Weekly Wrap Up: 5-11th February 2018 – Home for the Weekend, Rory’s 21st & Kicked out of Spoons | ep4

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I’m writing this after a pretty hectic but super fun weekend (keep reading to find out what I got up to – I’m sure you’re all interested to know why we got kicked out of spoons), and I’m in such a good mood because of it! My week started off pretty uneventful and I was a bit fidgety because I was excited to go home, but it ended up going pretty quickly and productively so there’s that. (Also before I get into this week’s wrap up, I’ll leave last week’s here if you fancy it)!

Monday 5th February

Daily Yoga: Day 5 – Travel Yoga


Today I reluctantly got up for my 9am as usual (it was a disappointing lecture and my body hated me for going because I was characteristically tired). The daily yoga practise was really nice and gentle and it really got me ready for the day (/made me want to go on holiday really badly because travel yoga – luckily I’m going on the 10th!). I then went to earn some dolla by participating in an eye tracking experiment and afterwards I went home for a nap because I was super tired and it’s becoming a terrible Monday habit (as I’m writing this it’s the time when I’d usually go home and nap though, so I’m doing okay haha). I got a lot of work done in the rest of the day and then I just sat in bed and played sims as per. My sims went to the gym with their squad and then went on a drinks date  wearing only the towels they showered in as everyone does all the time.

Tuesday 6th February

Daily Yoga: Day 6 – TRUE Motive

I had the day off uni as usual so I spent it in the library writing my Lit Essay (yawn) with the snow on the Meadows in the background which was nice until it melted (rip). I then walked to Princes Street to go to the bank and took some pictures because I was really feeling some amateur iphone blog photography of course, and then I went home and made a really nice bolognese.  After tea I got some more work done and then caught up on Riverdale which I’m loving once again, I stayed up late to wish Rory a happy 21st birthday at exactly midnight because I’m that extra and cute, and then I went to bed at like 1 by accident (whoops).

Wednesday 7th February

Daily Yoga: Day 7 – Compassion Yoga – Core Strength Vinyasa

It was Rory’s birthday today and I wished I was there with him of course, but I was going home to spend the weekend with him so we both had that to look forward to instead. (Happy Birthday again on the off chance you’re reading this ft a couple of appreciation pics)! I woke up early to do the meaty hour long yoga practise that was in store for the day – it was hard to stick with but I ended up completing it even though I prefer shorter practises. I was in uni 10 til 2, I did a really strange eye tracking experiment for money (a common theme in my life as it happens), and then later on we had a makeup society DIY face masks workshop! It was actually really fun (and very sticky), but I ended up making a mask for normal, acne-prone skin because my skin is being weird at the moment and just I liked the sound of it (It used honey, cinnamon and yogurt). I also added a bit of lemon juice as well because I fancied it).

We also made sugar and honey lip scrubs which was really fun as well, and after making a huge mess of the classroom table and having to clean it up, we went to Araminta’s flat for a wine/takeaway night in. (I got chips and they were amazing). It was a lovely chill night and it was also nice to drink wine for a change as I hadn’t had it in a while.

Thursday 8th February

Daily Yoga: Day 8 – Yoga for Love

I didn’t sleep very well as I was in and out of sleep so after participating in an experiment in the morning I had to go home and nap because I was exhausted. I then did some errands, went to uni, tidied my room and packed for my train home tomorrow. I was really fidgety today as I couldn’t wait to go home and see Rory, my friends, my family and my cats of course, so I just sat and watched youtube and downloaded some work for the train as I was too tired and excited to do much else. I did however end up trying out the homemade face mask and I actually really liked it! It felt a bit weird putting it on but it did feel really soothing and afterwards my skin really did feel smooth. (Am gonna carry on using it over the next week or so out of curiosity because it was so easy to make).

Friday 9th February

Daily Yoga: Day 9 – 10 Minute Yoga for Self-Care

The premise behind the day’s yoga practise was really nice and it set me up well for my train journey. I also forgot I had an Ofra lipstick that was supposed to be for a secret santa that didn’t end up happening, so I had that to try out today – which was a nice surprise. The trains I took were fairly quiet and I had seats booked on both legs of the journey (which is always great), and then before I knew it I was back in Huddersfield and on my way to Rory’s. I was so happy to see him as it’d been like 6 weeks; I gave him his birthday card (and also his Valentine’s card and presents so he’d have them on the day), and then we stayed at his for a bit before going to his mum’s house for dinner. We had spaghetti and meatballs which was really nice, and it was good to catch up with his family (and see his super cute dogs). Time proper ran away from us and I ended up having to do my makeup in the spoons toilet because I’m a classy gal living my best life. It actually turned out top quality and I’m sad I didn’t take a proper picture of it but what can you do. And now the moment you’ve (probably not) all been waiting for…why we get got kicked out of spoons…

