August Glossybox – The Final Showdown


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So you might be wondering why I’ve given this post such a dramatic title, and that’s because this is the final month of my three month Glossybox subscription. As you saw in my June and July posts, I’ve actually really enjoyed it this time around. This one looks like the most impressive by far, but what do I think of the Girls Just Wanna Have Sun box; is it as cute as its pastel blue packaging? Keep reading to find out!

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So first up, we have the product I was most excited to test out when I saw it – the Essence live.laugh.celebrate! palette. It’s a special customisable palette range to celebrate the brand’s 15th birthday, which is pretty cool. (I’ve tried a couple of their products here and here if you wanna check out more of their stuff). I’ve never had one of these like pop in pop out palettes, so I was super intrigued; I also absolutely loved the sequins in the packaging of the shades, and the little beads in the lid of the palette as they made it seem more fun! The palette came with four shades: 2 eyeshadow shades, a blush and a highlight.


This is how they look popped into the palette. They fit in there really securely, and I’ve gotta say that for such an affordable brand, the packaging feels really sturdy and high quality.

21076672_920373764777245_577454295_n - Edited

So the first shade you get is 05 T.G.I.F, which is a nice cool-toned brown shade that’s perfect for the crease.

21040637_920373744777247_1408909036_n - Edited

Then we have 04 It’s My Birthday, which is a really glittery grey shade.

21100201_920373734777248_1667050975_n - Edited

Then we have the highlight shade in 01 My Special Highlight. It’s a cute typical cold-toned gold highlight.

21074219_920373704777251_1631794822_n - Edited

Then finally we have the blush in 01 Rhythm Of The Night (such a cute shade name). It’s a light and cute shimmery pink blush with gold sparkle.

21040838_920373774777244_1617151880_n - Edited

And here are the swatches! They all swatched really well and I was actually dead impressed with the quality. The first brown shade was such a nice, buttery formula and it applied so nicely on the eye. The grey shimmer was a little chunky/powdery but it looked really cute on the inner corner. I wasn’t sure about it on my lid as it came out a bit pale. Then we have the gold highlight, which is a little subtle and takes a lot of building, but it’s actually really cute when you get it to the right amount. It’s not my favourite highlight ever, but it’s not bad either. Then we have the shimmer blush, which is more on the subtle, less pigmented side, but that’s not really a bad thing with blush as you don’t want it to be too pigmented.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this palette and I think the mix and match concept is really unique. The individual price of these shades and palettes is insane; I’d definitely consider picking up more!

RRP: £1.50 per palette, £1.50 per powder


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Next up we have this Model Launcher Safari Sun Bronzer. I’d been wanting a bronzer for a while, so I was interested to try this out! The packaging of this is basic but it’s really sleek which I like, however I feel like they could have added a mirror? As for the design of the product itself, I’m not a huge fan of animal print but it is a pretty cool concept, I’ll give them that.

21076520_920373364777285_327812810_n - Edited

I’ve swatched the individual shades of the bronzer, as well as all the shades mixed together (top). Obviously I’d just use it all swirled together, but I thought it would be interesting to swatch them all individually just to get a sense of the overall quality. The two darker shades did not swatch well at all as you can see, but the lighter swatch and the mixed up swatch both look nice.

The formula of the bronzer is a little on the powdery side, but it’s actually a pretty nice bronzer. It’s not too orange-toned, which is good, and I also think it blends out pretty well. It’s actually got glitter running through it, but it doesn’t show up too shiny on the skin. I wouldn’t say it was worth the massive RRP, but the amount of product you get for the price is not that bad generally speaking.

RRP: £16.50



Next up we have something I was super excited for, as I’ve been getting into face masks lately (check out my review of a L’Oréal one here): a sample of the Valquer Ice Hair Mask Total Repair. Like it’s a mask…for your hair!? It describes itself as energising, hydrating, taming and cooling, and you’re supposed to massage it onto damp hair, leave it 3-5 minutes and then rinse it out.

I’m gonna start off by saying that this makes your hair feel amazing. Like it feels feather soft after using it – and that’s saying something considering that my dyed hair doesn’t always feel its best. It feels awake and healthy, and while you have the mask on, there’s this lovely fresh cooling sensation and it just feels so relaxing.

I’ve been using this since I got it and I have nothing but positive things to say about it so far, other than the fact that it doesn’t have like a lovely smell, which I would like from it. But it just gives my hair that extra little boost it needs after a wash, or even inbetween washes if I feel like it needs a pick me up.

RRP: £14.99 for full size (1000ml) 150ml sample approx £2.50 but obvs there’s way more worth than that.

21124269_920373641443924_1210584885_n - Edited

Next up we have a product I was not excited for in the least tbh: another batiste product lmao. However I knew this 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Orange & Pomegranate would come in useful anyway. I love throwing dry shampoo in my bag for those days where hopping in the shower seems like a chore. I don’t have much to say about this other than that it does the job, it gives my hair the revival that it needs between washes, but the one thing about it is that it doesn’t smell particularly special; it just has that kind of standard dry shampoo smell.

RRP: £4.49 full price (200ml), 50ml sample approx £1.12


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Then we have this Rodial Suede Lips Crayon in Calabasas.  I was really excited to test this out as the colour looked absolutely gorgeous, and I love a good lip crayon.

21100715_920373671443921_1654718469_n - Edited

When I swatched it, it swatched a little grainy/rough but I was still looking forward to trying it as the colour looked like this gorgeous, muted everyday red.

21121877_920373788110576_1193822733_n - Edited

However, when I put it on my lips it was a complete disaster. First of all, the application was really draggy/waxy and I was struggling to get it to apply without being patchy. As you layer it up more to add pigment and try and even it out, it gets so chunky and bitty and it’s barely there other than the chunks. It also just doesn’t wear nicely at all and it doesn’t have good lasting power. I definitely don’t think this is worth the price at all and I was super disappointed.

RRP: £22.00

21074298_920373638110591_510361174_n - Edited

Then finally we have this little bonus item from Purelei. It’s a pastel blue bracelet with gold sparkly text that says “Aloha”, and it also double up as a hair bobble. Not much to say about this really, other than that it’s definitely not my bracelet style haha!

RRP: £11.90 for 3, for one approx £3.97

So that was my August Glossybox review! I was really impressed bu this box as a whole, and I think it was definitely the one that I was the most excited to test out. The packaging of the box was gorgeous, and it was definitely a nice variation from the standard glossybox pink. My least favourite product was the lip crayon, but I was also a bit annoyed at the inclusion of the dry shampoo, bc although it is a useful product, I just think they could’ve included something way more exciting. My favourite product was probably either the hair mask or the eyeshadow palette; I’d probably say the hair mask as that’s something I’ve genuinely reached for in the process of reviewing the box.

So now the big question…will I continue my subscription to Glossybox?

Sadly the answer is no. It’s not that I don’t want to, as the boxes I’ve tried over the past 3 months have really impressed me, but with going back to uni, (and my finances being a bit wobbly as a result) I just can’t justify carrying on with Glossybox. I’ll probably come back in the future, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a subscription box, as I think over these past three months it’s really stepped up its game. I’ll continue following it to see what Glossybox has in store next!

Overall box value: appr £53.59



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