Amazing Primark ABH Norvina Palette Dupe (Violet Mist Palette)



So in my primark eyeshadow haul post, I showed off this potential ABH dupe as one of my finds. ABH is my all-time favourite eyeshadow brand and whilst I love it so much, it’s pretty pricey I’m always on the hunt for a good dupe (you know me). I also wasn’t that compelled to buy the actual palette so I decided that this 6 euro dupe would be a good halfway-meeting. Keep reading to find out what I think of this super affordable Norvina palette dupe!

So weirdly enough, the packaging of the two palettes is actually really similar, as it’s plain black cardboard, although the ABH one is thicker and more weighty, and obviously has the iconic suede packaging on the front. An obvious difference to note is the lack of shade names on the front of the Primark palette (they’re actually listed on the back though, which I appreciate), and the lack of a brush. In terms of the colour story, what drew me to this palette as a dupe was the purple tones, however the Primark palette does seem to be a bit cooler tone-wise. However the truth is in the swatches, so let’s get into them!


First row from top to bottom (left to right in the palette): Flawless, Mellow Musk, Hazy Lilac, Mystic Falls, Black Plum and Dark Mystery. So first up we have flawless, a matte white shade that’s the perfect base for making the other colours pop on your lids, and then we have mellow musk, a really cute subtle pink shimmer colour. Then we have hazy lilac, a really cute muted matte lilac colour which I absolutely love, and mystic falls, an absolutely stunning purple shimmer with a gold shift (it may look a bit chunky in the photo but it actually applies really nicely). Finally we have black plum, a gorgeous grey-toned purple shimmer, and then dark mystery, a sparkly grey colour which is really beautiful.


Second row top to bottom (left to right in palette): Secrecy, Honeymoon, Twilight, Violet Dawn, Midnight Kiss and Galactic Sky. First up we have secrecy, a grey-toned brown matte colour, and honeymoon, a gorgeous rose-gold shimmer with stunning pigment. Then we have twilight, a burgundy-toned matte brown, and violet dawn, a beautiful violet matte. Finally we have midnight kiss, a really really pigmented black with tiny bits of pink shimmer in it, and galactic sky, a super pigmented matte grey.

I’ve included a pic of the swatches of the two palettes side by side to compare them; I can actually see so many clear dupes in there.  The shade matches I found are (Primark vs Norvina): flawless and basemellow musk and love, mystic falls and wild child, black plum and celestialdark mystery and dramasecrecy and volatilehoneymoon and dreamertwilight and passionviolet dawn and soul. So that’s actually like a super large chunk of them replicated; the only ones without matches are dazzling, eccentric, rose gold, incense and summer. The ones that aren’t included are the more warm-toned ones which to be quite honest (no hate to Anastasia), I feel like the Primark one is much more cohesive in that it remained nice and cool-toned and remained true to the icy violet vibes.

Overall I would say that this is an absolutely amazing dupe of the ABH Norvina palette; while the formula may not be the exact same, the shadows go on lovely, they blend out really nicely, they’re super pigmented, and I can get the purples that I love from the Norvina palette without paying for the shades that I don’t. I’d definitely recommend picking this up if you’re after a dupe for the palette, or even just if you’re after a stunning and affordable cool-toned palette to take you into winter.


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