Weekly Wrap Up: 12-18th February 2018 – Galentine’s, Pancakes & Bruges with Rory! | ep5

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This week was a week of absolutely no healthy eating, and it had its down moments. It all worked out in the end though as I had a super lovely romantic weekend break in Bruges with Rory which I’d been looking forward to for ages! Keep reading to find out what I got up to in Belgium, and how I spent my week in general! (Oh and it’s a long one, so grab some tea and cake and prepare yaself).

Monday 12th February

Daily Yoga: Day 12 – Head and Heart Reset

I got up early to go to my 9am (as usual), and I did Sunday’s yoga today instead because I had a bit more time. I was super tired and I got a lot of work done in the first half of the day, so I decided to treat myself to a visit to the Latin American Food Fair they were having at uni. It was actually super cool (it smelled amazing), and of course I had to buy myself something because my willpower is low and I love this kind of food. I got something called Reina Mechada Arepas from the Botego stall and it was ridiculously good I was so shook (my mouth is watering as I write about it just now haha). I had a really fun lit tutorial today on The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – 10/10 would recommend, it’s such an interesting read that tackles mental health themes. I then went home and cooked myself some French toast because I just fancied it, and I then just sort of sat and watched Youtube and La casa de papel/Money Heist on Netflix for some Spanish practise (and also just because it’s really good).

Tuesday 13th February

Daily Yoga: Didn’t do

Today I had an absolutely awful mental health day and just wanted to stay in bed (those plans were interrupted by the repairmen but hey ho). I wasn’t motivated to do yoga at all, and all I really did was a couple of stretches and some breathing exercises. I applied for my Spanish oral exam and just sort of sat on the sofa and tried to get my life organised but I failed miserably. It was an instant noodles and mug cake kinda day if you feel. I tried to get myself into a more positive mindset (did not succeed) and then went to participate in a short eye-tracking experiment, randomly picking up some mochi to try on the way home (it was really nice actually). When I got back I made pancakes for pancake day, which did make me feel a little more lighthearted; then I laid in bed and watched some more Casa de papel and youtube before going to bed reasonably early.

Wednesday 14th February

Daily Yoga: Didn’t Do


I woke up in a really down mood again which was gross as I had a full day of uni, and I’m one of those people who will just push myself to go instead of taking time off because I’m actually the worst. I’d forgotten that we had a Year Abroad Matchmaking Event (I forget many things it’s a recurring theme in my life whoops), where we could talk to fourth years and ask questions and stuff. I was kinda nervous (thanks anxiety), but there ended up being a guy going to the same place as me (Seville), as well as studying my exact course combo (English Lit and Spanish), so I got some reassuring insights which was nice.

After the event I got chatting with a girl from my Basque class and I then ended up having to rush home to get ready for the Makeup Society meeting. After that I rushed home, had some banging Chinese takeaway (Salt and pepper chicken, chips, chicken balls and prawn crackers for like £10 yassss) and then headed to Rachel’s for a makeup soc Galentine’s because some of us are either single, in a long distance relationship like me or our boyfriends were busy.  It ended up being a really nice chill evening and we all just sat and drunk and chatted. I’d bought some reduced sparkling from Lidl to drink but the cork had expanded and literally none of us could open it no matter how hard we tried. Eventually Claire had the idea of using a literal clamp on it (she had one because she’s doing engineering), and that thankfully worked; it also led to some top quality Snapchat videos.

Thursday 15th February 

Daily Yoga: Didn’t do


Thursday started off a bit of a mess because I woke up feeling unmotivated and down again. I also had to wake up super early because I forgot an inspector was coming so that was fun (he came into my room and I was sat in bed watching youtube like hiii). I was super nervous because I had an assessed Spanish presentation at 1 and I was in a bit of a depression haze as well which didn’t help my confidence. Let’s just say the presentation didn’t quite go as planned…

