Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray


I’d been wanting to try out the Urban Decay Oil-Control Setting Spray for absolutely ages, and I was super happy when I got it for Christmas. My favourite setting spray ever is the Makeup Revolution Oil Control Setting Spray, so I was super interested to see if this one would perform any better being a more high-end option… keep reading to find out!


The hype of the Urban Decay setting sprays has always been wild, and I’ve gotta say that from my perspective it’s definitely for a reason. My T-zone can get super oily at times and I often find makeup sliding off my nose in particular, but I just feel like this makes such a drastic difference. My makeup lasts so much longer and it also looks a lot more matte, which is handy for those super oily days. My cheeks are a little dry lately what with it being winter, but obviously a setting spray is a setting spray, so it works just as well on my dry patches as it does on my oily ones. One other thing I’ve noticed is that while a lot of drugstore setting sprays are quite sticky, this one is super lightweight and it feels like nothing when you spray it on. I also found that it actually holds up well against water as well, so it’s useful for rain (or if you cry a lot haha).

There’s not a great deal I can say about a setting spray really without getting waffly and weird, but yeah – those were my thoughts on the Urban Decay Oil Control Setting Spray! As I said in my Too Faced Hangover Primer post, I’ve come round to the idea of trying expensive base products to boost the overall finish of your makeup; this is one that I’m super glad I got the chance to try. I’d definitely recommend this if you have difficulty keeping your makeup on and you don’t want to have to re-apply it constantly throughout the day/ night (of course there’s also the non-oil-control original that you can try if you don’t have oily skin)!



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