Weekly Wrap Up: 31st-6th December/ January 2018/19 – New Year, Back in Seville & Christmas Catch Up| ep27

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Hey everyone, sorry for my absence but I’ve been super busy seeing family and friends and stuff over the new year as you can all probably appreciate, so I thought I’d come back in with a meaty December catch up before going into a weekly wrap up of my first week of January/ my first week back in Seville. Keep reading to find out about my lovely hectic christmas and how I transitioned back into that Spanish lifestyle!

December Catch Up 

So I last left you when I was still in Seville and I flew back on the 17th (one day after the end of my last wrap up) to my family, my cats, a co-op 3 for £1 and a takeaway curry from my favourite curry house of all time. I then embarked on a very full, very busy christmas schedule. I got a haircut which I really loved, I had a spoons christmas meal with Hannah, went into college for languages cake day with Emily and Izzy H, went for a fancy delicious thai meal with my parents, had a mini christmas with Rory where we had dinner and opened presents together for our anniversary which was so cute and great (he got me a kindle and I love it so much it has actually changed my entire existence). I got way too drunk the day before Christmas eve playing Mario Kart at Emily’s and then came Christmas Eve. I spent the day chilling and napping before we headed up to the local for a couple drinks (just lemonade for me) and then went home for a buffet and our classic Christmas tradition of watching the Polar Express.

On Christmas Day we woke up and opened our presents; I was grateful for all of them (so many books and beautiful makeup – posts coming soon of course!). We had an absolutely humongous dinner with our grandparents and then sat belly busted and watched the Greatest Showman. Then we watched some terrible christmas telly before me my dad and my brothers played cards against humanity, had some cheese and then went to bed. Just a really wholesome christmas overall. On boxing day I bought a vans bag in the sale for a right steal and then spent the day chilling before heading out to Leeds with Emily and Ellis and his friends for some bowling/ my first ever night out in Pryzm, which was definitely an event. It was actually really nice to have a typical british night out and a bit of a break from spanish music even though I love it dearly. I had another christmas with the girls doing a sleepover/ wine and cheese night which was so great and we had a right laugh living out the antithesis of ourselves in a typical girly sleepover. Then finally to round off the christmas celebrations I had another christmas dinner with the whole squad in spoons and it was just so lovely to see everyone and have a catch up, especially Sioban who I hadn’t seen in forever.

Monday 31st December 

So after a hectic Christmas it was then time for New Year’s eve celebrations. I spent the day chilling at home and playing video games before heading over to spend time with Rory after he finished work, having tea and then getting ready to head out. (Of course it wasn’t as simple as that though, as I had two dyspraxic disasters: I got eyeshadow all over my face and dropped my expensive illuminating face oil all over my knees). When we finally got to Aspen’s house, we played some games on the switch together and a buzzing word description game thing which was super fun, while drinking and listening to music of course. It was a really chill little gathering to welcome in the new year and I had a lot of fun. As far as New Years Resolutions go, mine are just about maintaining my yoga, my mental and physical health and fitness, budgeting and staying focused.

Tuesday 1st January

I woke up feeling blessedly not hungover and spent a really lazy morning reading and watching TV in Rory’s bed, before we headed out on a little walk with his dogs. After spending the day at his, my parents came to collect me on the way back from my nan’s and then we headed home for some retro gaming and steak. We then watched two super long movies (bird box and apostle – both of which I really enjoyed), and a bit of a series before heading to bed.

Wednesday 2nd January 

Today I got up nice and early to get my packing done for my flight back to Seville tomorrow and started the first day of my 30 day yoga journey. I finished a lot quicker than I thought so I just sort of chilled out and did my makeup before heading to town to meet Emily and go shopping for some British essentials/ anything that took my fancy really. I ended up picking up some absolute steals including a lot of nail polish and some skincare, before heading home for tea and to spend the night with my family chilling and watching tv.

Thursday 3rd January 

Today I got up bright and early to head to the airport for my flight. I was full of anxiety because I absolutely hate Manchester airport and I always get searched everytime I go there without fail; today was no exception because I clearly look like a dodgy geezer. After 30 minutes of waiting for my bag to be searched she took out an empty water bottle, jiggled it and said sorry and that was that. I still had plenty of time so I mooched about in duty free before sitting in costa for a bit with a goats’ cheese and pepper sandwich and a gingerbread latte. After that I headed to the gate and got on the plane headed back to Seville. The flight went pretty quickly and I made it back to the flat in no time at all. After unpacking and chilling for a bit I headed out to Lidl to pick up some bits to get me by and then binged more Dynasty because I am addicted. I cooked up a tofu buddha bowl for my tea (it was delish), and then I watched more Dynasty, did some yoga and headed to bed.

Friday 4th January

Today I spent the entire day revising and planning out my life which was pretty grim but entirely necessary of course, with a midroll yoga break. I binge watched some Dynasty when I’d finished, went to buy some sweets, had leftovers for tea and then watched more Dynasty before going to bed.

Saturday 5th January 

Today I woke up and did some yoga and some more revision to be super productive, before heading out to pick up some more food bits for lunches and stuff. I wasn’t feeling too great so I stopped early and watched some youtube and dynasty before cooking up some lasagna soup for tea, which was absolutely delish if I do say so myself. I then finished all of the available episodes of dynasty on Netflix and then Izy came over to catch up and it was really nice to see her and have some company and a good laugh.

Sunday 6th January 

I got up, did my yoga and my makeup and then did some heavy planning before watching some youtube. Meryl got back and came over and we caught up; then Chloé came back so we all chilled together before heading out to cien montaditos the one true paradise. After a top quality heavily filling meal and a lot of catching up we headed to dunkin’ donuts so Remi and Matthis could get one and then we went back to ours for hot chocolate/ tea/ playing the squad sims save we had which led to a lot of wild situations as per. After a lovely wholesome evening I headed to bed feeling super happy that everyone finally came back, and glad for some voices in the flat other than my own!

So that was my December catch up and weekly wrap up for my first week back in Seville, I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

carla x


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