So it was Jenny’s dad’s birthday as well and they were out drinking for that so he joined us for a couple. He was wearing a hat (a relevant detail I promise) and we were all just sat chilling and I was drinking the 3 Sols for a fiver I’d just bought. Suddenly the bouncer came over and yelled at Jenny’s dad to take his hat off so he was a bit like “okay sure” and then just didn’t because he didn’t really give a proper reason. 5 minutes later he came back over and yelled at him again and this time he was like I’m older than you but okay sure, so he took it off and was super annoyed as a result. Hannah ended up putting it on because we all thought it was pretty ridiculous, and Jenny’s dad went to go buy a bottle of wine for us all. While he was at the bar the bouncer came over and shouted louder and asked their half of the table to leave because “Spoons has a strict dress code”, so they literally had to leave.

It was proper ridiculous and I was left with 2 beers and a glass of wine to drink asap so we could join them at the next bar (I gave it a good go and ended up only leaving half of one beer to give to Rory soo not that bad, but yeah – I find it so funny that the first time I get kicked out of spoons it’s because of Jenny’s dad, what a time). We then just had a nice chill classic emo night, got some nuggets and chips and then went home. It was so nice to see the squad and I had a really great time as always (love that photo – credit to my boi @hannoel17 on insta she’s a lad).

Saturday 10th February

Daily Yoga: Day 10 – Confidence Boost

On 2 hours sleep and feeling slightly hungover, I went home to see my family and my cats for a bit and then had an hour nap. I woke up, procrastinated and then I ran a bath with a LUSH bath bomb but it turned out to be freezing because someone had used all the hot water, so it was brief and very cold. I was quite disappointed because it was my fav Christmas bath bomb as well (the Christmas pudding one). I then got ready to go out for a meal with Rory and his dad’s family. We went (both as tired as we looked but the photo is cute sooo) to a place called Temujin where you choose your ingredients and they make them into a stir fry for you and you can have as many bowls as you want, which was perfect for my never-ending hangover hunger. I functioned surprisingly well to say I only had 2 hours sleep and I didn’t get hit with much decision anxiety which was nice (I did panic pick some pineapple though which was a weird moment lmao).

We then got a lift back to my house and I was weirdly not that tired, but Rory was exhausted and he even took a little car nap (bless him), so after talking to my parents a bit he went to sleep, and I did the yoga I hadn’t had time to do earlier while he slept in the background (lmao). Then I crept downstairs to chill with my parents for a bit and watch the Hangover 2 for like the 1000th time (not as good as the first one but it was on, soooo).

Sunday 11th February

Daily Yoga: Feel Good Flow

The new yoga video that was planned for the day wasn’t up by the time I woke up, so I swapped the days round and did Monday’s today instead. It was a really nice one and it made me feel a bit brighter about getting the 5 and a half hour coach back. My mum asked if I wanted smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and I was like 100% yes (was so good to be home haha – also pics included of what happens when you eat salmon in our kitchen).

And then, Greggs donuts, Brie and Grape Sandwich, Crisps and Costa Caramel Latte in tow, I got a lot of work done on the coach, watched a cat documentary and some youtube and then after a fairly quick 5 and a half hours, I arrived back in Edinburgh. There were some lights and stuff up for Chinese New Year that looked really cute (so naturally I had to take a picture), and then I eventually arrived back at the flat and warmed up the leftover homemade curry and naan my mum had given me to bring back (it was delicious). While I was eating I finished all of the Brooklyn Nine Nine that was on Netflix (THAT CLIFFHANGER THOUGH MY GOD), then I caught up with Phoenix and Ana and then went to bed stupidly late because I love to prepare myself physically and mentally for my 9ams.

Favs of the Week

Song of the week: Something Wonderful by Seaway

Eyeshadow palette of the week: ABH Modern Renaissance (yes, again)

Lipstick of the week: Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood

Highlight of the week: The highlight from the free Revlon Contour Kit I got last week because I’d been liking a dewy highlight this week.

Youtube video of the week: Pewdiepie’s Book Review video because it was super different for him but I really enjoyed it!

Quote of the week: “The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder” – @PiersJames – Again, hardly inspirational but I laughed so hard it’s so true

So that was my week wrapped up! Sorry the first couple days were a bit boring but sometimes that’s just life haha. I ended up having a really nice week and an amazing weekend, and I’m now ridiculously excited to go on holiday in less than a week aaaa!



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