La Splash Frankenstein Classic Horror Lipstick



This lipstick is one of those things that you see absolutely no one hyping about and you can’t understand why. I’d been lusting after one of these forever because the packaging is super unique and right up my lil emo street. While I was Christmas shopping in the Beauty Bay Black Friday Sale ages ago I noticed they were included, so I finally decided to go for one…keep reading to find out how it performs beyond the packaging!



So I ended up going for the Frankenstein lipstick, not only because I liked the colour, but also because Frankenstein is one of my favourite books. Also in case you hadn’t noticed, the packaging is ridiculously cool. The detail on the box is grungey and metallic and I love the badass bride of Frankenstein vibe. The labelling on the lipstick itself is positioned a bit weirdly but like I’m not even bothered because it looks so cool lmao.


The applicator for this lipstick is probably the weirdest one I’ve ever seen. It’s not the easiest to get used to as it’s quite a strange shape, but it distributes the product nicely so no complaints there.


The pigmentation of this lipstick is actually crazy and I was throughly impressed, especially from a brand I hadn’t previously tried. The formula is nice and it dries really quickly. It also doesn’t transfer which is super handy for drinking etc.


In terms of how it looks, I’m actually really happy with it. I love the colour, I think it’s stunning and it’s the red I’d been searching for to add to my collection. (I wanted something a bit lighter than Unicorn Blood that I can put on during the day). In terms of formula it’s comfortable and it doesn’t feel drying, but it does appear to sink into the lines on my lips a little bit. It doesn’t do it as bad as like the Primark ones or anything like that; as long as it’s comfortable and the colour is smooth it honestly doesn’t bother me. It’s not patchy (which is always nice), and I like the way it looks overall. I think the pigmentation is excellent and you only need the smallest amount to get it to the level you see in the lip swatch.


I thought I’d include a wide shot from when I had blonde hair (throwback), so you could see what it looks like with the rest of my makeup (I also did a tutorial of this eye look here if you’re interested). Even though it sinks into the lines of my lips a bit, I’d say for the colour and the price I paid for it it was definitely worth it; I love the packaging and how comfortable the product is. Overall I don’t regret taking the leap and I really want more colours (and packaging lmao) for my collection. I bought Hannah the grungey green one and I’m super jealous of both the lipstick and the packaging of hers so I’ll definitely have to pick that one up at some point (oops)!



2 thoughts on “La Splash Frankenstein Classic Horror Lipstick

  1. highlightthis says:

    “Invisible Woman” was the grungey green one and the formula gave me real lime crime vibes but at a significantly lower price. Really easy to wear and surprisingly long lasting – it was a brilliant Christmas present 🙂

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