Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Eyeshadow

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Today we’re testing something I’ve never tried before – a foiled eyeshadow kit. This one was given to me by Hannah as she’d got it in a Tam Beauty mystery bag and already had one; I was really interested to try out the formula. It’s super affordable for a foiled shadow, so I was really interested to put it to the test!

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The kit comes with a liquid eye primer, the actual eye foil and a metal mixing tray. It tells you to put a drop of the primer in the dish, add a little bit of the foil, mix them together and then lightly press into the middle of the foil with your finger. I wasn’t exactly sure how to get some of the foil into the tray without making a mess, but I sort of managed using the flat bit of some tweezers (not the most efficient thing ever and I made a lot of mess, but oh well).

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So here’s what it looks like swatched/in the little container! The formula of the shadow before you do anything to it is kind of mousse-y? It’s just like a really thick creamy formula and it was super weird for me bc I’ve never worked with anything like it before. As far as the swatch is concerned, I swatched it before adding anything, like it’s just the product swatched straight from the pot; it made me so excited to get this mixed up and on my eye. The name of the shade is Black Diamond, and I think it really lives up to the name. It’s like a black/grey shadow with these beautiful bits of blue glitter in it and it’s soso gorgeous and gives me such stunning space vibes.

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20891527_917705345044087_307928165_n - Edited

So this is what it looks like on my eye after mixing it! As you can see it’s definitely more blue when you put it on your eye. I really like how glittery it is and it just makes my eyes look so glittery and blinding. The pigmentation goes a bit as you’re patting it on but it’s still really pigmented and pretty. In terms of application I’m not gonna lie…I got itΒ everywhere. It was all over my hands and arms and there were little bits under my eyes but I sort of scraped them off. Applying it with your finger is kind of tricky but it seems to be the way that you’re supposed to do it so I’m sure it’ll get easier. I actually really like it though and I felt so glam and cute with it on.

20987907_917705361710752_236454413_n - Edited

So I thought I’d also include a picture so you could see how well it wore on an average night at home. This is a picture 6 hours after I first applied it and as you can see it’s not the prettiest sight haha. It’s still retained the majority of the product near the bottom, but at the top it’s faded out quite a bit (I probably rubbed my eyes at some point within that time which can’t have helped). I’m pretty impressed with how it’s held up and from a distance it didn’t look so bad, but it does look kind of messy so I’d say keep an eye on it if you’re planning to wear it for the long haul.

Overall, I’m not sure if I mixed it properly and I made a lot of mess, but I actually really like this eyeshadow! It was nice to just spice up my eyeshadow life and try something a bit different, and it honestly made me feel so sparkly and awesome. I love the space vibes of it and I’ll definitely be incorporating it into more looks! I think they’ve stopped selling these on the site which sucks as they had a really nice looking rose gold one as well, but I’ll enjoy it for now and I hope they bring them back soon.

Let me know if you have any foiled eyeshadow recommendations in the comments as I’m interested to see what you guys use!



12 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Eyeshadow

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    I want to try MR but I’m finding this brand a little hard to find. I know Ulta carries a few items but they’re always sold out/never stocked and what they offer in-store is often very limited.
    This shade is pretty stunning! You know what I usually do with shimmery shades? I use glitter primer (I know, weird–I got it from a friend but I don’t own glitter). Anyway, I use it on shimmery shades and because the glitter primer acts like glue, my shimmery shades tend to stay a bit longer. πŸ™‚

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