Weekly Wrap Up: 11-22nd May 2018 / Where have I been? (the highlights) | ep8


Hey guys, I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve been on here and you’ve probably forgotten about me, but you’re stuck with me once again because I’m back! In this post I’ll do my weekly wrap up as usual, but I thought it just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give you the highlights (and the lows of course, to keep it real) of the past 3 months or so and explain a bit about where I’ve been. Grab a cuppa and a snack because this is gonna be a long one!


March was an odd month for me. My mental health really took a turn to the point where I booked a last minute train home for a week when it all sort of came crashing down on me. I went to the doctors and I’m on medication and stuff with regular check-ins (I won’t say much more than that about meds and stuff as I might go into more detail in a later post if I feel comfortable, I know y’all understand). I came back to uni feeling kind of lost and confused and super low. I managed to get all my crazy assignments and in-class exams done but it was a crazy whirlwind and I didn’t have much time for blogging, hence the radio silence on my end.

I read a self help book called Radical Self Love and Self-Expression by Gala Darling (thanks for the lend Phe), and it really helped me to see past the fog a little bit and it had some useful coping mechanisms and motivational advice so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s struggling.

It was also a kind of sad month because it was time for the makeup society committee to change and I couldn’t stay on as I’m going on my year abroad next year. We voted in the new members and then went out for a ‘handover’, with lots of shots and a bangin night out after. I had a ridiculously good time getting to know these girls and I’ve made some amazing friends (and you best believe I’ll be back to makeup soc in 4th year)!

I also had a visit from my friend Jenny which was really well-timed to relieve me from the stress of revising for my in-class exams and all of my deadlines. We had a super fun (and also lazy) weekend full of cocktails, museums, watching anti-communist propaganda in bed (Anastasia the princess film hahaha), and also a lot of coffee.

And that was March! It started off not so great to say the least, but I really tried to make the best of my bad mental state and have a good time with my friends.



At the start of April we had a surprise birthday meal for our friend Gino which was super nice. (Some tasty Indian food and BYOB which is always a plus). Some people went out afterwards but unfortunately I couldn’t as I had an oral exam the next day – other than this sort of last time with everyone before exams and summer, it was a week of back to back oral exams and in-class tests (yuck), but I got to go home for Easter at the end of the week.

It was so nice to see everyone over Easter, and it was the mental refresh I needed to get me ready for exam season. Rory was working on his dissertation and fourth year exam revision so we didn’t see a whole lot of each other, but we made the most of what time we had. It was also nice to spend some quality (shopping) time with my mum to spend my early birthday money and have girly wine nights and bangin Mexican meals together.


Also if you didn’t get a chance to see it on Instagram, I got featured in an article by Look Vine, which was ridiculously cool. If you’d like to read about what I love about makeup, I’ll leave the link here for you to check out if you fancy/ if you haven’t read it already, because I’m super proud!

I had an early birthday night out/ BBQ with the squad and it was such a lovely and fun emo night. We all looked like an emo girl band and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more iconic photo set tbh. I also enjoyed the hungover beer and fish and chips in the park the day after, because who else do you spend a hungover day with than the friends who enabled it (haha)? Thank you @ my amazing squad for a great birthday, couldn’t have wished for better tbh.

I also went for a meal with Rory to celebrate my birthday (thank youu if by chance you’re reading my mostly-beauty blog haha). The burger was so good and ridiculously large. I am now a fan of jalapeno poppers which is something I never knew I needed in my life until this point. It was such a nice meal, and we definitely did not need those extra chips haha!

On my last night before going back home, me Jake and Hannah went for a brunch at Slug and Lettuce to give it a try (I’m a sucker for a runny yolk, and I was not disappointed as you can tell). It was really nice to have a final catch up and I’m definitely a big fan of brunch as a concept it turns out. Later that day after visiting my grandparents, me and my family had a takeaway from our fav local Indian as a sort of early birthday dinner before getting the train back the next day.


