My Favourite Mascara + Where have I been?

22093690_939013056246649_1938794055_n - Edited.jpg

I’m gonna start this off by saying that I’m super sorry I haven’t written over the past week or so, but I’ve been in so much chaos, which I’ll get to at the end (don’t you worry). Anywayy for now I’m finally gonna get around to sharing my favourite mascara of all time with you: the L’Oréal Miss Manga Lashes mascara, which I picked up in my Mini Haul – keep reading to find out why I love it!22054579_939013042913317_286998544_n - Edited

I’m gonna start of by quickly mentioning (as always) how much I love the packaging. I just think the bubble writing is super cute and I love the holographic pink on black feel. When it comes to the brush, I always suck at describing them but if you’re a person who has a specific preference for wands then here you go! The actual like wand isn’t the sturdiest in the world which is a bit odd, but it’s always been like that and it’s not loose or anything, just a bit thin.

22054298_939014302913191_876854258_n - Edited

22053287_939013069579981_1585496399_n - Edited

22118968_939013066246648_1406850452_n - Edited

So now we can get onto what really matters…how it works! I’ve included a before picture and a couple of after pictures so you can really see how much this changes my lashes. This is after one or two coats and as you can see it just makes them so long and fluttery and cute and it gives them the exact sort of look that I want. As far as how it performs, it holds up pretty well with water and stuff like that and it doesn’t leave like little bits under your eyes which is always good. But yeah as you can tell I just absolutely love this mascara and now that I’m back to it, it’s gonna take a dramatically good drugstore release to get me to swap again!

And now…where have I been?



I moved back to Edinburgh for uni which was weird after a long summer at home, and especially since I’m living in a real flat for second year as opposed to halls. It’s taken me a while to settle in and I’m still feeling a bit crazy but when my friend came up to visit and we did the touristy shit I realised all over again how ridiculously weird and cool this city is and I think I’ll be ok. I’m the tutorial sec for makeup society so that’s gonna keep me busy but it’s so cool and fun (shameless promo where my edinburgh makeup lovers at you should join xoxo). I also got the most amazing new job as a beauty sales consultant, (so I go round different counters in different stores and work for them), and I’m loving it so much. I feel super lucky bc I have a job that I genuinely enjoy.

I’ve also been trying to eat healthily and it’s been going pretty well to say that it’s me we’re talking about lmao. Although I’ve come down with that classic uni illness I’ll be fine, as procrastination is swiftly becoming more of a problem than that haha!

But yeah that was just a quick life update to let you know where I’ve been and that I suck at blogging regularly while I’m at uni apparently. I hope you can bear with me bc I’m still sort of trying to keep myself focused and allocate my time better, but I promise I’ll have more content coming soon! I also might do a few more of these life updates every once in a while bc this was a lot of fun to write actually!



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