Primark Attempts An Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette?



Source: Amazon

So as I was saying in my Primark Eyeshadow Palette Haul post, I picked this up because the packaging reminded me a little bit of the Urban Decay Vice Palette, but I am completely aware that the overall colour story and the packaging are very different, but I do see some similarities in colour. To find out what I think of the palette and to see whether it measures up to the Urban Decay one, keep reading!  (Also to clarify once again as I did in the previous post, neither this eyeshadow palette nor the shades in it have names, so it’s gonna be tricky to describe them but I think I can do it at least some justice).



So one of the main reasons I picked up this palette was because I just thought it looked like a mad cute autumnal red/purple eyeshadow palette and those are the colours I’ve been drawn to lately. It also seemed to just be a gorgeous palette of shimmers to dip into, so without further ado, let’s get into the swatches!


So first up on row one we have some gorgeous orange/ autumnal leaf tones: a gorgeous orange-toned gold, an ashy brown that appeared pigmented but slightly dusty but actually applied just fine on the eye, and a gorgeous peachy matte. After that we have a gorgeous satiny shimmery orange, and then a matte teddy bear brown.


On the second row we have some stunning purple tones, starting off with a gorgeous violet satin, a plum/burgundy/brown metallic, and a cute muted rose shimmer. Then we have a cute plum satin and a deep purple-toned brown satin.


On the third row we’re back with more of the autumnal coppery tones, starting off with a gorgeous white gold shade (one of my favourites for inner corner highlight; it reminds me of the shade I really like from the Too Faced Natural Face palette), a beautiful coppery metallic and a gold metallic. After that we have an ashy grey-brown shade with slightly chunky glitter, a grungey orange with slightly less chunky glitter, and a gorgeous red-toned orange matte.  This is probably my least favourite row as I don’t really like using copper colours all that often, and I think I’d much rather had a pop of colour row with either blue or green mattes, metallics and shimmers.


Finally on the last row (a row that’s in a fight with the purple row for my favourite), we have these gorgeous red/pink tones that make me want to scream. To start off with, we have a super cute rosey pink shade with pretty chunky glitter that actually looks surprisingly cute on the eye, an absolutely stunningly pigmented deep red metallic and a coppery metallic. Then we have a gorgeous bright red matte and then a rose gold shimmer to finish it off.

UD Vice 4 full swatch

Source: Malucent Mirror

To briefly compare it to the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette, I think the purples and the brown, pink and orange tones are the comparisons I mentally drew to it; while it’s completely not the same, I feel like the packaging was definitely something that Primark tried to replicate.

Overall I think for 10 euros this eyeshadow palette is an absolute steal, While it’s not the most pigmented formula I’ve ever tried on my eyes, it’s definitely buildable and for some of the shades like that gorgeous red metallic, the pigmentation is definitely there. The blendability is great and I think it’s a great palette to pair with the other ones I have such as Revolution brights, because it can instantly add a pop of shimmer to any look. As far as standalone looks go I think that it performs well but they could’ve included more mattes because there’s only a few, however there are just enough to get your creative juices flowing. One other complaint I would make is that it could really do with some shade names being added, or at a very base level an actual name for the eyeshadow palette other than “eyeshadow palette”,  so I can talk about it without looking like I know absolutely nothing about makeup. Primark are just really killing it lately and I definitely recommend this palette to anyone looking for some budget shimmers and metallics because this palette is a right gem!



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