Primark Eyeshadow Palette Haul ft. Potential Dupes?


So as I said in my home for the weekend wrap up, I tripped and fell into the makeup section of Primark and picked up three budget eyeshadow palettes that I thought seemed like dupes to test out. Keep reading to find out what I bought, have a peek inside before their review posts go up, and find out what they might be dupes for, or similar in vibe to! 



So first up I picked up this Violet Mist palette for 6 euros and I fell in love with the purple tones of the palette (I also thought they’d match my hair pretty well). The packaging reminded me of the little huda beauty dupes they do and the colour story (while not a perfect match for either) reminded me a bit of Huda Desert Dusk and also the ABH Norvina palette). Regardless I’m hoping it’ll be a gorgeous palette for when I’m having those days where I just wanna have that Violet Beauregard mood.




So next I picked up this absolute beauty for 12 euros, which might sound expensive but when it comes with 12 cute eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses and 4 highlighters and has an adorable Alice in Wonderland it defo feels like a steal to me! I saw the packaging and knew I had to have this and I couldn’t wait to get home and swatch it in its entirety. It reminded me of the Urban Decay Alice palette, so I’ll be comparing it to that, even though again it’s not a perfect match, just a theme match.



And finally I picked up this palette which is just called “eyeshadow palette” (classic primark. The look of the packaging gave me Urban Decay vice palette vibes in terms of the plastic sort of geometric look. Inside the palette there’s this gorgeous variety of metallics and a couple mattes, and I gave it its first test on my insta stories (@makemeupinsidee if you wanna see some quality content) whilst roasting ryanair at the airport because my flight was delayed.

So that was my little Primark eyeshadow palette haul! I hope you enjoyed reading it; make sure you’re following to stay in the loop about how I got on with them (and make sure you head down to your local Primark because they are absolutely slaying the makeup game right now)!



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