Basic Bitch Base Routine for Naturally Flawless, Glowy Skin

pic 1Hey everyone! So today I thought I’d share my super simple everyday go-to base makeup routine because I’ve been really loving it and I feel like it’s perfectly glowy for spring/summer. I’ve been super confident in my skin lately so I’m reaching towards a more natural base with barely any foundation and whatever eye makeup I feel like. Keep reading to find out what i use to make my skin look dewy and flawless whilst still letting my natural skin shine through!

So first every week or so I like to go in with my skincare routine (check out my daily skincare routine here, my night time skincare routine here, and some of my budget skincare favourites here for an insight into how I look after my skin). I then pop on my Makeup Revolution brow tint in taupe (I’m swapping to dark brown now though because I prefer it after trying my mum’s). I’ll put this on for 2 hours while I go about my day and get ready and stuff and then peel it off, and I just love it for nice natural low-effort brows that are already done every day – I won’t go back to pomades I don’t think (life changing)!

routine 3.jpg

Then when it’s time to do my makeup, I like to start off with my dr botanicals Moroccan rose oil which I got in a glossybox. I absolutely love this stuff and I think face oils are definitely the way forward for a nice glowy, natural look (sometimes I even just wear this on its own to make me look awake, plumped and naturally radiant); plus they also provide a nice tacky base that’s perfect for putting your other products on top of.

After that I do my eye makeup, which I don’t really have an everyday look for because I like to do something different pretty much every day, but I have been really loving this look using modern renaissance lately. I then go in with a tiny little quarter pump of my Huda Beauty #fauxfilter foundation in 110N angel food on little problem areas with redness or spots, because it’s so full coverage you don’t need a lot. I really love the natural finish of the tiniest amount, still covering little spots really well but without too much product on my face. I’m just really loving my skin at the moment and wanna have it (and my freckles) out there to be seen.

What I’m about to say is also a life-changing key step (or lack thereof) in my makeup routine: I don’t set my base with powder anymore at all, as I just feel like it leaves my face looking dry and doesn’t do anything for me, and it looks so much more natural without it. I also think my other base products like contour and blush blend so much easier on top of a foundation layer and not a setting powder, as well as creams obviously being easy to blend too.

After that I peel off my brows and go in with the stunning bellapierre shimmer oil in champagne to highlight my cheekbones, nose, forehead, cupid’s bow and chin. I just feel like this gives an absolutely gorgeous glow from within-type glow and also provides a nice base if I wanna add another highlight to my cheekbones, but sometimes I just leave it like that because it’s so natural and stunning. I feel like when it gets to summer this is gonna be great for collarbone highlight and putting on your legs and stuff to make you look super radiant as well.

routine 7

I also pop on my revlon contour kit to contour and bronze (this is my favourite as you can tell by the fact that I’ve aggressively hit pan in the title photo for this post) to make me look nice and sunkissed and put some life into my pale face, as well as using a shade from whatever eyeshadow palette I’m using as blush because I’m an innovator, obvs.

I then pop on some gloss or even just lip balm, and then I’m done! It’s a super simple base routine but it’s my current go-to and it leaves my skin still looking natural and peaking through, whilst accentuating my features with makeup. A natural, dewy base with as wild or as tame of an eye look as I want is my current go-to for everyday makeup; I hope this was useful for anyone looking to glow this spring and show off the skin they’re in!

carla x

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