Basic Bitch Tries…Valentine’s Heart Eye Look (Sad Clown Fail) | Ep3


I know this is going up a lil late but this is not by any means a date night tutorial haha. I wasn’t having the best of days on Tuesday and I was feeling a bit down so I thought why not give one of those super pretty Valentine’s heart eye looks that are going around on Instagram a shot (the inspo I used from above was sophdoesnails). I had the lowest expectations ever and I just wanted to do something a bit more fun than sit around feeling sorry for myself, so I revived this series and I’m very excited to come back to it. Suffice to say I am no makeup artist, and that is reflected here, so if you want a good laugh, keep on reading to see what I ended up with! (The two palettes I’ll be using in this ‘tutorial’ are the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette, and the ABH Moonchild Glow Kit also makes a feature).



So I started off by taking Sabbath and packing it onto the lid (I know my application is pretty messy but I will blend it out, I promise).



I then went in with a bit of Love Letter and blended it into the crease and over the top of Sabbath to make it nice and smooth. I actually really liked this as an aesthetic on its own to be honest.



After that I deepened up the crease and the outer corners using a bit of Red Ochre. By this point the look wasn’t really giving me Valentine’s vibes so much as MCR vibes and I was 100% there for it.



After sorting out the crease I then traced a vague heart shape using concealer and packed Rosary over it. This was my first eye and therefore my first attempt so it really did not look good at all. But hey, this is Basic Bitch Tries, not ‘Makeup Professional Succeeds’, so I carried on with a bit of trial and error like anyone would.



I decided instead to attempt to draw an outline using Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood because I thought it made the most sense. I have a huge lack of coordination so it turned into a jagged heart but ah well. I then waited for it to dry and packed on more Rosary as I saw fit, and this is the silhouette I came up with. (The bottom right one is the first eye, and I’d just sort of cancelled that eye at this point to be honest. Also, I attempted to make the heart continue onto the lower lash line to be artsy, just in case you were wondering what I was doing).



I then used a mixture of Pink Heart and Rapture in the inner corners to try and make the look pink and cute.




And this was the finished look! It isn’t the best thing I’ve ever done, but also you can tell in that bottom pic, I really tried to make the sad clown look work (I feel like I’m at least somewhat pulling it off, right? Jk everyone has bad makeup days every once in a while and this was more than likely one of those). I had fun attempting to do it but as I’m terrible at eyeliner, I naturally didn’t expect much success.

Would I say this tutorial was achievable for a basic bitch like me? Potentially not, but it depends if you have any sense of coordination and eyeliner skill at all, because if you do you’re already on the right track! The one thing I did get from this is a chance to do something a bit fun, as well as hopefully cheering people up who might not have had anything to do on Valentine’s Day, and I also got inspired by the pretty sick colour combo I used (It really took me back to those MCR days lmao).

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day whatever you did! (Feel free to book me for parties @thesadclown xoxo)




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