Weekly Wrap Up: 26th-2nd November/December 2018 – Barcelona, Brunches & Lots of Walking | ep24


Hey everyone! If you’re into reading very long blog posts about my life and travelling, then this is definitely the one for you. It features the back end of my mum’s visit, brunch with friends and my super eventful trip to Barcelona. If these things interest you, grab a cuppa and get your read on!

Monday 26th November



Today me and my mum got up reasonable to head over to Torch for breakfast again before my morning class. I had a smoothie bowl this time and it was so so delicious (my first one ever and a great decision tbh); I also had a really delicious Ethiopian filter coffee (my first one of those), which was amazing. After that I headed to class and my mum went to go shop for souvenirs and stuff. After that we went into Starbucks to get our first festive drinks of the season (gingerbread lattes of course), and I was feeling really cosy and festive.

After that we headed to The Good Burger to grab some burgers and fries (which was so delicious), before heading to the bus stop to drop my mum off for her flight. I headed home after having a lovely weekend to chill with Lorena and Meryl for a bit and then we headed off to Primark because Lorena needed some stuff. I ended up picking up a bargain leather jacket because I proper needed a jacket as it’s getting cold here now, and also a cute yellow blanket and a big baggy stripey shirt. After Primark we headed back to ours to snack and watch Skins before heading to bed.

Tuesday 27th November

I had a rude body clock wakeup at the grand hour of 6am this morning, so I decided to do a meal plan for the entire rest of my time here and just generally organise my life before trying to get back to sleep for another hour or so. Obviously, I woke up tired and not feeling great so I just sort of stayed in bed and did some more life planning and went to Lidl a bit later to top up my cupboards. I spent the rest of the day in bed watching youtube because I was too tired to do anything else, and then I skyped Emily for a meaty catch up which was really nice, before heading to bed.

Wednesday 28th November



Today we got up and headed to brunch with the gals at a little cafe. I had a Croque-Monsieur inspired toastie and it wasn’t really that great to be honest, but it was nice to have a catch up with the gals regardless; Meryl brought me Perfume, a book I’d wanted to read for a while. After brunch we headed over to see Izy’s house and chill there for a bit (and she gave me more books, and a cup of tea because she is an angel), before heading off to the shopping street to see if we could find Lorena a coat (the mission was successful!!). Then we headed home and I packed my stuff for Barcelona, watched some youtube and then me and Lorena headed off to do some project work for Lexicology (yawn) with Lisa from our class. After that we headed home to get ourselves sorted, I did my brows and my nails, and then Meryl came over to sleep at ours so she wouldn’t have to cycle at like 3am when we got up for our flight (yikes).

Thursday 29th November



After reluctantly waking up at the sweet sweet hour of 3:30am we headed off to the airport to catch our flight. I started the plane journey off listening to podcasts but naturally ended up falling sound asleep (my neck was not happy when I woke up though, inevitably). When we got there we headed to the bus and set out to have brunch at a place my friend Ella had recommended called El Árbol. I had the eggs benedict with avocado and it was soso good and really filling, along with a much-needed coffee (the cafe was also super cute and nice inside). We couldn’t check into the hostel for a while so we headed to the gardens of Barcelona uni, as all the reviews said that there were a lot of cats there; they were definitely right. We were greeted by so many cats, and especially cute were the two that kept rubbing against each other (as pictured), and the black one was so protective and adorable (they both enjoyed belly rubs).

After that we headed over to the hostel to check in and have a nap because we were absolutely shattered. After the nap I woke up feeling refreshed and we got ready and headed out to go see the Sagrada Familia as it was super close to our hostel. We took a few obligatory pictures in the park nearby, and looked at the Christmas market because how could we not (we also took pictures with iconic legendary Catalan cultural figures because when in Catalunya). After that we picked up some delicious pastries (5 for one euro!) from a shop nearby to tide us over before having a general wander. We went inside a chocolate and turron shop for some free samples and also to check out the large chocolate model of the Sagrada Familia and a super colourful organic food shop on the way to the Arc de Triomph.

After chilling in the park near the Arc for a bit, we went in search of a bar for a chill drink and found a cute (completely empty) little one where me and Meryl lived out our wine mum dreams, before we headed off to get some Mexican food (slightly tipsy). At the taco place we got nachos to share, and I got a quesadilla and two tacos; even though the nachos could’ve done with more toppings, the tacos were soso yummy. After that we went back to the hostel to chill for a bit before heading to bed because we were absolutely knackered.

