Weekly Wrap Up: 1-7th April 2019 – Lots of Netflix, Croquetas & a Football Tournament | ep39

BeFunky-collage(7).jpgHey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with another weekly wrap up, and this time it’s actually on the day it’s supposed to go up! I’m finally getting back into my groove with blogging and stuff and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself – keep reading to find out what I got up to this week!

Monday 1st April

Today I left Rory in bed, got ready and headed off to my morning class. On the way there I found out my teaching work got permanently cancelled (I wasn’t too upset about it or anything, I have my Monday afternoons back I suppose). After class I headed back in the rain; we were gonna go out to eat but we decided to hide inside and finish watching The Bodyguard and order kebabs. After several delays like an hour later a pretty underwhelming kebab arrived but it didn’t matter because food and we were cosy.

We finished the series bar about 20 minutes so we watched it on the airport bus (it was amazing, if you haven’t watched it already you definitely should. After dropping Rory off, I headed back home, realising I’d left my umbrella on the other bus (sad reacts only, it wasn’t raining anymore by that point at least). When I got back I settled into bed and watched Jane the Virgin and then watched the entire Ricky Gervais show After Life in one night because I’m just crazy what can I say.

Tuesday 2nd April

tuesday 1.jpg

Today I woke up super tired after my big old Netflix sesh last night (wild night, I know), but I still managed to get ready and head to class on time. After class, me and Meryl headed to the Chinese supermarket to pick up some ramen and stuff, and then I went home and chatted to Lorena whilst eating my leftover panang curry. After lunch, I sat down and planned my week and general month before doing my class readings; it felt really good to be on top of my shit for a change.

After reading, I chatted to Lorena and Chloé, had my tea and watched a bit of youtube before heading to class to get some sweets. When I got back I binged a bit of Santa Clarita Diet, had a bit of a body confidence crisis because welcome to my life, and then wrote my diary and went to bed.

Wednesday 3rd April

wednesday 1.jpg

Today I woke up pretty tired because Netflix owns my soul. However, I was determined to be up and about so that’s what I did. I did some yoga, meditated, listened to the Girlboss podcast and Fearne Cotton’s Happy podcast whilst I got ready and then headed to uni. I met Meryl and we got wind that Obama was in Seville and he was staying in the hotel next to uni so we chilled for a couple minutes to see if we could catch a cheeky glimpse before going to class. Class was super irrelevant because it was a guest speaker talking about somethign random and also like dying of the plague every sentence, so that was a good time.

After that we chilled in the sun on passive Obama watch for a bit longer before going home to grab some food. I ate my lunch and chatted to Chloé and Lorena before we all went to class together. Class was unsurprisingly boring and he showed us this very weird video of like zooming out into space and then back into the human body (in a lit lecture?). Our second class wasn’t on so I went home after that.

When I got home I wallowed a bit and felt a bit self-conscious and lacklustre as my mental health is really not great lately. After having a good music listen crying sesh, I had some cheese on toast and then Izy came over and we chatted for a bit before watching Twilight and having a laugh at our teen selves. It just turned the evening round into a wholesome one and I had a really nice time. After she left I did my skincare, wrote my diary and went to sleep feeling better.

Thursday 4th April

thursday 1.jpg

Today I woke up tired but ready to try my best once again. I worked out full of energy, did some yoga and meditated and then got a shower, some brekkie and then sat down to blog. After finishing off the post I did my nails, tinted my brows, did a face mask and then did some creative makeup. After getting ready I made some stir fry for lunch, planned my meals, watched some youtube and then headed to class. Class was actually alright today and I ended up taking quite a few notes, so I was happy about that.

In the mid-class break me and Meryl went to get McFlurry’s and chilled by the river in the sun(ish) before going to our second class, which was incredibly boring and useless to no one’s suprise, so I spent the hour and 20 minutes browsing social media and organising my pinterest. After he ran over by 10 minutes (ugh), I headed back to make my nice clean bed (yassss) and my tea before watching the rest of Santa Clarita Diet, and then writing my diary before bed.

