Weekly Wrap Up: 8-14th April 2019 – Flamenco, Tapas & Home for Easter | ep40


Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you with another weekly wrap up (and on time again!)! This week was really busy and lovely, and despite some setbacks in the workout department, I had a really great social week with my friends and fami; it was really nice to be home for a bit. Keep reading to find out what I got up to!

Monday 8th April


Today I woke up feeling super motivated, so I did a Pinterest ab workout, did some yoga and then meditated, which was super relaxing and great. After that I had some breakfast, did a quick little insta story tutorial because why not, and then sat feeling my look and listening to Kalyn’s Coffee Talk before class. I steeled myself for the rain, but with a lost umbrella (as mentioned in last week’s post), and no hood because it was still wet from yesterday, I was not prepared. Fortunately despite being soaked and freezing, nothing could dampen my mood (hehe) – not even the super boring class in which the teacher was passionately ranting and raving as per. I spent the class sorting my blog post out and organising my Pinterest board. (I was proper proud of myself for actually getting up a blog post on time for the first time in a few weeks).

After class I briskly walked home to avoid the rain and picked up some supplies from Aldi to make a Massaman curry. It was supposed to be a chicken massaman but my chicken had spontaneously gone off, so it ended up just being a proper potatoey curry. The potatoes were really soft and it was delicious regardless though so that was good. After lunch I got down to business and cracked on with my edinburgh uni Spanish essay, to the point where I actually ended up finishing it so I was buzzin!

I then finished the online learning unit that went with it and resolved to proofread the essay before submitting it tomorrow, 3 weeks in advance might I add! When I finished my essay I watched some youtube, had quiche for tea and started watching Quicksand on Netflix which was really intriguing.  I chatted with Lorena in the kitchen about bizarre science questions that sprout from my humanities mind as per, then I went back to watch another episode, feeling proper proud of what I’d got done today.

Tuesday 9th April


Today I woke up a bit tired and deterred but persevered and did a lil booty workout (the burpees actually caused me to die and I am writing this from beyond the grave). I took it easy and only managed a little yoga before getting frustrated at a pulled muscle so I just meditated instead, which made me very sleepy. I showered and then did some makeup and blog photography before going to class. It was useless of course, so I did a bit more essay tweaking and messed about a bit on social media.

After class, me and Meryl went to go take advantage of the free Ben and Jerry’s they were giving out at uni (we got the brownie one and it was delicious and much-needed). We sat and ate it on the steps of the Setas in the sun and chatted for a bit, before we went to Primor to pick up some bits that we needed. I picked up a nail file and some nail polish remover from essence, and I also picked up their lash princess false lash effect mascara to give it a try. I then headed back through the bipolar weather to grab a salad to go with tea and some cotton pads for my nails, and then settled for lunch (I had an absolutely bangin’ duck ramen).

After eating I settled down to proofread my essay and actually submitted it, so I was feeling very accomplished once again. I celebrated by messing about on youtube for a bit before sitting down to watch more Sabrina with Lorena until she went to work, and then I watched some Buzzfeed Unsolved while I was having my tea. After tea I painted my nails and finished off Quicksand, which was heavy but a really good watch. I then watched some Brooklyn 99 to lighten the mood with some wholesome content, wrote my diary and then went to bed.

Wednesday 10th April


Today I woke up feeling ok-ish so I did an arm workout (ouch once again), which was pretty hard but I managed it. My poor weak arms struggled with the yoga afterwards, which left me pretty down and disheartened. I did some meditation to clear my head as per, showered, did my makeup and some blog photography before heading to class. In a shocking turn of events it was absolutely boring and the teacher spoke to me and I was scarred for life, so I just spent the lesson doing some blogging. After class I went home and had lunch, finished off my blog post, watched some B99 and then headed back to uni with Lorena.

I found it really hard to stay awake and alert in those last two classes so I just did sweet fuck all other than some obligatory group work before going home. I rustled up some pasta and then got my shit together for me and Lorena to go and meet everyone for a flamenco show. It was really nice to see everyone and the show was so cool; it inevitably felt like the most Spanish thing I’d ever done. After two rounds of flamenco, 1 litre of tinto between three of us and lots of chatting, we went back to our respective houses, the sound of Bethan’s flawless flamenco-style vocals to sing us out lmao. When I got home I had a bit of a dyspraxia tornado moment and dropped my bottle lid down the toilet and smashed my favourite mug into two pieces all within ten minutes (nice one).

Thursday 11th April


Today I woke up feeling down and hormonal because period, so I did a bit of zumba and then packed it in because I wasn’t feeling it. I did some gentle yoga and then showered and did my packing, whacking myself in the face with the luggage scales a bizarre amount before lunch. I had a dubious ice cube-turned-successful lasagna and then did some cute af makeup and took blog snaps before going to class with Lorena. Me and Mez battled through the first class with a covert photography challenge (I was dying and not at all keeping my composure), and then we went off in search of torrijas (a Spanish easter snack thing) but to no avail. We settled on dunkin’ donuts and I got a kit kat one which was really nice, and we sat in there chatting before deciding to not go to class because it sucks and we would’ve had to rush to get ready afterwards if we went.

