Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette Review + Swatches



I bought this a few days after it first came out after being a bit hesitant about whether to buy this or the ABH Prism Palette due to the £52 price tag. I’m so glad I went for this in the end because just look at it! I’d never tried anything by Kat Von D before, but the aesthetic of her palettes is always absolutely stunning so I was super excited to put this beautiful palette to the test! 


The packaging is awesome. It has this beautiful gothic cathedral feel, and all of the details on both the box and the palette itself are like raised (if that makes sense). Despite the palette being cardboard it feels very expensive and good quality.



In terms of the colour selection, it might look a bit intimidating at first, but it really helps to look at it in terms of the little groups of three on each side (obviously you can use whatever you like though). The palette is massive and I was super shocked by how big the pans are in real life, as I was expecting more of an Urban Decay Full Spectrum kind of size (you can check out my review of that here if you like), so I think in terms of the amount of product you get it’s definitely worth the price. Now let’s get into the part you’ve all been waiting for…the swatches!


I’m gonna be doing the swatches in terms of their little groups on each side to make it easier to talk about, and I’m gonna start of with the first three on the Saint side (top to bottom: Absolution, Worship and Immaculate). Absolution is this gorgeous topper shade that’s white, but it reflects a stunning sparkly sort of white gold and has white glitter running through it. It looks amazing on the inner corners and as a brow highlight (also it looks amazing as a highlight topper). Worship is a nice satin purple and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation to say it’s such a dark shade. It’s a super pretty plum colour. Immaculate is a gorgeous grungey satin swamp green which is perfect for a green lover like me.


Then we have the next lil trio (top to bottom: Chalice, Sacred Heart and Amen). Chalice is a gorgeous sort of dirty copper colour and its name suits it so well as it literally gives me like ancient chalicey vibes. Sacred Heart is a kind of peachy copper and it’s a really cute romantic twist on the standard orangey copper. Then we have Amen which is just a nice off-white colour which is perfect for setting your concealer for a cut crease, using as a base colour or using to correct some mistakes and brighten the inner corners.


Then we have Sanctuary, Heaven and Crucifix. Sanctuary is a really lovely dark satin brown. Heaven is one of my favourite shades from the palette – it’s this gorgeous reflective lilacy grey colour and the picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s impressively pigmented and it looks amazing on the inner corners, and paired with Crucifix (a nice dark matte brown) and Sanctuary in a halo eye it looks absolutely stunning.


On the last row of the Saint side, we have Cathedral, Rosary and Baptism. Cathedral is an incredibly pigmented grey shimmer and it’s just so reflective and sparkly and stunning. That and Rosary are two of my favourite shades from the palette and they look amazing together in a halo eye. Rosary is a gorgeous earthy gothic satin red and I’m obsessed. Then we have Baptism, which is a subtle baby pink. I don’t really love this shade as it’s a little light to use on the lid, but it works nicely in the waterline or inner corners.


So that’s all of the Saint side swatched – as you can see they’re all super stunning colours and there are so many looks you can do with them.


Next up we have the Sinner side! So the first three that we have are: Rapture, Sabbath and Ashes. Rapture is such a stunning shimmery pinky-red topper and it looks so awesome on top of Rosary and StigmataSabbath is a standard matte jet black, and I think that for a black it’s actually very good quality and I’m super impressed with the pigmentation. Ashes is such an interesting shade. It’s this gorgeous ashy grey/brown and it has cute little green/gold ember-like sparkles in it, and I just think it’s really unique!


Then the next little trio that we have is: Martyr, Devil and Revelation. Martyr is a really nice matte warm-toned brown crease shade and it’s really smooth and easy to blend. Devil is this really bright devilish orange and it looks so stunning blended into Martyr in the crease. I love the pigmentation of this one, it’s just such a cool shade! Then we have Revelation, which is sort of like the darker version of Ashes. It’s a maroony brown matte with golden shimmers running through it. It’s not my favourite shade from the palette, but I do like it.


Then we have such a stunning trio of: Vestment, Ministry and Exodus. Vestment is one of those stunning emerald greens with a maroon/ brown base and it’s just so interesting. I recently did a festive halo eye using it along with Stigmata so let me know if you’d like to see that! Next up is Ministry, which is a gorgeous smooth metallic blue. I haven’t had chance to use this yet but I’m itching to do a look with this entire row. Finally we have Exodus, which is the grungey chartreuse I never knew I needed! It’s such a unique and interesting colour and it spices up any look when you put it on the lower lash line.


Then we have the final three shades: Exorcism, Relic and StigmataExorcism is a really interesting cool-toned purple matte that I haven’ had chance to use yet, but I can’t wait to try a look using that and Exodus. Then we have Relic, which is a super stunning and highly pigmented true gold. I absolutely love how shiny and amazing this is and I love using it to add a pop of colour to the inner corner. Last but by no means least, we have Stigmata, which is a gorgeous orange-toned satiny metallic red. This colour is absolutely stunning and it’s definitely one of the reasons I bought this palette haha!


So that’s the whole of the Sinner side swatched! It’s just such an interesting, unique set of colours and if I had to pick a favourite side, it would definitely be this one for a colour queen like me.

Overall, I think this palette is absolutely stunning, and it’s working its way towards being my favourite. The shade names are so well-chosen, and the overall theme and design of the palette, as well as the crazy colour range, makes it a really cool addition to my collection. The palette speaks to my inner emo and I’m super glad that I ended up picking it up as it inspires me to be more creative than I already am! Let me know if you ended up picking up this palette and if you did (or didn’t ofc), what your favourite colours are!




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