Weekly Wrap Up: 10-16th December 2018 – Seville on Ice, Christmas Dinner & Other Festive Activities| ep26

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Hey everyone, I’m back again with another weekly update! This week was all about doing all the festive activities that Seville has to offer and spending time with my friends at the same time. If you wanna find out about how we got on at our Christmas dinner and what else I got up to, keep reading!

Monday 10th December 


I started the day off by doing a palette roulette look with the Kat Von D palette before heading off to my class. After that I picked up some Christmas present bits and went to tiger for the banter because I felt like a bit of a pick me up. I then did some work super reluctantly because I was really tired, but I did get absolutely loads done which is good because I’d fallen behind with reading in one of my classes. After that I watched some youtube, cooked up some chickpea curry and then went to bed.

Tuesday 11th December 


Today I got up at like 9, got ready and did a festive palette roulette look, and then Meryl came round so we could start some of the cooking for our friends Christmas dinner tonight. We went shopping for ingredients started off by doing some bits for the yule log, made stuffing and then Meryl rolled up the stuffing in the chicken while I made a yule mulled cider drink. Then we finished off the log with the icing, cherry jam and chocolate bark before heading out to buy some more veg. After chopping the veg we left it out for when we got back from class, had some pizza for lunch and then Lorena and Chloé got back and me Lorena and Meryl made a makeshift christmas tree and some decorations (which were super cute if I do say so myself), while Chloé started making her gratin dauphinois.

After my first class, me and Lorena had a presentation for Lexicology which we had to suffer through half a lecture to wait for because the teacher enjoys human suffering clearly, and then we volunteered to go first so we could get it out the way. It actually went really well if I do say so myself, and I was so happy to get it over and done with to be honest. After that we headed home to roast the veg and cook everything else up

Wednesday 12th December

I woke up to some tense energy due to a dispute that I won’t go into but it left me feeling anxious and sour for the whole day. Me, Chloé and Lorena cleaned the whole flat and the couple glasses from last night and stuff and then me and Lorena had roasted veg and a lot of cheese, before Izy came over and the me, Izy and Lorena headed to the gym for a free gym day.

After a body-destroying workout that also made me feel better, I became angry again and started downloading sims 4 custom content to distract myself before skyping Rory for a bit and then heading to bed.

Thursday 13th December 


I woke up early feeling really tired and headed into uni for my class, but when I got there it turned out class wasn’t on today or tomorrow and I hadn’t got that memo apparently. I headed to tiger to compensate and to see if I could find any stocking filler christmas snacks and then bought some chocolate from Aldi for my demanding uterus, and then had some more cheese before lunch. I then just napped for a bit, chilled out and then started to get ready to head out for our last night out before going home for christmas. I really loved my makeup so I wanted to show it off because I was in awe of the glitter.

After getting ready me and Lorena headed to Izy’s for pres, and Chloé and Matthis followed a little later. We played a couple drinking games, played some drunk twister which I sucked at (I rate that investment though, that was a good shout on our part), and then we headed to the club for ‘request night’. It wasn’t awful, wasn’t great like it was just fine and we stayed out for a little bit before heading back home.

Friday 14th December

This morning I didn’t have class so I had a nice lie-in (until the neighbours decided to start drilling, that is), did some yoga and meditation and then Lorena came home and Meryl came over for a nice post-night out catch up session.

After a bit she went home and then me and Lorena watched a bit more Sabrina before sitting and reading for a bit on the sofa in blankets. I literally spent like most of my day lost in my book (I ended up finishing it too; I’d definitely recommend Perfume to anyone who likes a good serial killer read). After that I had a thai veggie curry ready meal for tea (which was delish), made a cup of tea and then headed into my room to watch youtube before going to bed.

Saturday 15th December

Today I got up and did some yoga before watching some youtube and blogging. At around lunchtime Izy and Meryl came over after their festive supermarket sweep and we chilled for a bit, made dinner, had some leftover cheese and the Izy headed to the library for a bit. Me and Mez decided to make all our friends on sims which was highly challenging because we sucked at first, but I feel like we did a great job in the end to be honest. We then all headed out to the fair and ice skating. I didn’t end up skating because I’m broke af, so I just sort of watched from the sidelines being the ice skating dance mum everyone needed, taking pictures and laughing at my friends and multiple children falling over.

After that Lorena, Izy and Chloé went on the ferris wheel and me, Mery, Remi and Matthis explored the fair and its multiple sweet food smells for a bit before we all met back up to go back to ours and watch Miss France and Izy went off to meet someone (which we were all terribly excited for, of course you know me). We watched Miss France for a bit and picked our winners but it was super cringey so me and Mez continued to make everyone on the sims and then started to play and everyone had a lot of fun to say the least. Izy came over for a bit after a while, we watched our favourite not win Miss France, drunk some cava, played some sims and then went to bed.

Sunday 16th December

Today I had a bit of a lie-in before waking up to pack for my flight home tomorrow. It actually took like no time at all, so I spent the rest of the day finishing watching Sabrina with Lorena and then being lost in Never Let Me Go, which I also finished reading (again, would recommend). Later that evening Mez and Izy came over and we all headed out to watch the light show with the big crowns. It was short and sweet and quite pretty, and then afterwards we went to try a Roscon de Reyes because when in Seville it is obligatory to try Christmas treats, of course.

After that we headed back to ours, went to the shop for supplies, cooked some tea and then sat down to watch a film. We were gonna watch a film that Meryl recommended but then we were drawn in by a film called Santa Jaws that I felt like just had to be watched. It was absolutely hilarious and a great end to a great night. I said goodbye to everyone and then went to bed feeling super happy and grateful for the friends I have here and really excited to go home and see  my friends and family and Rory at home tomorrow.

Favs of the week

Song of the week: Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Eyeshadow of the week: Kat Von D Saint and Sinner

Youtube video of the week: Barry Has A Secret by penguinz0

Highlight of the week: Definitely the friends Christmas dinner, because it was just so delicious and wholesome

Quote of the week: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett

So that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading about my super festive last week in Seville hanging out with my friends and doing winter things. I left the week feeling really happy and excited, and I can’t wait to just go home and relax before jumping back into my year abroad.

carla x


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