Weekly Wrap Up: 19-25th February 2018 – Date Night, Documentaries & Prosecco | ep6

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Hey everyone, am back at you again with another summary of my weird life! This week was an odd one as I was back home, which was really nice, but my mental health was not giving me a great time. I did do and watch some interesting things though I promise, so keep reading to find out what I got up to! 

Monday 19th February

Daily Yoga: Didn’t do

We woke up and rushed to pack and get ready so we could get down to breakfast. We had such a meaty full English and I was so satisfied (I love food if you couldn’t already tell), and Rory was also enjoying his breakfast as you can see hahaha. We were gonna go to The Deep in Hull to see some fish before going home, but we docked so early that it wouldn’t be open for an hour and a half so we decided to go another time (sad). We got the train back (Rory fell asleep bless him, hence the train pic where we both look super tired, and I started watching Peaky Blinders – love it so far by the way). We eventually got back into Huddersfield and I made my way home (I was definitely feeling those post-holiday blues); safe to say my cats were happy to see me though haha.

I then just spent the day watching youtube in bed whilst eating some of the holiday sweets and chocolate I bought. (They were all absolutely bangin, naturally). I then settled to watch this top quality documentary with my mum called Life and Death Row: The Mass Execution; it was so interesting and emotional and I would 110% recommend it – we binged all the episodes in one night. Bonus anecdote – I also spotted (get it) a tiny baby ladybird in the bathroom so I had to take it outside to save it, which was cute.

Tuesday 20th February

Daily Yoga: 6 Minute Yoga Chill

I got a nice awakening from Boomer at like 8am even though I didn’t need to be up for anything, then another at 9am, but he’s cute and he laid next to me so I allowed it. For some reason, (probably due to the amount of chips and sweets and waffles I’d been eating over the past few days) I was craving salad, so I made myself a Caesar salad and it was a great time.

I spent the day lounging around in bed and eating sweets while I watched youtube (I am the peak of productivity as you can tell), before making some sweet potato mash for our roast dinner later that night (It was so so good if I do say so myself). After dinner my mum had bought some sparkling wine, crisps and sweets from co-op so we had a girly night in watching Say Yes to the Dress, and then I introduced her to the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix (10/10 would recommend). We didn’t end up finishing it as my mum had work in the morning, so I just went and did some small yoga to get back into it. It was only 6 minutes as you can see, but I need to attempt to transition back into it rather than jumping straight into 40 minute practises I feel (plus it’s hard to do more complicated poses when I’m back home because I didn’t bring my mat, so there’s more risk of slipping/ carpet burn). After doing my little practise I was feeling nice and chilled and ready for bed.

Wednesday 21st February

Daily Yoga: 7 Minute Bed Time Yoga

Today I woke up feeling pretty gross mental health wise. I just didn’t really want to move or do anything at all. My procrastination had reached the point that I literally did an entire daily vlog and I have no idea why. It was super random and I probably won’t do anything with it but it was a lot of fun actually so I’m not sure. The main issue is that I know absolutely nothing about editing or like youtube in general, and I’m also not sure if I’m an interesting person to watch, but we’ll see

Later on in the day I had spaghetti for tea, and then me and my mum watched bits and pieces of the Brits, which was an interesting watch – I always find the little like ‘bits’ planned by the people who present the awards super cringey. After that, we watched this programme about British people that move to Europe and try to start businesses and we ended up laughing at them because they put way too much pressure on themselves and it was quite funny. Later on I did some nice bedtime yoga and then went to sleep. (I live such a wild life, I know).

Thursday 22nd February

Daily Yoga: Self-led

I woke up feeling a bit gross and fuzzy again today, so I got basically nothing done until like o’clock after I had pizza for dinner like a grown adult. I ended up continuing with the vlog I started yesterday and I really don’t know why or what to do with any of it but it added a bit of enjoyment to my morning so I might end up attempting to use the footage (again, we’ll see). After lunch, I got a bath and did a bit of yoga and pampering before getting ready to head to Rory’s.

When I got to Rory’s we went to Tesco and picked up a Dine in for 2, which is our classic date night in choice – although fasten your seat belts because instead of getting steak this time, we got ham, leek and cheese wellingtons (we’re wild, I know). Despite us both having vaguely terrible mornings for various reasons, we ended up having a really lovely meal/ night. After dinner we laid in bed and watched Salem on Netflix, which I’ve been trying to get someone into for ages and I’m really glad it was Rory. I’ve told him not to watch ahead without me because rude and he said he won’t but he’s a classic boy and he’s done it before so I’m ready for a roast just in case haha.