On my actual birthday I was back in Edi, and my flatmates spoiled me a ridiculous amount which I’m super grateful for and did not at all expect. We went to the really cute vegan/veggie cafe across from our flat for breakfast, and I had some monstrous apple and cinnamon biscoff pancakes, and a biscoff salted caramel hot chocolate because I was on that biscoff hype (it was as amazing as it looks). Then me and Livv went to revise for a bit (ew), before heading out to have a burger at Ana’s work. I had my fav classic combo – a bacon cheeseburger and cajun sweet potato fries, and me and Ana shared some halloumi sticks because why not.

We then went back to the flat to get ready to go to revs, having some prosecco and a slice of the delicious cake Livv made for me before heading out. I couldn’t stay out too late unfortunately because I had an exam at 9am the next day, but I had a really cute night/ day regardless, thank you @ my amazing flatmates.

In the midst of boring revision, we decided we were gonna walk to the beach and revise there, and it ended up being such a great decision. The walk took an hour or so, and the scenery on the way was ridiculously pretty. When we got to the beach it was really sunny but also a bit windy, so me and Ana went on a charity shop jumper hunt. We both came away with nice jumpers we’d definitely wear again; I was on that  oversized men’s black jumper hype. It ended up getting really nice and warm and when we’d had enough of studying, we went for fish and chips (for which the queue was ridiculous), and then I started reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and it was really nice to just get away from stress for a bit and read some classic dystopian fiction.

That’s all of my vague monthly updates and why I’ve been super busy (mostly revision related, sorry haha; now let’s get onto the weekly wrap up!)

Friday 11th May

I woke up quite anxious for my Lit exam in the afternoon, but I was also super excited because Rory was coming up for an impromptu visit when I’d finished. The exam was super long (3 hours and 45 mins) and my hand felt like it was going to drop off by the end of it, but I actually thought it went alright. I went home afterwards because we had some people coming round to look at the flat, and then Rory arrived and we got ready to go out for drinks at revs for Fiona’s birthday. It was really nice to unwind with cocktails and we ended up going to dance at Boteco (a latin american bar/club) for a bit before heading home to revise the next day (yawn). I had a fun sort of mini night out and it was nice to just have a break from exams and celebrate someone’s birthday.

Saturday 12th May

I woke up feeling blessedly un-hungover and started revision bright and early, leaving Rory to get some more sleep. When he woke up we both revised together for a few hours before heading out to pick up some food and stuff. We ended up settling on our usual dine in for 2 from Tesco with the classic option of steak (it was so so good), and then we sat with Ben and Jerry’s and binge watched Safe on Netflix in its entirety with a duvet on the sofa until 1am. It was a really lovely and cosy day despite revision!

Sunday 13th May


I woke up pretty early to start revising while Rory slept in for a bit again (boys am I right haha), before going for brunch together. We went to this Mexican up the road from my house and had quesadillas and it was ridiculously good and suffice to say, I was incredibly full. Then we went to a cafe to continue revising for a bit before going back to mine to eat ramen and watch some Salem on Netflix.

Monday 14th May

I had two exams in one day, so I was a bit of a bore as far as Rory was concerned. We met up and had some nachos in the middle, and George also popped in for a bit which was nice because we could catch up and talk about the Spanish exams while Rory revised. After my second exam we had a drink because I felt like I deserved one haha. We then went home and I had like zero energy to cook so we got chinese takeout and watched Netflix on the couch again.

Tuesday 15th May

Rory went back home today to prep for his last exam, and I just carried on revising for mine. I was going a bit revision stir-crazy at this point, as is normal I guess. Not much else to report, just a warm, revision-filled day haha!

Wednesday 16th May

I couldn’t do much more than like 3 hours revision today as I was really antsy to finish my exams tomorrow. I just sort of watched Netflix and lounged around eating sweets and playing sims. I’ll tell you about my sims’ lives since they’re definitely more exciting than mine during exam season haha. Basically the mum of the family’s husband cheated on her and got the other girl pregnant so they divorced and he moved out with his new family, then she married another guy but he was too jealous so I drowned him in the swimming pool because why not. She then got old and married her best friend at a double wedding with her daughter and her girlfriend and it was a great time.

