Another Primark Makeup Haul!


So I know it’s not been that long since my last Primark Makeup Haul, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for bargain makeup, especially from there. There’s a good variety of interesting stuff that I’m excited to talk about and try in this one – keep reading to find out more about what I picked up! 35824633_1103658313115455_2966873407037112320_n

So first up we have these Square Matte nails in the shade Blushing Princess, which is a cute candyfloss pink colour. Unfortunately, I’ve already tried these out and they were really hard to stick on and didn’t look great, so I couldn’t use them. They were only £1 though and I got some glue out of it, (the Primark nail glue is actually really good) so oh well.


Next up, I got some more gorgeous insta-worthy marble nails in the style #Queen. I haven’t put these on yet but I really liked the other ones I tried in this style, so make sure you’re following me in insta (@makemeupinsidee) to see them on my story when I put them on!


So next up we have a really interesting one, the Glitter Junkie Clear Face Glitter Primer. I’ve never owned a glitter primer before so I’m incredibly curious to try this out and also buy more glitters because no amount of glitter is ever enough!

Then we have another product from the Glitter Junkie range (which is believe is like their festival range), and it’s the Body Glitter in the shade Cloud Nine. I just thought this was a really pretty colour and for the like £1.50 I think it was, I just thought I’d give it a try. One thing I discovered though is that you should not swatch this before you put contact lenses in – instant regret and a lot of eye irritation was had.


Next up, I got another product from the Glitter Junkie range – one of the Metallic Eye Pigments. I tried this out and it creased and looked terrible the first time round, but I’m gonna give it a couple more chances and see if I can find a workaround and let you know in my main review post.

And then finally, the main event: the PS Insta Eyes Iridescent Highlighter in Champagne. I fell in love with this highlight and even though it was £6 I decided I had to have it. When I got to the checkout I was in disbelief when it scanned in at £1!! I’m not sure if it was a mistake or if it was reduced but I’m not complaining or questioning it haha.

So that was my Primark Makeup Haul! I hope you enjoyed reading; stay tuned over the next few weeks to see reviews and swatches of all the products!



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