Friday 23rd February

Daily Yoga: 6 Minute Yoga Chill

Today I got back from Rory’s and I was a bit down and stressed about my essay, so naturally instead of starting it I just made a mug cake and sat and watched Jenna and Julien’s mukbang. I then just spent the rest of the day feeling down and watching youtube until my parents came home. I went to the shop with them and then my mum made Nandos chicken which was really good. I then sat with my family and we watched American Psycho. I was expecting it to be super gory because I’d read the book (it was really good but a gory/fucked up read obviously), but it wasn’t that gory actually, and it was a very interesting watch tbh.

Saturday 24th February 

Daily Yoga: 7 Minute Bed Time Yoga

I started off the day on a super good note because my mum made smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, and we also had cheese muffins so I was like yasss. I then went upstairs to get ready because my grandparents were coming round for a visit because they hadn’t seen us in a while. We just sort of sat and chatted to them for a bit before having the buffet-style lunch my mum had made (it was so good, gammon is such an underrated classic imo). After that my dad and Nathan went to go watch the Leeds game and me and my mum went shopping. We went to Tk Maxx and I saw a super cute Betsey Johnson bag but dolla (cries), and after that we went to The Range (an absolute blogger’s dream), and then finally Next and Boots. We didn’t pick up much, but my mum got some stacking mugs from Next that I was super envious of, and we sat down to have coffee in them when we got back and watched the Amanda Knox documentary. (My grandma had also mad lemon drizzle cake and it was so good as always)!

We then watched the Casting Jonbenet documentary and it’d been a long time coming because it’d been on my list forever. I actually ended up really liking it but I thought that it could’ve explained things a bit better for people who aren’t a conspiracy fiend like me and don’t know much about the case. It did offer some incredibly interesting perspectives though and I liked that it was people from the town doing the acting. After that my dad and brother got back and me and my parents had a cheeky bit of prosecco while we waited for tea to cook; we had a classic weekend tea (for us anyway) – Asda fresh pizzas, loaded skins and spicy chicken strips. After that we watched The Voice ft Asda 5 for £1 sweets, and then we put on this terrible show called like Celebrity Haunted Mansion or something – my parents fell asleep so I finished that and then went to bed, feeling a little sad about leaving tomorrow and also stressed about my essay (as usual).

Sunday 25th February

Daily Yoga: 6 Minute Yoga Chill


I woke up in a pretty poor mental health state today, probably partly due to the stress of impending uni and my essay, but also just because it was one of those bad days, and also one of those days where everything goes wrong apparently. I forgot the sweets and chocolate that my grandparents gave me for the train, which sucked, and I also ended up stuck next to loud Scottish lads drinking beers at 11am for 2 hours, but I just stuck my headphones in and cracked on with my essay despite everything. I ended up smashing out 1,100 words on the train because I’m a magician clearly, and I also watched some Peaky Blinders while I was eating my lunch. The journey actually went pretty quickly, and when I got there I walked home because I didn’t have enough change for the bus which sucked, but exercise I guess.

When I got back to the flat, I unpacked and then had a really nice catch up with Livv and Phoenix and then sat on my bed to do some essay. I got some done but then a big wave of mental health smacked me in the face and I didn’t want to get up to go to the shop or anything and just felt like crying and staying in bed tbh. I needed to go though because I needed to wash my duvet cover but I didn’t have any washing tabs so I nipped out. On the way out I was greeted by Ana and her Colombian dad in the kitchen and she tried to get me to speak Spanish but I was ambushed and anxious so I like ran out the door to the shops (I suck), went shopping for like an hour and then got home to unpack everything. I put the washing in and the tab didn’t go in properly so I tried to sort it and it burst everywhere which was fun. I then sat down to eat the leftover takeaway curry my mum gave me, adding more chicken and then deciding it was too much halfway through eating it and splitting it up for tomorrow; then I settled in bed to eat sweets and watch La casa de papel and the h3 podcast with Shane (it was so good by the way).

Favs of the Week

Song of the week: Psycho by Post Malone ft Ty Dolla $ign

Eyeshadow of the week: ABH Subculture – I’m wearing it in the picture from Saturday and I really liked my look

Lipstick of the week: Atlantic City by Ofra – they even replied to my insta story where I was wearing it and it proper made my day!

Highlight of the week: Pink Star from the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit and the Revlon Contour Kit highlight

Youtube video of the week: Shane’s ghost series this week had me absolutely shook – I shivered at so many bits and like…just wow – I’m super impressed and proud of his new content!

Quote of the week: “Do you ever just randomly remember a Jacqueline Wilson book and realise how fucked up it actually was?” – relatable content in a tweet by @bex_themonkey

So that was my week wrapped up! I’m sorry a lot of it wasn’t particularly eventful (sorry to myself too because I wished I did more things during the days than just sit in bed moping haha); hopefully next week will be a bit more happy and eventful because I’m back at uni and things. I do have a lot of work to do though, oops… Also, I think I’m gonna go ahead with the vlogs and see how they go, because I got positive feedback on my insta story – but feel free to let me know in the comments whether me vlogging would be something you’d be interested in seeing!



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