Weekly Wrap Up: 26-4th Feb/March 2018 – Snow Days, Sims & Drag Race | ep7

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This week was quite a weird one because of the strikes and the snow days but I tried to do things that were exciting and not revision despite the amount of stuff I have to do in the next month or so. I made/ ate a lot of food so if you’re a person that likes a lot of food inspo then I’m your gal this week haha!Monday 26th February

Daily Yoga: Hips & Core Vinyasa


Today was a weird one because I got up for my 9am to find that it had been cancelled due to strikes (great), so I went home because the rest of my day was cancelled as well. I worked on the Spanish essay due the next day til around noon and then George asked if I would come in and do his essay with him so I was like yeah go on then. I went in and we worked on our essays with Neve for a bit before heading to Baget Stuffed (which I’d never been to) to get food. It’s basically like subway but you can have wraps and stuff and there are a lot more options; I opted for hummus, cheese, sundried tomatoes and jalapenos because why not, and it was actually so so good. After that Neve went for her bus so me and George did some more essay work but then my laptop died and he had the Spanish play so I went home to check my essay and then submit it.

To celebrate finishing my essay I just sort of had a youtube/ Peaky Blinders binge and browsed social media like I always do hahaha.

Tuesday 27th February 

Daily YogaYoga for Self Doubt




I had the day off uni today so I just sat and got as much work done as I possibly could as I watched it snow out the window. I made myself a weird-looking but super nice mug cake and then got ready to go watch George in the Spanish play (Bodas de Sangre by Lorca). It was actually really good and I was dead impressed and also a proud friend of course. I then slipped and slid home, buying some of those little trolli-style sweet pizzas that I hope you all remember from childhood (because they now sell them at one Tesco near me so it was a no-brainer really). I then just sat and watched youtube before going to bed.

Wednesday 28th February

Daily Yoga: Heart Chakra Yoga for beginners


I woke up to find that it had snowed quite a considerable amount more but nonetheless I put on my massive marshmallow coat and went out to brave the cold. My Catalan classwasn’t cancelled so I went to that (there were only three of us, haha), and then my Lit lecture was cancelled so I had a big wait for my Basque class later on. After waiting around for 3 hours, 10 minutes before my class was due to start we got an email saying that Edinburgh was on red weather alertand that we should be indoors at 3. I was like well okay then, as I hadn’t looked outside in 3 hours. When I went out it was honestly like the craziest blizzard I’ve ever experienced, like I was fighting against the wind. I went into Tesco to grab some snacks for some cosy Netflix/Youtube bingingand then I hurried home to get warm. I sat in bed and did a bit of work before making a failed Spaghetti Carbonara (I had to throw it in the bin because it was that bad hahaha story of my life), and then watching a ridiculous amount of youtube videos and a bit of Casa de Papelon Netflix.

Thursday 1st March

Daily Yoga: Day 1 – Yoga Morning Fresh




I woke up early today in high spirits due to uni being snowed off, so I decided to do a circuitfrom Pinterest on top of my Yoga; I felt so ready for the day. I got an hour of work done and then Livv and Phoenix were going out into the snow with the girls from across the street so I tagged along and we made snowmen and took 8,000 pictures of the snow near Arthur’s Seat because it was ridiculously photogenic. We then went home after a bit and I settled back down to do some work and coursework. I got a lot done and rewarded myself with a nice warm homemade noodle soup (tasted better than it looks). My mental health took a turn after lunch and I was feeling really down and anxious, so I just sort of froze and didn’t do any work. I Skyped Rory later on and that was really nice to give me a break from feeling shitty.

Friday 2nd March

Daily Yoga: Day 2 – Gentle Morning Yoga


Today’s yoga was really helpful in giving me a good mindset for the day after the back end of yesterday, and I ended up getting a huge amount of work done, which was really good. I had leftover noodle soup for tea and then sat and chilled for a bit before spending the night playing sims (I have such wild Friday nights like come on now). My sim accidentally flirted with someone because I didn’t realise the flirty implication of an interaction I chose (whoops) and her girlfriend got proper sad so I made her propose to her in a dramatic declaration of love and she accepted so I was like ayyyyy. (I am attached to these sims okay don’t @ me).

Saturday 3rd March

Daily Yoga: Yoga for After a Disaster



Today I got up pretty early because I wanted to start off the day by being nice and productive, so I motivated myself with a lil fry up. The egg was a bit of a fail but there was still a bit of yolk to pop and that’s all that matters. I did a couple hours of work and then I went to go get a bagel at the classic bagel place with Phoenix (I had tomato, cheese and pesto and it was so good as always). I then went to go sell back some uni books for significantly less than I bought them for (I felt r o b b e d, but ah well), before going back home to get some more work done.

I ended up being like ridiculously productive so I rewarded myself with an attempt at this Pinterest recipe for creamy prawn pasta. It didn’t look exactly like the original but it was really nice so I was dead proud of myself. I then tried out this super cute looking doughnut yogurt that I picked up from Tesco and I was so shook. After that I watched a couple makeup tutorials including this one by atleeeey which I loved so much because that colour really pops my god. I also edited a little bit of my first ever vlog, but it’s taking me quite a while as I’m not familiar with the software so bear with me! I spent the rest of my night binging All Stars season 3 although it kept buffering, resulting in fun screenshot opportunities like this one haha! (That twist at the end of ep 6 had me shook; also I love Trixie but her snatch game was so cringe I had to have a couple glasses of wine to prepare myself hahaha).

Sunday 4th March

Daily Yoga: Stress Melt Yoga Break

Today’s yoga was really lovely as I’d planned to get a lot of work and revision done what with my exams coming up in less than a moth (yikes). Ana came back after being snowed in in Glasgow for most of the week so it was nice for us all to have a catch up. I was super bored and halfway through my revision my parents facetimed me so that was nice to break up the day a bit as well. I had leftover pasta for tea and then sat down to binge the last few episodes of Casa de Papel(it was so amazing and I cannot wait for Netflix to snap up the next season) and the new episode of Jane The Virgin, before playing the sims and watching scary videos for way too many hours.

Favs of the week

Song of the week:Win Some, Lose Some by You Me at Six because it’s a banger

Eyeshadow of the week: I haven’t really worn makeup at all, but when I have it’s been a mix of ABH Subculture and Modern Renaissance

Highlight of the week: Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Youtube video of the week: Pewdiepie’s book review video because I’ve been really loving them tbh

Quote of the week: I don’t really have one to be honest I’ve been surrounded by more revision that humans this week hahaha

So that was my week wrapped up! It was a bit revision/ snow-centric, but I tried my best to get out and do things. I hope you enjoyed reading regardless; let me know what you did with your snow days!



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