Weekly Wrap Up: 29-4th Jan/February 2018 – Flu, Yoga and Beer Pong | ep3

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As if it’s the third week of uni already like that’s crept up on me so fast I cannot. Essay season approached and so did the flu, but I still managed to get a couple parties and makeup society events in here and there! (I’ll leave a link to last week’s wrap up here in case you wanted to give it a read, you can also access all previous eps from the menu bar at the top of the page). Sidenote – I know everyone’s been saying it but I swear January has been the actual longest month of my life, but anyway, let’s jump on into my week!

Monday 29th January 

Daily Yoga: Day 28 – Be Fearless


I basically did f all today to be honest – I didn’t go to my 9am because it took me aaaaages to get to sleep and then I came in for my 12:10 lit lecture to find that it was cancelled (always nice, except when it’s the one lecture on an essay text ew). It just wasn’t rlly my lucky day with lit because I ended up being super productive and preparing for next week’s class, only to find that she’d changed the texts (I’d done like 5 chapters by the time I found out but still). I didn’t feel so well so I came home after my lit tutorial and treated myself to some bangin £1 spinach and ricotta tortellini from Tesco and added chorizo and chilli; then I went and sat in bed and binged sims videos (classic).

Tuesday 30th January

Daily Yoga: Day 29 – Be Brave


I was ill today but I didn’t have uni so I just took the bins out because the rubbish had reached that terrifying point of no return, and then I just sort of stayed in bed watching things all day. I caught up on Riverdale which was nice; I was loving being back with Jughead my fav (not sure wtf he’s playing at this season though). I then just lounged around the house feeling sorry for myself and eating noodles because I was super sad that I was too ill to go out to a drag show for Laura’s birthday because it would’ve been super fun. I forced myself to do yoga in the morning because it was day 29 and I was like “you got this”.

Wednesday 31st January

Daily Yoga: Day 30 – Be You


So today I finished my 30 day yoga challenge and I was so so proud of myself. I’ve never been able to keep up a workout streak like this before and it was so satisfying to look back and know I’d completed every single day. (I wrote a blog post about it here if you’re interested in my thoughts and how I got on etc!) I was feeling a bit better than yesterday but still pretty gross.

I forgot about another compulsory Catalan film viewing (it was a lot more action-packed this time), and after that I went to the Makeup Society Meeting and then managed to drag myself to a flat party because I was feeling stir crazy moping around the house. I also needed an excuse to put some makeup on because I hadn’t worn it all week. I didn’t go crazy or anything I just had a couple of beers then went home at like half 11 but it was a really nice chill night! I made a super weird hangover preempting meal when I got home just in case (as I always do when I get in nowadays – nuggets, chips and spring rolls was my choice this time in case you were wondering haha).

Thursday 1st February

Daily Yoga: Day 1 – Root Chakra


I woke up (thankfully not hungover and feeling a bit less ill) at like 9 and did the first day of my February yoga challenge, which I was super excited to start. Afterwards I decided I wanted pancakes bc I needed to use up some eggs, so I made coconut and cinnamon pancakes (they were amazing). I went to my two hours of class, lounged around doing work whilst feeling really tired and then I made some bangin noodle soup which helped because soup always does (it tasted way better than it looked haha). I then just decided to get an early night because I’m just super interesting like that obviously.

Friday 2nd February

Daily Yoga: Day 2 – Yoga for a Rainy Day


I stayed in uni and did like an hour and a half worth of work and then gave up and went home because I suck basically. I chilled in bed for a bit, had leftover noodle soup, and then got ready and went to the Makeup Society Colours Workshop. (Basically a workshop where we gave people a personalised colour analysis that tells you what the best colours for eyeshadow and clothes etc are for your skin tone). I had to do a look based on my colour (I’m a summer in case you were wondering – the bottom picture is the kinds of colours summers look best in)! It’s just a really cool thing to know tbh and it was a lot of fun to see what everyone else was in comparison to what they thought they would be. After the workshop I just went home and watched John Wolfe play Resident Evil 7 DLC before bed (because I’m a huge fan of Resident Evil but also too poor to buy it, and also John is a great youtuber obvs).

Saturday 3rd February 

Daily Yoga: Yoga to Calm Your Nerves


I got up super early to do yoga and then walked to Princes Street to get some toiletries and go to the bank and stuff. I went to Superdrug and got some shampoo that smells like a beach holiday, some toothpaste, foundation and concealer. *mini rant* So I wanted to repurchase the Makeup Revolution Concealer because it had run out, but it was out of stock, so I thought oh okay I’ll try the new lighter shade in the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but that was sold out as well, so I just had to buy the Revlon one that matched the Colourstay Foundation even though there wasn’t a tester so I had to just sort of hope for the best. I took it home and let’s just say that… it’s pretty orange. (I don’t wanna give too much away of course, you’ll find out my final thoughts in a future post). On the plus side I got a free contour kit for spending over £10 on Revlon so that was nice!

After going to Superdrug I nipped into Primark to see what they had and I was super happy to finally find a bralette in my size in the sale for £3 so naturally I bought it. I then walked home, chilled for a bit and then went to the library with Livv for 4 hours to power through all of next week’s work. After that I went home and cooked Mexican food and then went to a flat party for Araminta from Makeup Society’s birthday with Siobhan and Rachel (also committee). I had a really good time and drunk way more than I should’ve (because my beer pong skills are questionable). I then got a taxi back with Ana who was at another party, made nuggets and chips and spring rolls (naturally) and then skyped Rory and went to bed.

Sunday 4th February 

Daily Yoga: Yoga for Self-Discipline


Because I’m an expert at looking after myself before bed when I’m drunk, I woke up super tired but without a hangover. The 46 minute yoga practise killed my tired body (but I did it soooo) and then I went to the library at 10 to power through an essay. I ended up staying there literally all day until half 8 but I got so much stuff done so it was a solid life decision. (Me and Ana had breaks every so often to look at puppies on Dogs Trust bc we like torturing ourselves obviously). I then just went home and watched Trish’s vlogs and then got an early night for a change.

Favs of the Week

Song of the week: My Way by One Bit ft Noah Cyrus (love Noah Cyrus)

Eyeshadow palette of the week: ABH Modern Renaissance

Lipstick of the week: La Splash Classic Horror Lipstick in Frankenstein

Highlight of the week: Topshop Mother of Pearl (again)

Youtube video of the week: Carmen King’s Sims 4 Breed Out The Ugly Challenge bc she’s just so funny I’d definitely recommend watching her if you’re into the sims and wanna see something a bit different

Quote of the week: “I invited company over but I no longer want them to come” – a tweet I saw from @GailWalden6

So yeah, that was my week wrapped up! Half-action half-flu all essay. Despite illness I had a rlly nice week of parties (and essays) and some nice food!

As always let me know in the comments what you guys got up to this week, I’m always interested!












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