Weekly Wrap Up: 13-19th January 2020 – Ana’s Bday Night Out, DIY Eyeshadow Workshop & Committee Rollerskating! | ep69


Hey everyone, I’m coming at you with another weekly wrap up! This week was really busy as I was getting back into the swing of uni, whilst having a surprisingly full social life for me, which was really nice. Keep reading to find out what I got up to, from eyeshadow-making workshops, rollerskating and the refresher’s fair, to love island and Ana’s birthday night out!

Monday 13th January

Today I got up at a reasonable time and headed in with Ana to get some reading done before my Spanish oral class. After that I had an hour or so break, so I got some more work done before my other class and then walked back home to have some lunch and chill with Ana whilst working. After a productive afternoon we got dressed and headed off to the gym for our first boxing session in a while; I was really proud of myself because it was actually nowhere near the worst one I’d ever done, so I left feeling good. We both grabbed a smoothie and sat down to watch love island before heading off to bed.

Tuesday 14th January

Today I got up super early for my classic 2 hour lit 9am, but it was contemporary sci-fi, so it was actually really fun and I can’t wait to get reading some of these books! After the tutorial, I stayed in uni to get some work done before meeting Meryl for our super boring afternoon class, in which we had a Spanish debate, that wasn’t really a debate at all, about the royal family (?), before I headed back home. I did some work with Ana for a bit before whipping up some of my classic tortilla soup to have tomorrow and then had some leftovers and sat down to watch some tik toks and love island before bed.

Wednesday 15th January

Today I got up early to go to the gym and then got ready to go help out at the makeup soc stand at the refresher’s fair with Alya. We had a meaty catch up and some great chats with people who came up to the stand; it was really encouraging on the whole. I stayed in uni for a bit and then headed home to continue cracking on with work and had my delicious (if I do say so myself) tortilla soup before heading back in for a makeup soc committee meeting. After a long and successful meeting, Ana and Meryl picked me up and then we all got home just in time to watch love island together, which was nice. After love island we messed about on our phones for a while before heading to bed.

Thursday 16th January

Today me and Ana were feeling a bit down so I headed to Tesco after class to pick up this absolute gem of a flavour of Ben and Jerry’s, and then we sat and ate it for a bit before I had a nap and then we both made some lunch. We got some work done until it was time for me to go get ready, so I donned a neon pink inner corner and headed off to the first makeup soc workshop of the semester: a DIY eyeshadow workshop!

Me and Wing set up and then people started arriving – 42 people overall – but we managed to pretty much fit everyone in (as a result of a lot of chair lifting up and down the labyrinth-like stairs) and it seemed like everyone’s eyeshadow worked so it went really well (I was very jealous; I’ll definitely have to make my own sometime). After the workshop we managed to get all the pigments off the tables and then we headed to the cafe for an emergency meeting, making it home just as love island came on demand; by that point I was feeling pretty tired. I sat and watched love island, glass of wine in hand, before heading to bed.

Friday 17th January

Today I didn’t have class but found myself awake ridiculously early so I had a little walk and then Ana was awake so I gave her her birthday presents/ card and we sat in her bed for a bit before Meryl woke up and we all headed downstairs to have some pancakes (with no shortage of toppings, as you can see), and they were super tasty. After pancakes we got dressed and I headed to watch Meryl get a tattoo, but I wasn’t allowed in the room so Ana picked me up and I went to sit in the hairdressers with her while she got a spicy full fringe cut (I tried to convince her to get highlights as well but she wouldn’t, boo). After her haircut we briefly thought her car had been stolen (we were just looking in the wrong place, but actually imagine that on her birthday hahaha) but we found it and then she dropped me off to meet Meryl before she headed off to Glasgow.

Me and Meryl then walked to sainsbos and picked up some cake ingredients before taking them home to make Ana a birthday cake after lunch (ft an appearance of some flowers for Ana, as you can tell from this iconic image). It actually turned out really well (if we do say so ourselves), and we celebrated by having a nap (the only way) before I got ready to head off to rollerskating with Alya, Annabelle and Wing on a lil committee outing. Even though I was sadly not as good at it at all as I used to be, I eventually kind of managed it in the last 20 minutes or so, and I had a really fun time. After that we headed to revs for some food and drink; I had a fried chicken burger with bacon and cheese fries and a gin n’ juice, and we sat and chatted for a bit before everyone headed home. When I got home I got straight into bed and did some reading, feeling happy after a super wholesome night and day (also Ana if you’re reading this, I hope you had an amazing day!).

Saturday 18th January

Today I got up and had some pancakes before pressing on with some blogging/ reading and then I put on the Leeds game. After a while Ana got back and we chatted whilst watching the back end of the game together, and then her friend Athena arrived so they ordered food. Meanwhile, me and Meryl depressed ourselves by working out our year abroad grade averages whilst having our tea. After tea, me and Meryl did our makeup together and then we all went to chill in Ana’s room and play some games before heading out in an uber to revs.

When we got there we got our drinks and then people started arriving, so we spent the first part of the night catching up; it was really nice to see Phe and Fi as it had been so long. After a while Meryl left and we danced for a bit and then me, Ana, Athena, her friend Amy and her boyfriend headed off to Subway (not a sandwich shop, a club, haha). I’d never been there before but I actually really liked it; I had a great time just dancing and letting my hair down before we headed off to burrito and shake to grab a burrito (I’d never been and it was a gross burrito and an absolute rip off sadly), and I also saw Morgan who used to be on the makeup soc committee, so that was really nice. We then headed back to ours and had a piece of cake before heading to bed after a really fun night; I hope Ana enjoyed herself.

Sunday 19th January

Sunday 1

Today I woke up not hungover at all and had some breakfast before finishing the reading I needed to do for my ALG later. I then popped on some makeup, had some lunch and then headed off to the library cafe begrudgingly, but it was actually really fun to discuss the book so I enjoyed it in the end. After that I headed to Lidl to get some sandwich bits for the week and then went back home to get some work done. After a while I had a little nap and then carried on until I’d finished; I then played some animal crossing before meal prepping some prawn and parmesan pasta bake and then setting up with some nail polish and a face mask in the living room. Ana came back so me, her and Meryl chatted for a bit while I painted my nails and then me and Ana watched love island (with my serial killer face mask on, of course). After love island we chilled in the living room for a bit and then I went upstairs to read before bed.

So that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading it; if you did, make sure to follow me on here and on my social media to stay up to date with when I post etc. I had a really hectic but nice week going out with friends and reminding myself of the good bits of uni whilst staying on top of my work – anyway, I hope to keep this momentum up (I can dream, ok?) and I’ll see you in the next one!


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