Basically she usually says at the start of the class “Ok ____ is presenting today” and then they present but she didn’t bring it up and I was like oh God because she started teaching. Me being anxious I didn’t want to interrupt her, so it got to the end of the class and she still didn’t bring it up. I then said to her oh I was supposed to present today and she was like “why didn’t you say anything etc etc” and I think she thought I didn’t prepare and she said I’ll have to prepare a different subject for a different week and she won’t fail me (thanks). I was a bit upset and irritated because obviously I had prepared; I ended up having a panic attack outside of my next class because I was super anxious and angry at myself for not being able to speak up. I forced myself to go into my next class and had a pretty uncomfortable time, so moral of the story is look after yourself and probably take a rest when you need one. (I sent her an email explaining that I was too anxious to say anything and I attached my notes to show her I’d prepared. She replied to me the day I’m writing this with a new date and a 0.5 point grade addition because of the prep I’d done before so even though I’m still annoyed about having to prepare and psych myself up again, I’m glad of that at least).

I then went home to try chill out for a bit and get packed for my train tomorrow afternoon, before getting ready for the makeup society Rumbull appreciation night out. I wasn’t expecting to end up out but I’m so glad I did because it was such a top night of Rumbulls, Hazel scream laughing at buses and spontaneous shots. It also birthed one of the nicest and cutest club photos I’ve ever seen which is always a miracle. I also loved my eye look and just my makeup in general as I’m really enjoying pink/ red looks lately.

Friday 16th February

Daily Yoga: Didn’t do

As you can probably tell by this point I’d hit a yoga/ general motivation wall, but I was feeling excited today as I was getting the train home for reading week after uni. I was ridiculously tired as I only had like 3 hours sleep from the night before (no hangover though ayyyy), but I managed to get through the day, despite nearly falling asleep during a documentary in Basque class (it was cute though I ended up really enjoying it).

I then went home and sorted the last of my packing before walking down to the train station to get my train home. (My latest Basic Bitch Tries instalment where I attempted a Valentine’s Heart Eye look went up today – you can check that out here if you fancy, it turned out pretty funny). There were so many delays and I was proper hungry because we didn’t end up eating until like 9, but when we got in we had Chinese and Prosecco and I was super content and glad to be home with my family and my cats. I was also ridiculously excited to go on holiday with Rory tomorrow!

Saturday 17th February

Daily Yoga: Didn’t do


I got up and rushed around a bit packing and sorting myself out all ready for the trip today and I was so so excited. It was so weird that the day had finally arrived because obviously you book holidays so far in advance that you’re almost shocked when it’s actually time to go. I also booked it as a surprise for him (and caved way too early because I needed him to be excited too and he bullied it out of me haha), so I was looking forward to finally giving him his 21st birthday present.

I had a bacon sandwich and a nice relaxing bath, did my makeup and headed to get the train to Hull. My mum gave me train prosecco but there wasn’t room to drink it and then I ended up having to give it away to security at the port (sad afff). We had quite a wait before boarding the ferry and Rory was proper making me laugh because he was super tired and joked that he was gonna take a nap on the floor and laid on the floor I was crying.

When we got on the ferry we went back to the room for a bit, I did my makeup and then we went to go eat. I was absolutely starving and it was a buffet so I went a bit crazy but oh well I was on holiday soooo. We then went for a couple drinks, had a Starbucks, chilled out and laughed a ridiculous amount at each other and all the drunk people around us, then went to bed to prepare ourselves for an action-packed day in Bruges tomorrow!

Sunday 18th February

Daily Yoga: Didn’t do

I woke up ridiculously excited to get out and explore Bruges as it was a really sunny day (a bit chilly though) and everything was just so damn pretty (a word I used literally like 17000 times during the day). When we first got there we saw one of those cute bridges that you put padlocks on (did not realise it was there or plan a cliche ahead sorry everyone hahaha I didn’t even realise it was a typical couples destination until Rory was like “you do realise this is a cliche romantic destination” I was like noooo but ayyyy), and then we walked out into this lovely park with a river, a bridge and also the biggest swans I’d ever seen – they were truly terrifying.

