Weekly Wrap Up: 5-10th June 2018 – First Shift, Friends & Star Wars | ep11


Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week! This week was pretty busy for me, but I like that because it puts me into a routine and helps a lot with my mental health because I have stuff to do and people to see. It features my first day at my new job (which I mentioned last week, but in case you didn’t see that, it’s the same job as I had in Edinburgh working on makeup counters, but around here), a lot of food (as per), hanging out with the squad, and a trip to the cinema. Keep reading to see what I got up to!

Tuesday 5th June


Today I really needed to buy work clothes for my first day on Friday, so I met Rory in town to pick up some essentials (but I ended up coming away with nothing, so we went home and I ordered some stuff online). We were having shepherd’s pie for tea but we didn’t know if there would be enough for Rory because him coming for tea was a last minute thing so we went and picked up a little shepherd’s pie for him to eat haha (there actually ended up being plenty, oops). We just sort of chilled upstairs watching Forensic Files on Netflix, which I was reluctant to watch but actually ended up enjoying (it’s about how different forensic disciplines work together to solve crimes – Rory wanted to watch it because he’s a science nerd), and then we watched a bit of Bake Off before bed.

Wednesday 6th June 

Today me and Rory spent a lazy morning in bed before getting up to make some ramen for lunch and then some incredibly chocolatey mug cakes. After that I got ready and then we went into town because he needed to do some stuff before work and I was gonna go meet Chen. We had no idea what we wanted to do with each other (classic me and Chen), so we went and got some nuggets, went to Primark because I needed a tshirt for work, and then we went into a bunch of other clothes shops because why not. We tried on some dresses in H&M but they were a no lmao.

We then went into Waterstones because we just tripped and fell and were pulled in of course, but we decided to go to the library and get books instead because who has money nowadays amiright ladies? We ended up picking up like 4 books each, before deciding on an impromptu trip to spoons. We had a couple drinks and some onion rings before Chen went to Leeds and I went home. I had spaghetti for tea and went to hang out with Boomer for a bit because he was being a cutie, before watching TV with my mum and then going to bed.

Thursday 7th June


Today was pretty uneventful – I spent the day finishing off tomorrow’s blog post and planning out this month’s posts, as well as doing some research for work just to make sure I had everything sorted for the counter cover I was doing. I also did some catching up on my watch later list which is still the most ridiculously long watch later anyone has ever had. I had a bangin customised pizza for tea, and then we watched some Happy Valleyon Netflix (it’s really good so far, 10/10 would recommend if you like detective dramas, plus it’s set near where I live sooo points from me because that’s uncommon).

Friday 8th June

Today was my first day at work; I had a really great day. It was a bit of a quiet one but the girl I was working with was lovely and it was really nice to work in makeup again and have a routine and stuff. I also really loved my cute pink stick on nails (they’re from Saversif anyone is interested). My feet were super tired so I was very happy when my dad said he’d give me a lift home. I had a burger for tea and then we watched some stuff before bed. (I also uploaded a post about whether the Primark Kylighter Dupe was better than the original; you can check that out here if you’re interested!)

Saturday 9th June

Today I got up early to get ready to go for breakfast with Hannah, Hannah’s friend Lucy, Chen and Wes. I was loving my makeup today so I thought I’d pop in a couple pics. I used the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette (which I have a review of here), and also a little bit of Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife (review here). We got breakfast sharers and mimosas and just had a nice catch up really. (Those omelette soldiers were bangin I gotta say).

After that we went round town for a bit before I met my parents and we went to see my grandma. I started reading Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman in the car because the dance anthems were not poppin today. I really like it so far; I’ll probably post a review when I finish it. After that we picked up a chicken sharer thing from Iceland for tea and my parents went to a dinner party at their friends’ house. Me and Ellis binge watched three Resident Evilfilms in a row because we hadn’t seen them yet and I love zombie films,and then watched a bit of Coraline before my parents came home. We stole some of their takeaway pizza because of course we did, and then we went to bed.

Sunday 10th June

I included my makeup from today because I really liked it (I did the eye look using the brights revolution pro palette (review coming on Friday!). Today I hung out with Boomer for a bit (and also inserted a picture of him looking like a literal kangaroo), before me Ellis and my dad went to go seeSolo: A Star Wars Story at the Showcase. Despite all the bad reviews I actually really liked it (I love Star Wars if you didn’t know haha), and the seats at the cinema were ridiculously comfy so it was a great time all round. We then went back home to chill in the sun a bit and I carried on reading my book, before tucking into a meaty BBQ. After food we then sat down by the fire pit, having a brief watch of Happy Valley inside because it started drizzling, before heading back out to do some bat spotting because I love bats. Unfortunately we didn’t see any, but ah well.

So that was this week’s wrap up! I hope you enjoyed reading it, let me know if you’ve seen the new Star Wars film/ let me know what you did this week in the comments because I always like to know!



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