MASQD Brushes – The Eye Set

Masqd brushes the eye set brushes

Masqd brushes the eye set

Hey everyone, so I’m coming at you today with something a bit different – a makeup brush review! I’d been needing some new eye brushes for a while and when Rory took me out shopping for my Christmas present, these just screamed at me – I mean…purple chrome… come on! I’d also never tried anything by this brand before, and £18 is actually really decent in the makeup brush world, so I was super intrigued by them. Keep reading to find out how I got on with them!

Masqd brushes the eye set inner packaging

So I’ll start off by talking about the packaging, as always. I really liked the ‘open me’ idea of the box, as it made me much more sold on the brushes because I could have a look at them and get a sense of what they were going to be like before I got them. I also absolutely loved the yellow of the packaging with the purple of the brushes because it’s a really cool contrast (as I’m typing this I’m like: purple and yellow eye look anyone??).

In terms of the brushes themselves, I just think they’re absolutely stunning. The like chrome purple vibes are just so nice and I love the matte handle as well; they’re really weighty and feel well-made, so I couldn’t be happier on that front. Also, the brushes are really good in terms of grip, so as a dyspraxic with a big creative makeup compulsion, it really makes doing more precise looks that much easier (shout out to my dyspraxic queens out there), but anyway – let’s get onto what you’re all really here for – whether they perform!

Masqd brushes the eye set colour packer

So first up, we have their Colour Packer brush, which is a classic brush for packing eyeshadow onto your lid. This does its job really well to be fair, and it’s pretty precise and soft but dense. It’s nice for building up mattes etc and really getting them on there; I personally always go in with my finger afterwards for shimmers and stuff just to make them pop more anyway, so I’m pretty pleased with its performance overall!

Masqd brushes the eye set crease brush

Next we have the real star of the show: the Crease Brush! This little beauty is the perfect shape for my crease, it packs on colour so well and it’s really soft and fluffy but has that pigment packing density that we all deserve. I absolutely love this brush like I feel like it’s made doing my eyeshadow so much more effortless and flawless and I’d say it even 100% trumps spectrum as the best crease brush I’ve ever owned.

Masqd brushes the eye set eye liner brush

And then next we have the Eye Liner brush, which is a nice little edition to every eye brush set. I don’t tend to do my eyeliner much because I’m scared of messing it up, but I definitely have to at some point because Wing’s pink liner using my riviera palette at our makeup swap really inspired me (shoutout to Wing if you’re reading this)! The brush is like nice and firm and thin but not too rigid, so it seems perfect for a nice, precise glide along your eyelids (that’s a really weird way of putting it, can you tell I’m not an eyeliner connoisseur haha).

Masqd brushes the eye set pencil brush

And then we have this absolute beauty, the Pencil Brush, which I’m also obsessed with. It’s the perfect shape for packing colour onto your outer corners with precision and oh my god is it absolutely perfect for the lower lashline, like honestly. It just creates a perfect line and packs on pigment so well; I couldn’t be happier!

Masqd brushes the eye set angled brow brush

And then finally we have the Angled Brow brush, which I haven’t actually got round to using either, as I use a brow gel day and night. However, it’s the perfect shape and texture to do brows, and again, I’d really love to do eyeliner with it as I think it’d be really cute for like a blown-out liner kind of look.

And that was my review of the MASQD eye brush set! Overall, I could not be happier with these brushes – they’re great for the price, they’re definitely the best brushes I’ve used in a while and they perform like an absolute dream (special shoutout to the crease brush and the pencil brush, because damn). They also make application so much easier and more precise; I’ve been a lot more confident with my looks lately as a result. I’d definitely be keen to try out their face brushes, for sure, and I really think they’ve snatched Real Technique’s weave at this price range, to be honest (RT brushes are still great, though). My only wish is that they bring out more eyeshadow brushes in the future, like a fluffy blending brush would not go amiss, but other than that I’d definitely recommend them and I’m absolutely buzzing with them – let me know what you think/ if you’ve tried them in the comments, or if not, what your favourite brushes are, and I’ll see you in the next one!


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