We wandered the streets a bit, went into a chocolate shop that was so cool and smelt so strongly of chocolate that the air felt so thick you could probably take a spoon and eat it. We then carried on wandering until we found the gorgeous main square – it was super colourful and ridiculously photogenic. We took a few pictures there before going on a search for hot chocolate because we couldn’t go to Belgium without having one; we ended up at this jungle themed cafe that had really exciting decor and hot chocolate options. I panic picked a traditional milk hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and it was soooo good. Rory picked this crazy one called Aztec that came in an extra cup with a sun dial thing that you could use to choose what spices to add. (His cute smile was the wholesome excitement before he realised he’d made a mistake with the spices and he actually could not drink it).

Ridiculously full of chocolate, we then went back to the square to have our first beer of the day and we had a nice, sunny view of the square (and the beer was great). After that we’d recovered from our hot chocolate comas and we were super hungry so we headed to a burger restaurant that Rory had seen earlier on. There was only one waiter and he was run off his feet so I ended up getting Shawarma and chips instead of a Shawarma burger but I didn’t mind and it turned out to be amazing anyway, as well as being a huge amount of food, so no complaints from me. We also snuck in another beer, naturally.

After that we went to a little bar off the square to have another beer, wandered back to the chocolate shop to pick up some chocolate, Rory bought some other souvenirs, and then I remembered that I wanted to have a classic waffle before we left so we went in search of that. We ended up going to a place where you could order a base waffle and add your own extra toppings, so I went for strawberries and cream and then Rory chose my toppings haha, he also gave a tip which got me extra strawberries because the man was a sweetie.

We then wondered back to the super cute park with the swans to eat the waffle. Rory, who claimed he ‘didn’t like waffles’ ended up sharing it with me (classic hahaha), but I didn’t mind because I was still kind of full from dinner and plus I don’t ever mind sharing food and he’s cute so I’ll allow it. After the most amazing, warm waffle of life, we then chilled for a bit in the park and it was really nice as there had been a wedding so there was a bunch of super cute heart confetti all over the floor. After a while I remembered I wanted to get some classic European sweets from the supermarket so we went and did that (it led to a fun situation in which the cashier assumed I was from Belgium and I pretended to understand him, nodding and smiling and then walking away silently – classic). We then sadly had to get back to the coach, getting briefly lost along the way. My legs were dying from the amount of walking we’d done but I’d had such a great time.

I then showered, did my makeup and then we went to dinner. I was still super full from all the food I’d had, so I only had one big plate (absolute shocker), and then we went to the bar area. Rory played poker for a bit, tried (and did not succeed) at the arcade sniper game, and then we just sat and had super nice chilled drinks while a man sang and played the Killers on his guitar and it was super lovely. Slightly wine-tipsy I went to bed super happy, and not at all ready to go home the next day. 😦

Favs of the Week

Song of the week: Mr Brightside by The Killers, because it’s an absolute classic and it’s been involved in two great memories this week

Eyeshadow of the week: ABH Modern Renaissance (again again – I took it on holiday, okayyy)

Lipstick of the week: Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick in Chauffeur

Highlight of the week: The highlight from the Revlon Contour Kit (againnn)

Youtube video of the week: Jenna Marbles following James Charles’ makeup tutorial because it was so funny I died

Quote of the week: “I’m here to collect the bounty on dat ass” – a Boba Fett valentine’s card meme that tickled me (Happy late valentine’s day hahaha).

So that was my week wrapped up! The final day of my trip will be on next week’s wrap up what with it being Monday, and you can also catch more trip photos on my Instagram if you fancy. I had such a lovely time exploring Bruges and getting to spend time with Rory was so nice and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. All soppiness aside, I hope you had as much fun reading about my trip as I had writing about it; I’m sorry for how depressing the first half of the week seems in bits but I’m just trying to keep it real and make people aware that mental health is a thing that affects people in daily life. I’m hoping to restart my yoga after coming back from the trip and to just get my fitness and myself in gear.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Bruges, and where your last trip took you! (I’m already dreaming about my next one, whoops)



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