Friday 30th November



Today we got up at a nice early hour to check out Parc Guell. We walked all the way there which took quite a while and contained a few hills and quite a bit of sweat (as well as well-timed breaks), but we eventually made it. We grabbed our tickets, got complimented on our Spanish (that was nice but also why you lying though?) and then headed in. We explored the monumental area and the park around it and then just chilled for a bit before it started to rain, so we left the park and went off in search of a cafe to shelter and eat in instead of the picnic at the bunkers we’d originally planned. After the first cafe was a bust, we settled on this other cute little veggie/vegan cafe and sat down for some delicious veggie burgers. After that we decided what better to do on a gloomy day than to explore the gothic quarter, so off we went.

After wandering round for a bit we decided to go in search of churros so we found a place and headed there. They had a lot of cake when we got there so we actually ended up getting cake. Me and Meryl got this cheesecake but it was absolutely foul and not like how we would expect cheesecake to be at all. It turns out that Spanish cheesecake is completely different and not very nice. After that we headed back to the hostel to chill for a bit before heading out for chinese food. The place we went was ridiculously cheap with massive portions and we got so much delicious food for such a low price (it’s called Chenji and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re ever in Barcelona). Feeling stuffed we headed back to the hostel to digest for a bit and get ready and pre for going out to a club we were recommended called Razzmatazz.

We had a fun pres and then headed out. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there was a situation (which I will refer to as clubgate) and we didn’t end up dancing or enjoying the club and we had to just go home, which sucked because it cost 11 euros and the music was really good and it was really cool generally, but ah well.

Saturday 1st December



Me and Lorena woke up feeling blessedly not hungover but Meryl was feeling pretty rough, so we decided to take it slow and head to Mercadona for some picnic food. She (and we) decided that she needed to rest so we walked her back to the hostel and then me and Lorena set off on a spiritual shop hopping spree which proved to be very fun and fruitful. After that we looked at some super weird buildings and monuments (something that Barcelona is full of), and then headed to walk down the Ramblas and went into the market there were it’s so colourful and full of fruit and amazing looking juices. We both settled on a fruit pot and then sat outside to eat it (it was as delicious and fresh as it looked), before heading further down the street to the port. We chilled there for a bit before it got a bit dark and cold and then we went inside the mall to warm up and use the loo.

Meryl decided she was well enough to meet us and after a clubgate themed blip on the metro she finally made it to us. We wandered around looking for somewhere for me and Lorena to have some tea for quite a while before finding this little place called Bo de B that did like healthy greek food. I got Tzatziki chicken and the portion was huge for the price; it was really delicious and amazing (again I would heavily recommend if you ever find yourself in Barcelona). Clubgate struck again so we met Meryl outside the restaurant and then walked back home to chill for a bit and then sleep.

Sunday 2nd December



The horrors of clubgate ceased today and Meryl was feeling much better, so we packed up, got ready and checked out of the hostel before meeting Ella for churros (they were massive and absolutely delicious). After that she rushed off to her slot at the Picasso museum and then we headed off to explore the Parc de la Ciutadella. It was so pretty and such a lovely day, and there was salsa dancing happening in the temple so we sat and watched that for absolutely ages before heading off to grab some Arepas. After super delicious Arepas and my first ever batch of taqueños, we headed to look at another one of Gaudi’s buildings before trying to find a cafe to chill in because we were super exhausted and there isn’t much to do on a Sunday. We chilled in Starbucks for quite a long time before heading to Mcdonald’s for tea. I tried the christmas chicken and mushroom burger that they had and it wasn’t really that great, which was a shame.

After that we headed to a Tim Horton’s we’d spotted to grab some Timbits that Lorena recommended because they’re from Canada (they were super delicious my god). Then we headed to the bus stop to catch the bus. Unfortunately it turned out that it wasn’t the same place we got off at, and after missing a bus we headed to find the right one and thankfully got one almost straight away and were still on time. However whether we were on time or not didn’t really matter, as after we’d got through security and shopped in Natura for incense, we were met by an unannounced unexplained 45 minute delay (classic ryanair) so we were just sort of stood around like lemons. When I got on the plane the girl next to me was really nice and a bit of a nervous flyer so I chatted with her the whole way about our experiences on years abroad in Seville and we added each other on insta which was lovely (if you’re reading this I hope you had a good flight in the end @Josephine). When we got off the plane we got on a bus pretty much straight away and then trudged our way home feeling tired and slightly insane, before getting home and going straight to bed.

Favs of the week

Song of the week: Me Dijeron by Ozuna

Eyeshadow of the week: StyLondon Eaton Square Eyeshadow Palette

Youtube video of the week: John Wolfe 3 Random Horror Games

Highlight of the week: Definitely the whole Barca trip (minus clubgate)

So that was my week wrapped up! I had a really amazing week and trip with my amazing friends; I ate so much good food and saw so many cool and pretty things. It’s made me want to go on more trips with my friends and I really hope I can somehow get the money to do so, but for now I’ll just continue to explore Seville and all the things it has to offer before I go home for Christmas!


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