Kat Von D Fetish Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches



So I know that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Kat Von D and I just thought I’d put a quick disclaimer that I don’t agree with her opinions at all, I just really wanted this eyeshadow palette to live out my emo dreams thanks. From the minute I saw this palette while shopping with my mum in Spain I knew I had to have it; Christmas was indeed kind on this one. After my love of the Saint and Sinner palette, I was really excited to give this a go – keep reading to find out how I got on with this one!


So I’m gonna start off with a quick note about the packaging as per usual. I really love that the packaging is a sort of wet-look, bondage-like latex black as it really goes well with the fetish theme and I really love the raised lettering and the way that the i looks like a whip because I think it’s really creative. The palette feels heavy, durable and expensive and has a large mirror, so I’m really happy with it.


In terms of the colour story I just see so much to play with here (that yellow absolutely screamed my name. The pan sizes are great as they were in the Saint & Sinner palette, and I think that the variety of finishes is really balanced. So without further ado, let’s move onto the swatches.


So on the first row we have (top to bottom/ left to right: deviant, latex, cuffs and knotty). Deviant is like this stunning purple-toned grey-brown metallic shimmer and I absolutely love it; latex is a super pigmented matte black with pink and blue shimmers running through it. Cuffs is a cool-toned grey shimmer shade which is absolutely stunning, and knotty is a grey-toned brown matte shade.


So on row 2 we have (top to bottom/ left to right): kink, rope, shibari, rubber and dominatrix. Kink is a bright grungy lilac matte shade, rope is a copper-toned brown metallic and shibari is a cool-toned green metallic which I always love to have in a palette. Rubber is a matte black with subtle silver shimmers, and dominatrix is a stunning orange-toned red metallic which I die for.


Then on row three, we have (top to bottom/ left to right): nylon, whip, obsession, la petite mort, s&m and safe word. The swatches on this bit of my arm look really weird because it’s textured and I ran out of arm space, just fyi. Nylon is a gorgeous grey matte, whip is a girgeous matte black base with bronze and gold shimmers running through it, and obsession is like a grungey blue shade which applies better than I swatched it, lmao. La petite mort is a stunning bright grungey crocodile green, s&m is a blue-toned grey, and safe word is quite possibly one of my favourite shades in this palette. It’s just this gorgeous cool-toned rosey shade that I’ve never really seen before, like a lot of the shades in this palette.


Then we have: blindfold, sex, corset, fixation and bondage. Blindfold is like the darker, more grey-toned sister of deviant from the first row, sex is this absolutely stunning and pigmented pale grungey yellow colour that I am absolutely in love with, and corset is a blue-toned purple shade. Fixation is a lovely warm-toned light brown crease shade, and bondage is an absolutely stunning grungey red matte, and as I’m a sucker for a matte red, this is absolutely perfect to me.


Then finally on the last row we have: suspension, chastity, submissive and stiletto. Suspension is a dark brown matte shade, and chastity is a gorgeous brown gold shimmer that my phone camera doesn’t do justice. Submissive is another one of my favourite shades from the palette as I absolutely love cool-toned golds and this shimmer is absolutely stunning; finally we have stiletto, which is a maroon metallic shade.


I also included some pictures of looks I’ve done using the palette so you could see how I got on with it in everyday use. Overall, the pigmentation of this palette has me shook – a little bit really goes a long way with this one like you literally need to tap your brush in the smallest amount. The shades blend beautifully, the shade range makes me so creative and excited; I’ve never seen so many exciting takes on a matte black. The concept of the palette is dark and grungy and I am 110% here for it. I’d definitely recommend this palette to my grungy gals out there who like to be creative and want a palette that contains limitless looks for your edgy style.

carla x


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