends and new people, and it made me happy to be here in edi. I hope you enjoyed reading about my uni life; if you did, be sure to follow me on here and on my social media to stay up to date with when I post, and I’ll see you in the next one!



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