Makeup Revolution Blush Melts Cream Blush Palette

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Today we’re delving into the world of cream blushes! I was initially looking for powder blushes, but then my friend Hannah got this in a Tam Beauty mystery bag and asked if I wanted it as it wasn’t her cup of tea. Of course I said yes bc I love to try new things and I’ve hopped onto the cream contour trend – so why not blush? The colours looked super vibrant and I was really excited to test out some new blush colours, as I’d only really had the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette to use before.

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First off, as you can see the packaging is the classic Makeup Revolution black packaging with the gold lettering. The packaging for this isn’t obviously like the most beautiful thing ever, but it’s pretty sturdy and it’s cool that you can see the shades from the outside. For £6, 8 shades is pretty good like that’s 75p per shade, which is pretty good considering you can buy individual MUA blushes for like £1.

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I’m not sure if these have shade names but I don’t think they do, so they’ll just have to have numbers which is sad. The first one is this sort of gorgeous dark red shade – you’ve gotta be really careful with this one or you look like a tomato haha. The second shade is a nice soft pink shade, and then we have the third shade, which is more of a classic peachy nude. I was really happy about that one as I was looking for a similar colour for my collection. The fourth shade is definitely more of a vibrant peach, and it’s so so cute.

Then we have the fifth shade, which is kind of similar to the first one in its red tones, but it’s a little bit lighter and more pink-toned. The sixth shade is this sort of bubblegum pink shade which I’m a bit scared to use, but I’m sure it’ll look pretty once I face my fears haha! The seventh shade is a muted pink shade, and it’s probably the least pigmented of the palette but tbh that’s not really a problem with blush as you don’t want heavy pigmentation. And finally the eighth shade is a darker-toned version of the vibrant peach shade (4).

I was really impressed by how smooth and pigmented the formula of these blushes are. If you’re scared of the pigmentation, don’t worry bc they blend out really nicely. All of them give this super pretty soft and natural looking blush when you blend them out, and they just really complete my looks and add a new dimension. I like the variety of tones in this palette as I think they’re all really summery and cute and bright. It’s turned me into a big fan of cream blush and for just £6, you can’t go wrong!

Let me know in the comments what your absolute favourite blush is!




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