After chilling in there for a bit, I went home and had my tea, lounged round watching B99 and then did some makeup which I proper loved and was really feeling, so I posted it to insta before we set off. We finally got to see Tom’s Bachelor Pad (lol) and it was actually such a nice flat; we were all supremely jealous, especially with the neverending stream of problems that come with out flat. We had a really lovely evening filled with twerking to Frère Jacques (a classic childhood-ruining exercise) and death drops to year 3000 courtesy of Meryl. I wish I could’ve gone out but I had a flight tomorrow so I settled for going home when they left for the club and drinking iced tea at pres. I wrote my diary and watched some insta stories before going to bed after a wholesome and hilarious night.

Friday 12th April


Today I woke up feeling pretty sleepy after a tumultuous night’s sleep (probs due to excitement tbf) so I was up pretty early. I chilled out with some B99 and then got showered, dressed and did my makeup before grabbing some lunch and downloading some stuff to watch on the plane. I then set off with my whopper case through the manic Semana Santa streets. The airport bus was mad busy but I got a seat so I was buzzing, and I made it on time with a stressfully hefty weigh-in of 19.5kg and then breezed through security andcaught up on drag race before getting on the plane.

I got off the plane to a crazy busy passport control but made it out and into my dad’s car after a luggage carousel labeling mishap. When we got home I said hi to my mum and the cats and we had pizza for tea whilst watching Glow Up; Nath came back from work after a bit as well and we spent the night catching up on the episodes we’d missed before bed. It was a wholesome evening and I was glad to be back.

Saturday 13th April


Today I woke up feeling rested to a nice avocado toast and bacon breakfast, and I was absolutely buzzing for some real bacon. I polished that off and then cleaned out under and on top of my desk before lunch, and then me and my mum spent the afternoon painting our nails and tinting our brows whilst watching Glow Up and The Sinner season 2. We somehow ended up rushing despite having the whole afternoon and got ready speedily (I also got chance to try my mum’s ABH Riviera palette and I’m obsessed with it and need it in my life). We rushed to the restaurant/gin bar at the bottom of the village and we were only a couple minutes late so that was fine.

We settled down with fancy-looking parma violet gin (I kinda wish I’d chosen one of the other like 100 gin flavours that I hadn’t tried before as opposed to my go-to flavour), and ordered our food. When it showed up I was absolutely in awe at the portions and it was all so so tasty (we had 6 tapas dishes: Hummus and Pitta, Jalapeño poppers, Goat’s Cheese and Strawberry Bruschetta, Chorizo meatballs, Calamari and Halloumi Fries; it was all god-tier food). A bottle of wine and a belly-busting amount of tapas later, we headed back home for more wine and to finish off the Sinner season 2 (it wasn’t as good as the first one in our opinio –  it just wasn’t as gripping), and then the boys came back from football and Rory came over. We all sat and had some more drinks and chatted before heading to bed.

Sunday 14th April

Today I woke up a bit headachey but a sausage and bacon buttie and a lot of water sorted me right out. I sat in the kitchen drinking tea for a bit and then went back to bother a sleeping Rory some more before he left to go play magic. After he left I continued my tidying spurt of the weekend – this time I did my bookshelf, which was some lengthy work and I definitely should not buy anymore ever (but I will), and then I lounged about on insta for a bit before my mum went to the shop. While she was at the shop I did some work on my wreck this journal, helped her unpack when she got back and then did some reading, had a little nap and watched youtube and played some games.

I sat in the kitchen and did some blogging and after a bit it was time to get tea on so I helped out and then it was finally time to eat. We had curry and it was top quality as per; then we decided the family activity (minus Nathan who is a slave to the PS4) for the evening was gonna be the wii, an absolute classic. We played a couple games and had a great time and then watched the game of thrones recap and went to bed nice and early to wake up and watch it at 2am (loved it by the way).

Favs of the week:

Eyeshadow of the week: ABH Modern Renaissance, my love for it has returned

Song of the week: Sudden Sky by Crown The Empire again

Youtube video of the week: Shadow The Hedgehog but it’s the edgiest Sonic game ever by Call Me Kevin

Highlight of the week: Either pres at Tom’s because I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time, the delicious meal with my mum, or playing the wii last night to be honest – it was so funny and just a classic activity to be honest

So that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading it; I’m really glad to be back on my shit and posting on the days I’m supposed to haha. I had a really great week and it’s so good to be home – stay tuned for what’s inevitably gonna be a really busy couple of weeks!

carla x

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