Primark Kylighter Dupe better than the original?




Hey guys! So if you read my Primark Haul from last week, you would’ve seen me hint at picking up a Kylighter dupe, so here it is finally. In today’s post I’ll be reviewing the Primark Mink Pink highlighter and comparing it to the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter in the shade Cotton Candy Cream. I don’t actually own the Kylie one because ya gal’s a broke student, but I’ll be using swatches from the internet so you can get a general idea of how they compare. Keep reading to find out who wins this dupe battle! 

So I’ll start off by comparing the packaging and overall appearance of the products before I move onto the swatches. As you can see, the exterior packaging is ridiculously similar to Kylie’s, hence why it presented itself to me as a dupe in the first place. The only thing that’s different packaging-wise is that the Primark one (left if you couldn’t tell haha) is more of a dusty rose/ darker pink, and the Kylie one is lighter and more pink.

In terms of the aesthetic of the products themselves in the pans, you can tell they’re not really that similar. They’ve both gone for liquidy effects, but the Kylie one has the iconic drip and the Primark one is more of a rippled effect. The Primark one also appears more metallic and silvery in the pan, but the swatches are always more telling – speaking of which…

So here are the swatches of each highlight, (top to bottom and left to right: Mink Pink finger swatch, Mink Pink with flash, Mink Pink without flash, and then the Kylighters). In my opinion when they’re swatched, they look ridiculously similar, except for the tone of the Kylie one being a bit more rosey. The Mink Pink highlighter is quite glittery but not chunky and it has a beautiful rose gold look to it. It’s also super metallic and blinding.

I’ve also included a side by side comparison of them actually on the face so you can see what they look like. I’d say although they’re not exactly the same, they are incredibly similar colour-wise so if you’re wanting the kind of aesthetic that Cotton Candy Cream gives you, this is a great alternative. I also think that in my opinion (just going off swatches as I don’t own the Kylie one), Mink Pink is actually way more blinding and beautiful. I’ve been wearing it nearly every single day and I absolutely love it. They had some other colours but a lot of them were sold out so if you want any of these highlighters you better act fast!

In conclusion, I haven’t actually tried the Kylighter but in my opinion this is a great dupe. I’d even go far as to say that it’s better. For £2.50 how blinding it is compared to the Kylighter which is $22/£16.40, plus unknown customs and a long shipping wait, I’d 110% save your money and go with the cheaper alternative in this case. I’m a strong believer in the drugstore, and this is another dupe victory for them; I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of Primark makeup lately! Let me know what you think/ if you’ve tried either of these highlighters in the comments below!



6 thoughts on “Primark Kylighter Dupe better than the original?

  1. beautysirenblog says:

    I hadn’t realised these were supposed to be a Kylie dupe. They changed the packaging and some of the shade names a while ago so I have the old Mink Pink- I wondered if they changed it to make it a more obvious dupe?

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