Weekly Wrap Up: 19-25th November 2018 – Catch-ups, Mum Visit & More Sightseeing | ep23


Hey everyone! This week was filled with food and tourism once again as my mum came for a wholesome visit. It was really nice to see a (finally) autumnal Seville in all its glory, have a seasonal mcflurry and some food-filled catch-ups. Keep reading to see what I got up to!

Monday 19th November 

So today I woke up still feeling really ill but I was game to push through and take Rory to see some sights we’d missed. Him being him he told me I needed to rest and that I could take him next time, so we both chilled in bed having a lovely, cosy time until I had to go drop him off at the airport. I was sad that he was leaving, but happy because I would see him again in about a month, and I was also proud to show him where I’m living. I didn’t end up going to my afternoon classes because I just wanted to die in bed and sleep, so I did a bit of Spanish coursework to make myself feel more productive, made some soup, chilled in bed watching youtube and then headed to flying tiger with Lorena to pick up secret santa stuff. After that I had tea and then watched some more youtube in bed.

Tuesday 20th November 



Today I woke up still feeling really ill, but I popped some makeup on to try and get myself into the spirit to do stuff (you guessed it, I got ready and got back into bed). I finished off my Spanish coursework and then watched youtube until my afternoon classes which I forced myself to go to because I’m sick of missing stuff. After that the girls came over and we snacked and caught up as Bethan had been in Berlin visiting her boyfriend, Izy went to Madrid to visit a friend and I’d had Rory over. It was really nice to have a chill night with everyone with some #deepchats and some laughs (including when Lorena went to bed and started a group chat when most of us were in the same room – a lot of satanic echoing occurred).

Wednesday 21st November 


Today I woke up feeling like I was on the tail end of this illness, so I stayed in and rested to cement the recovery. I watched a lot of youtube, ate more soup and then made myself a lovely tea of cream cheese, sundried tomato, olive and chilli pasta (with dinosaur-shaped pasta because I’m an adult, of course), before sitting in bed and watching some more youtube.

Thursday 22nd November



So today I got up feeling better but still a bit stuffed up, so I did some gentle yoga and some meditation and natural makeup before heading off to my class in the morning. After class I headed home, steamed my face which helped massively, and chilled in bed for a bit before heading out with Lorena to meet Meryl because we wanted to try out the new Mcdonald’s Christmas Mcflurry (it might have been torrentially raining but when we want Mcflurry we make our dreams come true okay). It absolutely lived up to my expectations and it was super delicious incase you were wondering. After that we went to fnac to help Lorena pick out a Christmas present for her brother (and drool over books and games a little because I’m me), and she got into a situation because she ripped up her receipt for some weird reason and then the door beeped and the security man had to look at it (he was like this biiiitch, but it was fine in the end).

Then we headed home to cook before Izy, Remi and Matthis came over for some chill drinks and snacks (which we demolished in about 0.5 seconds because we’re us), which ended up into Izy and Meryl asking me to do their makeup (which I enjoyed so much) so they could head out. After a couple grape gin and mixers the gals left and then me Chloé and Lorena chilled with the boys for a bit before they left and we went to bed.

Friday 23rd November


Today I woke up feeling super lovely and refreshed (still with a bit of a cold but what can you do). I did some yoga flow with the window open to let the crisp morning air in, some meditation and then had’a shower and went to uni. After class I headed home and cleaned my room for my mum coming over later, and my Fairy Loot box arrived and it was the most amazing thing ever, it was really nice to receive and I’ll definitely order it again in the future because it made my little bookworm heart so happy. Then Meryl and Izy came over for a post-night out catch up and to collect the stuff they left last night. Lorena and Chloé headed out to do some black friday shopping and I chilled in bed watching youtube, had a nap and then did some blogging with candles and tea.

Later on my mum arrived and we ordered some taco bell and had a lot of mexican food, some gin and a nice catch up before heading to bed.

Saturday 24th November


Today we woke up reasonably early to head out and grab breakfast at Torch Coffee. I had a chai latte again and tried eggs benedict for the first time (they were sooo goood), and my mum had a Latte and an avocado and bacon toast thing. After that we headed off to Plaza de España with a cheeky stop off at the palace along the way. It was so gorgeous and autumnal in the park near the Plaza, and it wasn’t too busy so we got some lovely photos (ft some cutie parakeets). After that I showed her my uni building, the cathedral and the setas, doing some shopping along the way. I ended up getting a dress, a top and some earrings from Stradivarius (fav). We then stopped for a well-earned bagel/ mojito/ wine break at my favourite cafe La Cacharrería.

After that we headed to my fav Spanish beauty store primor to pick up some face masks to do tomorrow night, before heading to the shopping centre near the tower to check Primark out. It was super busy as per and it was like a fight to the death to get around, but I got two pairs of shoes to replace my super broken ones, a playsuit, some underwear and a shirt. We got the bus back because we’d walked so far and it was a good job we did because it started torrentially raining on the way back from the bus stop, and the rain was fogging up my glasses so I couldn’t see properly, but we eventually made it back and wacked the heater on. When the rain stopped we headed out to Lidl to pick up some wine, snacks and breakfast food and then headed home to get ready to go out to eat.

We walked along the riverbank and into Triana and decided on a little tapas shop just off the main street. We had some sangria and some delicious and cheap tapas (ft olives and bread): calamari (as pictures, so so amazing), swordfish, goat’s cheese, prawns with kimchi sauce, prawn tortilla and fish croquettes. Feeling comfortably satisfied but not really full, we hit up the churros stand on the way back for some filled churros, and my mum was as in love with them as I am. We then walked back, got into our pyjamas and watched The Nun (it was okay), and then a documentary about exorcism with some wine before heading to bed,

Sunday 25th November


Today we tried to have a lie in and did alright for us two early risers (10am), before having croissants and cereal for breakfast with a cuppa. It was scheduled to rain all day so we stayed in bed in the morning watching the rest of the exorcism documentary and then diving into Cowspiracy for the first time (my mum fell asleep halfway through haha, so I multitasked and blogged at the same time), but we didn’t really see much rain strangely. After that we headed off to cien montaditos and demolished 6 sandwiches and 2 sides each, before rolling ourselves into a riverside walk to burn some off. Then we went home to watch some documentaries on Netflix with hilarious animal-themed glasses of wine (we literally couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves. I am also heavily glowing from my “racoon placenta” mask today,). We then watched a bit of a movie and went to sleep.

Favs of the week

Song of the week: God is a Woman by Ariana Grande

Eyeshadow of the week: Modern Renaissance

Youtube video of the week: Jenna Marbles’ Thanksgiving Cooking video

Highlight of the week: Definitely those face masks my god

Quote of the week: “The universe is going to give you the exact same lesson in different versions over again until you master it. This is one of the single most important universal laws you can learn about the nature of reality.” – Maryam Hasnaa

So that was my week wrapped up! I had a really lovely weekend with my mum and it was really nice to show her all my favourite things about Seville and she really loved it so that was a plus! I’m super full with a burger as I’m typing this and I’m very, very content.



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