Battle of the Mattes: James Charles x Morphe VS Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes

james charles and revolution brights

Hey everyone, so I know this has been a long time coming because I mentioned wanting to do it in my review, but I’m finally bringing you a swatch comparison of the Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes palette and the sought after James Charles x Morphe Artistry palette (in terms of their mattes, because as is obvious from its name, the Revolution palette doesn’t have shimmers). Keep reading to find out if there are any dupes/ similar shades. (and I’m also sorry in advance for the condition of my broken and well loved Rev Pro palette)!

swatches 1

So starting off with the first row of the Revolution Pro palette (I’ll be showing the Revolution shades in pink and the Morphe shades in purple), I found dupes/ alternatives for the following shades: starting off by comparing Saint to Canvas, you can see that they’re basically the same shade, just a standard white matte, but Canvas is juust on the brighter, more pigmented side. Then we have Attached vs Punch me, in which Punch Me is a bit smoother application-wise and a hair warmer in tone, but they’re both pretty much identical. After that we have New Day vs Bee, both of them being really great matte yellows for pops of colour, with New Day being more of a mustard, and Bee being more towards the neon, bright side.

Then we have Daydream and Rusted; in this case, Daydream is a bit more muted and grungy than Rusted, which is a brighter, more poppin’ orange. And then we have Half Time vs You’re Kidding. In the battle of the reds, I think You’re Kidding definitely packs more of a punch – I remember loving Half Time when I first got the palette because a good red was supremely hard to find, but in this current moment You’re Kidding just smashes it in my book – it’s just so bright and it’s everything I want in a red. Then last but not least on this row we have Believer and Social Blade, both of which are really nice green shades, but Believer is more of a swamp green and Social Blade has more of an emerald green vibe. There were none on this row that I couldn’t find a similar shade for!

swatches 3.jpg

Then on the second row, we have Fearless vs Skip; they’re a pretty good match but Fearless is a lot more muted where as Skip is like a full on hot pink. Then we have Shrine and Single. They both have similar cool-toned purple vibes, but Single is more of a plum purple, and Shrine is more on the blue-toned purple side. After that we have Indication and Cola, and they’re actually both really really close, Indication being a touch deeper of a blue and Cola being more of a grey-toned blue, but both capable of doing the same job I’d say; if you don’t look too close, you’d definitely think they were the same colour.

Next up we have Crusade and Playground, which are both lighter blue shades that are pretty similar, but Crusade is more of a teal and Playground is more of like a sky blue kind of colour. Then lastly we have Poison and Daddy. They’re both pretty similar in vibe and could be used for the same thing, but Daddy is more of a crocodile green, while Poison is more of an emerald green. The onyl one on this row that didn’t have an equivalent shade was Ringleader. swatches 3.jpg

And then finally on the third row, we have Upperhand vs 10% off, which are both pretty much exactly the same shade, the only difference is that I’d say Upperhand is sliiightly more red-toned but they’re basically the same. Then we have Underdog vs Skip; again, these two are pretty similar and great colours but I think Underdog is more of a red-toned pink, whereas Skip is more of a true pink.

After that we have Ricochet and Pinkity Drinkity which are super similar to be honest, other than Pinkity Drinkity being a little bit more red-toned. Next up we have Exclusive vs Single, which again are really really similar and, other than Exclusive having a slightly more pinky-tone to it, they’re pretty much identical. And then finally we have Haunted vs Escape, which I paired together because they have similar cool purple tones, but Escape is far deeper purple whereas Haunted is more of a brown-toned purple. The only one I was unable to find an equivalent for on this row was Cursed.

And that was the battle of the mattes: Artistry Palette vs Mischief Mattes! Overall, I think the Mischief Mattes palette has a lot of similar shades to the Artistry palette and it came along first as a really great palette; it was the first ‘colourful’ palette that really took my heart. However, because the James Charles palette has such a wide variety of shimmers and mattes alike, I think it’s gotta be the favourite for me. I absolutely love the Revolution Pro one though and as you can see it’s definitely a colourful contender that holds its own, blends beautifully and packs a punch after all this time; you can recreate a lot of looks you could do with the Morphe one with it. I use them both regularly and honestly it’s a worthwhile palette to have in your drugstore collection.

Anyway that’s it from me for now, if you enjoyed reading make sure to give the post a like or the blog a cheeky follow, and if you wanna know more about what I thought about the individual palettes (as well as see what my Rev Pro palette looked like before it was maimed), there’s a link here for Revolution and here for James Charles x Morphe. I also think I might do one of those like drusgtore vs high end can you tell the difference (!!??) eye looks with them both as well because this has peaked my curiosity – let me know if that’s somethign you’d be interested in!

carla x


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