Friday 5th April

Today I woke up, worked out and did yoga but still felt sad. Nonetheless, I cleaned my room with some noughties tunes blaring (which cheered me up a bit because I find cleaning quite relaxing and the power of noughties bangers cannot be ignored). I then watched some youtube, cooked some successful meatballs in contrast to last week’s disaster; then had a mini depression nap. After my nap I did some glowy makeup and had a hearty convo about Brexit with Lorena before reluctantly heading to class.

The first one was pretty good again today so I actually paid attention. After that we headed to Starbucks in search of a muffin and we both settled on blueberry muffins and Meryl got an apple juice and I got a mint lemonade (I’ve had it before and it’s pretty life-changing – it tastes like a mojito soooo, enough said), both of which were very tasty. Then we trudged to our final class of the week to a weirdly sassily inclined but still inevitably boring teacher, before heading home for tea. After tea I wound down and then did my New Moon Self-Love ritual which was much needed in the current mental health climate. I just thought I’d show a pic so you can get a little insight into what I do!

Saturday 6th April

Today I got up and lounged about a bit in bed before breakfast, and then returned to the cave feeling a little off and watching Netflix until Lorena came back from the gym; we had some lunch before settling down to watch a few episodes of Sabrina (we were both hugely excited because we love it). After some top quality content we got ready and headed out, supplies in hand, to Izy’s house for a croqueta-making night with her, me and Lorena, Tom, Marine and Meryl. When we got there we sat and all caught up for a bit before getting onto making the croquetas. It was a bit hard to get the hang of at the start (as you can tell by Izy’s panicked expression haha), but we all pretty much got the hang of it. It was just altogether a really wholesome fun time. After making up a fucktonne of croquetas we popped them in the fryer, eating a couple here and there but saving the majority for later.

When the mountain of croquetas was finally made, we all sat down to eat them with a couple glasses of wine, tunes on all the while; we just had a really nice wholesome evening chatting and eating and boppin along to some bangers. Me and Lorena headed home after a few hours and I sat down and wrote my diary with a face mask on feeling really happy.

Sunday 7th April

Today I got up pretty early for a Sunday after going to bed at like 1:30, but nonetheless I got up and had breakfast and stuff. Lorena went to the gym and I cracked on with a blog post before having lunch. After lunch I watched some more Netflix, got ready and then we headed out to go watch Izy, Tom, Meryl and Marine play football in the Erasmus football tournament. It was pouring it down and we got a little lost on the way so we missed their first game (in which they lost 7-0 bless ’em) but I was glad we caught the second one because it was highly entertaining to watch. We were the only ones cheering super loud and also in English so it must’ve been quite hilarious to everyone watching as we were just cheering at like anything they did (supportive parents tbh).

In their second game they lost 6-0 which is an improvement in my eyes (Tom also decked it so that was a highlight), and the rest of the tournament went on while we messed about with the ball shooting and tackling each other like true football professionals. After a while we chilled at the side chatting for a bit before me and Lorena headed home 45 minutes in the rain (aaa), before getting some tea (I had spinach and ricotta tortellini with chorizo and it was so good my god), and then settling down to watch a couple episodes of Sabrina with tea and hot chocolate before bed. I went to bed feeling happy because I’d had yet another super wholesome day with friends.

Favs of the week:

Eyeshadow of the week: James Charles x Morphe palette (recent review here)

Song of the week: Sudden Sky by Crown The Empire

Highlight of the week: Definitely the croqueta party it was just so wholesome and I love food obviously

So that was my week wrapped up (and actually on time)! I hope you enjoyed reading it; I hope you had a great week. Other than some particularly boring classes I had a really great week eating a lot of food and spending time with my friends and I couldn’t have had a better weekend to be honest.

carla x


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