Thursday 17th May


I did a couple hours worth of revision leading up to my afternoon exam, but I didn’t wanna overdo it so I just chilled out and watched Youtube for a bit. When my exam was over I felt a ridiculous sense of relief at finally finishing, but I think all the exam stress and stuff hit me at once because I felt super ill. I went and sold some textbooks and then went home to eat some top quality customised Tesco pizza, before living on lemsips in bed and nursing a horrible headache. I also had carrot cake and sweets though, so it wasn’t all bad!

Friday 18th May

Nothing particularly interesting happened today, I just sort of sat in bed recovering from post-exam illness with a banging headache and a lot of 13 reasons why season 2 to watch. (I am not a fan and I don’t particularly like their representation of mental health and other issues but I was curious, so I watched it).

I did however do my makeup and go for a walk in an attempt to make myself feel a bit more alive and get some fresh air. I went and sat in the meadows for like 3 hours and finished Red Queen. (It was really good and it had me hooked, I’d definitely recommend it! I then went home, had a roast dinner to get some veg in me and then watched some youtube in bed.

Saturday 19th May


My parents were coming to drive me back down for the summer, and what with being ill and revising I hadn’t done any cleaning or packing until today. I packed up all of my room and then went out charity shopping for a break and some fresh air. I picked up a few books, a bargain £1 coat and a missguided top, all for £13.98. Feeling super happy with myself, I cleaned my entire room from top to bottom in 18 degree heat, had a roast dinner and then settled down to watch Netflix and hung out with my flatmates before bed. I woke up early to see Livv and Ana off to the airport (they gave me a leaving card and I nearly cried because it was so cute); it goes without saying but I’ll really miss them and Phoenix and all my Edi friends while I’m in Spain.

Sunday 20th May


My parents came in the afternoon, so I busied myself with painting my nails and watching Netflix until then in my weirdly empty room. When they arrived, we went into town to do some shopping; I picked up some Primark makeup (haul coming soon!), and some Lush bath stuff courtesy of Emily’s birthday voucher, before checking into our apartment for the night and then heading out for an Italian. We shared chicken wings, veal pate bruschetta and mozzarella sticks for starters, and then I had saffron spaghetti with Parmesan, carrot and tomato for my main. It was really nice and also a ridiculous amount of food, so I was proper full. We then went to buy some breakfast food before settling in the apartment to watch a bit of a documentary on conflict in Burma and then The Purge, whilst actually being more focused on the sky and why it was doing this wild red glowy thing. It even got my dad invested in his first ever conspiracy theory, so a win for me there!

Monday 21st May


My dad cooked bacon for breakfast while me and my mum did our makeup, before getting in the car and going to pack my stuff. It took a surprisingly small amount of time and before I knew it I was hugging Phoenix goodbye and leaving Edinburgh for a year and four months. I was sad to leave to be honest, but Edi hasn’t seen the last of me haha! We then made the 3 hour+ journey home, stopping off at a sandwich shop in a little village along the way for lunch, before heading home to unpack and buy food for the BBQ later. After unpacking my entire life, we chilled in the sun for a bit and cooked tea, before sitting down to watch a film. It felt really nice to be home, and it was amazing to see my cats who both came to visit me/ slept on my bed. It was also nice to see the cactuses that my mum got me for my birthday (they’re named after walking dead characters: Rick, Lucille and Negan).

Tuesday 22nd May

My room was still a bit of a tip from unpacking, so I tidied it up and then did a bunch of errands before having some granola and then getting in the bath. The bath smelt like sherbet and the colour of it was like a lagoon it was super relaxing. I then did my makeup, made some lunch and cracked on with writing this post, haha. After that I had super delicious stuffed aubergine and potatoes that my mum had made for tea and then sat down with her to watch some Glam Masters and a cooking programme that was kind of bake off but not really because they cooked instead of baking.

So that was where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to! This was a super long post, so thank you/ well done if you made it to the end. It’s been a really up and down couple of months for me, but when the times have been good they really have been good. Second year is done (which is crazy to me), and I’m so excited to spend the summer working on my mental health, my writing and my blog. Stay tuned because there’s a lot of content and something potentially quite exciting and very different coming your way!



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