Weekly Wrap Up: 3-9th December 2018 – Fajita Night, Sunbathing in December & Bad Luck| ep25


Hey everyone, I’m back again for another weekly wrap up (on time this week and everything)! This week I had a few classic unlucky old me disasters, but I ended up having a lovely long weekend hanging out in the sun (yes, the sun, in December!, having some drinks and Mexican food with friends and also kicking my ass in gear (kind of). Keep reading to find out what I got up to!

Monday 3rd December 

Today I woke up nice and early and dead from Barcelona (check out last week’s post if you wanna see what i got up to there!) and I got to my class and my laptop was dead (what’s new). I took notes on my phone (although it actually ended up being quite boring so I ended up just on instagram but hey ho), and then I got home and popped my laptop on charge. My day took a TURN when my laptop actually would not turn on at all so I spent the day in bed watching youtube and netflix on my phone having a major freakout which is always fun, and I got absolutely nothing productive done but what can you do, it was quite an inconvenience.

Tuesday 4th December

Today I woke up and my laptop miraculously turned itself on which I was very happy/confused about, but I wasn’t feeling very motivated so it took me a long time to wake up. I did some blogging because I was super behind, and then headed off reluctantly to my afternoon class. On the way back from class I thought that the sunset looked quite nice so that brightened my mood a bit. I got home and cooked and then skyped Rory for a bit which was really lovely as always. Then he had to go for tea so I sat and watched youtube for a bit before heading to bed.

Wednesday 5th December 

Today there wasn’t any class because classic Spain and their many holiday days off, so we all decided to go and read and sunbathe in the park because the forecast was great. I had a lovely day catching up with the girls after our busy weekends apart (1 like = 1 prayer) and reading some more Perfume whilst attempting to tan (it did not go well because I am a ghost, but I didn’t burn!!), before heading home and to the shop for some drinks for our park drinking/chilling tomorrow (because in Spain they do a thing called a puente/bridge where if there’s a day off on like Wednesday and a holiday on Saturday they’ll just give you that whole time off).

After sitting around for a bit, me Lorena and Chloé went to go check out the Christmas lights; they actually put me in quite a festive mood. I don’t know why we hadn’t eaten before we went out because we were all starving, so our outing didn’t last very long before we went home for tea and sleep.

Thursday 6th December

Today I got up nice and early and did some yoga and some work before me and the gals all headed to the park again for some tinto de verano and reading. It was a really lovely relaxing time and I got through a little more of the book but spent most of the time chatting to be honest. After that we headed to Izy’s for a fajita night. It was super wholesome and fun, Bethan and Lorena made the guac, Izy did some top class hostessing ft Chloé, and me and Meryl made the fajitas. After that we all sat down to enjoy it and have a laugh before leaving Izy and Meryl to it to pack and get ready for their trips tomorrow.

On the way back home me and Chloé picked up churros from the lil churro stand near our house (mine was a kinder filed one and it was delicious – it tasted just like the inside of a kinder bueno; Chloés was a nutella filled one). After that we cooked, chilled for a bit with some rap throwback music on because why not, and then went to bed.

Friday 7th December 

Today I woke up feeling pretty great, I started the day off with yoga and meditation again, got showered and dressed and did my makeup ready for the day whilst listening to Kalyn’s Coffee Talk, which is a podcast I really love starting my mornings with at the moment. I loved the makeup I did today inspired by jadethelibra’s cranberry eye look video so i thought I’d include a couple pics of it. After getting ready, I sat down to do a bunch of uni work and blogging before Chloé and Lorena woke up and then we went shopping to see if we could find them anything to wear for our night out tomorrow.

They didn’t end up finding anything but we still had fun looking round the shops; we went to tiger after (the favvv as you know), and then Mercadona to buy supplies for the squad potluck Christmas dinner. After that I got some more work in, did some mindfulness stuff, had tea and then brewed up a hot chocolate to sit and watch Love Actually with Chloé and Lorena. It’s just such a great film and one of the few chick flick-type movies I can actually stand. I finished it feeling all warm and christmassy as usual, (and also filled with reignited love for Liam Neeson because his character in it is just too much to handle).

Saturday 8th December

Today I got up pretty early and did some yoga and meditation before cracking on with some work because I’m trying to get myself back on track with my class readings; I also have a presentation on Tuesday so there’s that haha. In between the studying I slotted in some pampering time to get ready for the Christmas Erasmus night out at Casino later. After a super productive day I sat and watched youtube for a bit, had tea and cooked up my post-night out snacks (a game changer by the way, I’d definitely recommend doing it) and then got ready with a super extra christmas lewk (tutorial coming next week!). Inkeeping with the theme of me being CURSED my chair fell apart while I was sat on it quite dramatically (I added a picture so you too can witness this cosmic joke).

Anyway despite this gentle curse upon me, we had a nice little pres and it was really fun to have a night out just us three as a flat becaue we hadn’t had one in ages. The music was classic reggaeton with a bit of british/american music thrown in there and it was a really fun mess-free night to be honest. Having a dance does wonders for the old mental health to be honest – you can’t underestimate the power of some banging makeup and a good boogie). The horrors of clubgate were not strong tonight, however Chloé did lose an earring, and a man barged into me and broke the strap on my bag so I just tucked it in and carried on – as the meme of Bear Grylls says “survive. adapt. overcome”.

Sunday 9th December


Today I woke up blessedly not hungover and did some yoga and meditation, tidied up the stuff from pres, and then did my makeup. I decided to start up palette roulette again to get my creative side in gear, and I actually had a lot of fun with the Revolution Pro Bright palette making a look that matched my jumper (it was very satisfying, at least to me). I then took out the bins and went to the shop in full glam (because that’s just how I roll always). After that I just sort of sat and caught up on Riverdale and watched youtube until after lunch when me and Lorena sat and binged a bunch of Sabrina. After that I warmed up some quesadillas, tidied my room and got all my uni stuff ready for tomorrow before sitting and doing some blogging with christmas music on while Lorena and Chloé did some work. In the process of shutting my window the curse continued and I cut my hand on the edge of the window (I will no include an image of that because, well, it’s just not very nice, is it?).

Favs of the week

Song of the week: Not a song but I’ve been really loving Kalyn’s Coffee Talk Podcast this week

Eyeshadow of the week: Revolution Brights or Subculture

Youtube video of the week: Linabugz’s everyday makeup routine video

Highlight of the week: The fajita night with the girls/ the park sunbathing

So that was my week wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed reading about my lovely long weekend full of sunbathing, some terrible luck and mexican food. I’m trying to get into the festive spirit despite the sudden resurgence of heat in Seville, but it’s alright as we have our friend group secret santa exchange/ Christmas dinner on Tuesday so I’m super hyped for that. I’m also going home a week from when this goes up and I can’t wait to just be at home with my family and in the chilly christmas spirit!

carla x


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