Primark Urban Decay Dupe (another one)?? – Looking for Wonderland Palette




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So if you saw my primark haul post, you’d know that this was one of the palettes I ended up picking up. I’ve tried it out for a while now so I’ve come back to update you guys on how I got on with it, as well as comparing this Primark Looking for Wonderland Magical Face and Eye Palette to the legendary Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass palette to see if there are any dupes,and whether this palette is a way of anyone who missed out on this limited edition release being able to still ‘get it’ in a sense. Keep reading to see how I got on and how the two compare!



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So I’m going to start by talking about the packaging real quick. Can we just take a moment to discuss how beautiful and vibrant the packaging is – I’m loving the sort of psychedelic classic Alice feel about it, and even though it doesn’t have crazy butterfly origami on like the original, I’d say the packaging compares as it’s also made of cardboard, really cool and pretty sturdy. The only thing is that the bottom drawer falls out very easily so be careful flinging it around because it will fly out.

Now I’ll move on to comparing the eyeshadow palettes because I know that’s what you’re all excited for. As you can see from the get-go, the colour story doesn’t really appear the same. I can see some similarities, but there are obviously more shades (and more mattes) in the Urban Decay palette than the Primark one. Another thing to note before we go into swatches is that the Primark palette shades don’t have names, so they’ll just have to be numbers and descriptions, unfortunately.


So in the first row of eyeshadow we have: (left to right/top to bottom): 1, 2, 3 and 4). So shade 1 is this gorgeous stunning sort of snake-like green metallic, and shade 2 is a gorgeous true gold metallic. Then we have shade 3, which is a classic red-toned brown shade that’s perfect for popping into the crease. Lastly we have shade 4, which is a surprisingly pigmented matte black with tiny bits of glitter in it that you can’t really see, so I feel like it can be used just fine as a matte black.


On the second row (by far my favourite row), we have (left to right/ top to bottom): 5, 6, 7 and 8). Shade 5 is an absolutely stunning rose gold metallic shimmer shade which looks gorgeous on the eye, and shade 6 is a cute peachy metallic shimmer, which is really nice for everyday looks. Shade 7 is a gorgeous bright red satin shade, which I always love in a palette, and then shade 8 is a classic goldy copper metallic shade with little bits of shimmer in.48269168_265208821016973_26501069202784256_n

Then finally on the last row, we have (left to right/top to bottom): 9, 10, 11, and 12. Shade 9 is a really cute subtle pastel pink shimmer shade which is perfect for the browbone and the inner corners, and 10 is a really grungey (and very me) matte khaki green shade. Then we have 11, which is a really interesting cool-toned plum matte, and then 12, which is a white matte base shade (not much to say about that one really).



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So now I’m gonna move onto seeing if there are any UD dupes in there, before moving onto my review of the highlights and glosses. As I said before, there are obviously more shades and a different colour story in the Urban Decay palette, but here are some dupes I spotted: looking glass and 12hatter and 1lily and 9time and 4dormouse and 3, kingdom and 5. So out of 12 shades in the Primark palette, half of them are dupes and half of them are unique shades. Some of the dupes I even think are better, such as the Primark dupe of kingdom because I just think the pigmentation and shine is soso nice in the primark one and it’s a little bit of a dull metallic in the Urban Decay one. On the other hand, I wish the primark one had some of the brighter colours that the Urban Decay one has such as the bright pinks and blues, but overall I think it’s a pretty nice eyeshadow palette and a pretty good dupe, even if it’s not a full one.


So now let’s move onto that bottom drawer! In here we have two glosses and four highlights; I’m gonna start with what excited me the most – the highlights.


The highlights don’t have names either, so I’ll just call the (left to right/ top to bottom): h1, h2, h3 and h4). So h1 is a stunning pink/ silver highlight shade (the pink won’t pick up on camera o matter how hard I try, but in person it’s soso beautiful), and h2 is a really stunning coppery rose gold highlight shade which I can actually wear if I put a very thin layer on as a blush topper! Then we have h3, which is a stunning true gold highlight which again I can get away with if I use it lightly, and h4, an orange highlight which I can also use. All of these highlights are so pigmented and stunning and blinding and they just look so nice on.

Then after that we have the glosses! They don’t have names either; first up we have the first one which is a bright pink gloss. I wasn’t very optimistic that I’d like it but I actually really love it. It’s really comfortable on, the pigmentation is great and it isn’t sticky at all. Then we have the second one with is a gorgeous brown-toned pink nude gloss with gold glitter running throughout it. This is honestly one of my favourite glosses I’ve ever tried. It kind of reminds me of the fenty gloss bomb in colour and with the whole glitter thing ging on, and it’s just the most beautiful neutral gloss.

So that was my review, swatches and dupe comparison of the Primark Looking for Wonderland palette and the Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass palette. Overall, although it isn’t a full shade for shade dupe, the primark palette holds its own with gorgeous, pigmented shimmer, matte and metallic shades. It has a lot to play around with, stunning highlights and gorgeous glosses for only 12 euros. In comparison to the Urban decay palette, that’s an absolute steal; as far as eyeshadow functionality it blends and applies great, so what are you waiting for… pick this up!

carla x



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